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New Leader Blog - August 2015

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Wednesday, August 5, 2015
Updated: Thursday, July 16, 2015

Get Connected

We welcome the following Leaders and their expertise. We invite you to join their Local User Groups to share tips, best practices, and real-world experiences. Join the group by clicking on the group name under the picture and select the "Join Group” icon which will appear at the top of the group web page if you aren’t already a member. Connect to a leader by clicking on his/her name. Member sign-in required.

Soma Ismael BOLA
Ivory Coast Chapter Leader

"We wish to set up a platform where IT pros, HP Partners, and end users can share their experiences and expertise, as well as discuss solutions to the various difficulties they encounter. We also wish to invite Ivorians to join our Local Chapter and provide webinars and content in French. We want to encourage involvement of francophones  and the countries of Africa Subsahérien, which until now were not part of the Vivit community."

Mohit Verma
Tufts Health Plan
New England Chapter Leader

Mohit is a Performance Engineering Guru at Tufts Health Plan and has been evangelizing Performance Engineering across the company for the past 9 years. Mohit leads the Performance Benchmarking of Key Claims Adjudication systems for the Enterprise. He also has served as Performance Architect  for the IT division in charge of Enterprise Performance Engineering and Test Environments. He is responsible for working with development and infrastructure teams that build high-performing scalable solutions in order to meet business needs/SLAs. He is also experienced with a wide range of monitoring tools including Sitescope, Dynatrace, and Wily. Mohit has extensively used GooglePageSpeed and WebPageTest for performance tuning of Web applications, and has experience in Performance engineering of lightweight Mobile applications and complex SOA-based architectures.

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - August 2015

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Updated: Thursday, July 30, 2015

Robert Linton
V.P. Application Lifecycle Management
CorTechs Inc.
TQA SIG Leader

Robert Linton has been very busy lately with a new HP Software hosted solution for U.S. federal government accounts through CorTechs Inc., where he serves as Vice President for Application Lifecycle Management.

His days at CorTechs are filled with sales, client delivery, and training or mentoring employees and customers, but he still likes to maintain an active role in Vivit. He co-leads the TQA Special Interest Group and recently presented a Vivit webinar on HP ALM cloud deployment for the government, a solution that required much cooperation and coordination. Linton said his involvement in Vivit keeps him in touch with professionals that work together to help each other reach their goals. "It's nice to know that other organizations around the world face similar challenges, and jointly as a group, we can help solve some of those concerns and share the knowledge," Linton said.

CorTechs, Inc. is an HP Partner that provides HP ALM solutions implementation and technology services to clients in all markets. Mr. Linton appreciates Vivit's global perspective on best practices. "It gives me the ability to exchange ideas and provide valuable guidance to our clients and accounts we provide software and services to," Linton said.

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Cloud Raxak Partners with HP to Simplify and Automate Cloud Security Compliance

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Updated: Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Cloud Raxak Logo
HP Gold Partner Insignia

Cloud Raxak Partners with HP to Simplify and Automate Cloud Security Compliance

Industry’s first seamless integration of security profiles in a service catalog.

Cloud Raxak, an HP Gold Partner and leader in cloud security, has partnered with HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) to deliver the industry’s first seamless integration of security profiles in a service catalog. Given security compliance is 40% of the cost of managing applications in the cloud, simplifying and automating compliance minimizes security risk and accelerates time to market.

Figure 1
Figure 1: One-Touch Compliance through the IT Service catalog using HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) software.
Automating and Simplifying Cloud Security Compliance

Raxak Protect™ is a SaaS-based cloud security solution that empowers IT and application development teams to ensure compliance across private and public clouds. Starting with provisioning and continuing through the application lifecycle, Raxak Protect™ enables cloud applications to be developed and deployed securely, quickly, cost-effectively and without human error.

Get started with your Free Trial of Raxak Protect today.

One-touch Security Compliance through Service Catalog

The combination of Raxak ProtectTM and HP CSA provides a seamless integration of security profiles in a service catalog (see Figure 1). This joint solution accelerates and simplifies the quick provisioning of security compliant applications across public and private clouds.

"The tight integration with HP’s solution provides customers a turn-key solution for automating application security compliance.”

Atul Garg, HP Vice President and GM, Cloud and Automation

Get the Free white paper to learn more about Securing Cloud Applications

Managing Security Risk in the Cloud

Developing an application in the public cloud has become so easy that IT departments and business units have started adopting this technology for cost and flexibility. But for many enterprises, security risks severely limit their ability to take advantage of the public cloud.

Consider a scenario where a marketing manager needs to quickly create a consumer loyalty application in response to competition. To accelerate time to market, the business might create an application on the public cloud without fully understanding the security requirements and risks. Novice deployments like these are neither compliant with corporate security policies nor adequately monitored throughout the lifecycle of the application. These two key factors increase security risk and may negate the business benefit of creating the new application. To solve this dilemma, enterprises need to make security compliance as simple as provisioning assets on the cloud.

Learn how Raxak Protect can secure your cloud applications

Figure 2
Figure 2: Architecture for HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) integration of Raxak Protect Security Compliance.
Raxak Protect and HP CSA Eliminate Novice User Security Risk

IT organizations have already trained their business units to request IT services through a service catalog. Integrating Raxak Protect security profiles with the HP CSA IT service catalog enables both novice and expert users to build applications with automated security compliance.

As soon as the cloud-computing asset is provisioned, HP CSA calls the Raxak Protect API (see Figure 2) to enforce the corporate compliance profile. This enforcement continues through the lifecycle of the asset. The compliance logs and reports are stored in an audit-ready form, and seamlessly integrated with the HP CSA interface.

Guide to Security Cloud Applications

Together Raxak Protect™ and HP’s Cloud Service Automation (CSA) deliver the industry’s first seamless integration of security profiles in a service catalog. This combined solution accelerates application development, reduces costs, and simplifies audits across public and private clouds.

For more info on how to minimize cloud security risk, download the Guide to Securing Cloud Applications or get more information on the Free Trial of Raxak Protect.

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New Leader Blog - July 2015

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Updated: Friday, June 26, 2015

Get Connected

We welcome the following Leader and his expertise. We invite you to join his Local User Group to share tips, best practices, and real-world experiences. Join the group by clicking on the group name under the picture and select the "Join Group” icon which will appear at the top of the group web page if you aren’t already a member. Connect to a leader by clicking on his/her name. Member sign-in required.


Ajay Pandey
Florida Chapter Leader

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - July 2015

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dominic Listermann
Principal Technologist
CorTechs, Inc.
Security and Privacy SIG 


Vivit’s Security and Privacy SIG leader focuses on what he calls the "satisfaction triad.”

"Security, quality and performance. I dive deep into those three areas and the overlap in between them,” said Dominic Listermann.

To do this, Listermann said he uses HP Software tools such as ALM, UFT, Service Test, Loadrunner, Fortify and WebInspect.

Being a part of Vivit has helped him interact with members, share experiences and knowledge. Collaborate together.

"More than likely, if I’m experiencing an issue, someone has addressed the same challenge,” he said.

Listermann transitioned to Vivit from the Mercury User Group after HP acquired Mercury in 2006.

"Always adapting to change is a must in IT security as in life," Listermann said.

"It’s such a specialized field. It’s constantly changing. I don’t know if I’d like to be in my kids' shoes right now,” Listermann said with a laugh. "The rate of change is phenomenal.”

Life for Listermann also includes some very physical challenges he tries through an understanding of systems.

He competes in ultramarathons, competitions that are beyond the definition of a marathon, which usually is 26 miles and 385 yards, or 42.195 km. "I like them because it teaches you basically how to work in an Agile fashion. You work with systems within systems.”

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Americas Elite Leader Recognition 2015

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Updated: Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Many Vivit Leaders were recognized during the Leader Dinner at HP Discover in Las Vegas, Nevada  on Monday, June 1st. The Vivit Leaders who did an outstanding job for Vivit by holding at least two or more meetings in the last year were awarded with the Elite Leader Award. Below are the names of the Elite Leader Award winners who have received a certificate. Thank you all for your great contributions to our community

Chuck Masters
Mid-Atlantic Chapter Leader

Jeff Jamieson
Mid-Atlantic Chapter Leader
Lauren Stoewer
Mid-Atlantic Chapter Leader
Jim Copio
Carolinas Chapter and BSM SIG

Rocky Pisto
Chicago, IN, KY, MI, OH Chapter Leader and Big Data and BSM SIG Leader

Dominic Listermann
Security SIG Leader

Brian Pohl
San Antonio Chapter Leader

Paul Peissner
NorCal/Silicon Valley Chapter Leader

Bob Crews
Florida Chapter Leader

Paul Shovlin
Florida Chapter Leader

Ali Malik
Florida Chapter Leader

Ron Cornwell
Data Center Automation SIG Leader

Sumit Sengupta
Big Data SIG Leader

Akshar Dave
Big Data Chapter Leader

Neil Suryanarayana
Nebraska Chapter Leader

Pam Eifel 
Ohio Chapter Leader

Chris Scharer
Nebraka sand Iowa Chapter Leader
TQA SIG Leader

Colin Fries
Kansas City
Chapter Leader

David Broerman
Florida Chapter Leader
HP Software Education SIG Leader

Richard Bishop
United Kingdom Chapter Leader
HP Software Education SIG Leader

Laura Walker
HP Service Management SIG Leader
Chicago, C0, MN, OH and WI Chapter Leader

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Vivit Engage

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rocky Pisto
Vivit Engage Coordinator

As an HP Partner for 28 years, PCI learned a long time ago that knowing the pulse of the community was very important. We were able to get a sense of it by becoming members of Vivit Worldwide, the HP Software user group.

Vivit is a global organization focused on the end user experience and has been around for over 20 years. Vivit helps HP Software customers keep products from becoming shelf ware and share best practices with peers in Local User Group events or in virtual events from a Special Interest Group.

As our customer base grew, many asked us how they could learn from other companies using HP Software and share best practices. Like most partners, we listened to our customers and became Vivit Local User Group leaders in our region. PCI has supported local events for 15 years, with meetings at customer locations sponsored by HP Software or partners. Customers really appreciate these events because they can network with other companies in the region and connect with HP Software technical resources and partners in the ecosystem.

Vivit has 76 Local User Groups around the world. Each group usually focuses on one HP Software pillar, like Ops or Aps. Our goal is to have every group around the world support all customer expectations and software usage, and we need you.

We found out 15 years ago that becoming Local User Group leaders was a great way to get exposure for our company, share our added value, and win new friends and respect. Being a Vivit Local User Group leader requires two meetings a year and a focus on HP Software or partner ecosystem solutions.

Another great way to give your company exposure to the HP Software community is the Vivit Engage program for partners. This offers partners proven services to meet new customers and generate opportunities for their business.

If your company is looking for more exposure into the HP Software community, send me a note.

Rocky Pisto
Vivit Engage Coordinator
Phone: 614-408-8500

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HP Big Data Conference 2015

Posted By Jill Stefan, Friday, June 19, 2015




Vivit Members receive Early Bird Pricing $395

August 10 – 13, 2015
Westin Waterfront Hotel | Boston, Massachusetts
Vivit members, HP Software invites you to join the must-attend Big Data event of the year. There is no other place where you will find so many Big Data experts. We will feature real-world customers discussing use cases, developers and engineers having real exchanges and experts who are there to answer your toughest questions. Everyone that attends is passionate about using data to drive superior business outcomes.
Hear directly from HP’s Big Data technologists and data architects, data scientists, developers, and users about state-of-the art engineering technology, methodologies, and industry use cases covering every elements of how forward-thinking organizations are finding innovative ways to harness 100% of their data.

Register now and use this unique Vivit Link and you will
be entered in a drawing to win an HP Slate!


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Wrap up of HP Discover!

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Knowledge is Power

"Knowledge is Power. Get Charged with Vivit by connecting with other members, special interest groups, local user groups, Vivit staff and the elected board of directors” was the overall theme for Vivit at HP Discover in Las Vegas, June 2 – 4, 2015. If you didn’t attend the conference, we hope you will consider the same opportunities to get charged with Vivit now.

Vivit has over 30,000 members worldwide and is proud to have some of the IT industry top thought-leaders as members and volunteers. These individuals volunteer their time to lead local user groups (LUG) and worldwide virtual special interest groups (SIG). Leaders from around the world gathered at HP Discover to represent their groups and discuss the latest HP Software developments and game changing technologies.

Get Charged with one of Vivit’s Local User Groups and Special Interest Groups

There are 76 LUGs in 29 countries and 19 virtual SIGs. Each LUG and SIG has its own focus and personality. Members of LUGs meet face to face to share best practices, tips, and tricks. Members of SIGs meet online and can participate in blogs and webinars. Locate your LUG and SIGs of choice and select the "Join group” icon which will appear at the top of the group page if you aren’t already linked. Don’t see a local user group near you or a particular SIG? Contact us to start and lead a new group.

Get Charged with Vivit’s Award Winning Leaders

2014 Vivit Board President, Karen Semonson, presented the Americas awards at this year’s reception at Vivit’s booth. This year marks the seventh anniversary of the awards presentation recognizing outstanding volunteers. Connect with these leaders who are at the forefront of community activity.

Karen Semonson
2014 Vivit Board President presenting the Americas Awards.

This year’s winners are as follows:

Top Virtual Contributor – Steve Williams
Champion of the Year Award – Amy Heindel
Speaker of the Year Award – Bernard Szymczak
Leader of the Year Award – Dan Boswell

Americas Award Winners
(left to right) Bernard Szymczak, Steve Williams and Dan Boswell
(not pictured, Amy Heindel)

Vivit is the longest-standing independent, worldwide HP Software user community providing an infrastructure of support for members through advocacy, community and education. We're your only source of information on HP Software that is completely unbiased, uncensored, and field-tested. We have worked hard to build a community platform where relevant conversations happen. Our booth at HP Discover provided many opportunities for individuals to connect and interact with each other. Over the past seven years, Vivit has successfully changed, grown, and adapted to align with the new style of IT. Many conversations took place during HP Discover, both members and non-members had the opportunity to discuss and learn more about Vivit, plus individuals had the opportunity to charge their electronic devices while entering to win some great prizes.

Vivit Booth
​ Individuals visiting the Vivit booth.

Vivit Drawings
Individuals entering in the Vivit drawings.

Susan Russel
Susan Russel, Global Marketing and Services Liaison
with one of the Vivit prize winners.

Get Charged with Vivit
Welcoming guests to "Get Charged” with Vivit.

Get Charged with Vivit’s Board of Directors and Staff

Nine outstanding members and thought leaders serve on the Board of Directors. They met face to face for two days prior to HP Discover to discuss the state of the user community and programs to serve members going forward. Many of the dedicated staff attended HP Discover as well. If you didn’t get a chance to meet them in person, feel free to contact them anytime.

Vivit 2015 Board of Directors
2015 Vivit Board of Directors

We hope to see as many members as possible at future events. Mark your calendars for HP Discover in London, December 1 – 3, 2015. We are already working on our community program. It is our mission to help fellow members tap into the wealth of collective knowledge in Vivit, the trusted, unbiased, and field-tested HP Software user community. If you have any suggestions or requests, please contact us.

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Vivit Names the 2015 Americas Award Recipients

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, June 9, 2015
2014 Board President, Karen Semonson presented the 2015 Americas award winners at the HP Discover Conference in Las Vegas on June 2, 2015. The Champion of the Year Award went to Amy Heindel, Leader the Year Award went to Dan Boswell, Speaker of the Year Award went to Bernard Szymczak, and the new Top Virtual Contributor Award went to Steve Williams.

Karen Semonson
Vivit Awards

This year marks the seventh anniversary of the awards presentation recognizing outstanding service to the Vivit community. Winners are chosen from submissions by members worldwide. "The volunteers in our organization are exceptional,” said Laura Walker, Local and Special Interest Group Chair, Board of Directors. "As full-time employees, they also make time to organize and lead invaluable events, either online or in-person, to enhance the careers of their peers. Because of their efforts, our organization has been able to provide our membership with education, networking, knowledge sharing, and career opportunities. Our award winners this year have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Without these volunteers, the HP Software community would lack much of the innovation and knowledge sharing that makes the HP client base so successful in delivering real value to their business.”

Amy Heindel

Champion of the Year
Amy Heindel, Presales Enterprise Software Consultant, Hewlett-Packard, received the Champion of the Year Award for expanding the Vivit community in the United States. Heindel has been a consistent advocate, participant, and supporter of Vivit, beginning with OpenView Forum Local User Groups in Michigan in the late 1990s. She has shared her knowledge by presenting at Local User Group meetings, and she encouraged customers to collaborate and share best practices in Vivit meetings and online events to drive the most value from their HP Software investments.

Heindel has over 19 years of experience as an HP Software Technical Sales Solution Architect focused on IT Management solutions, with over 10 years of experience working in Corporate IT and Internet consulting before her tenure at HP.

Dan Boswell

Leader of the Year
Dan Boswell, Manager of Testing for the ATC contract at the USDA, Ace Info Solutions, Inc., received the Leader of the Year Award for his outstanding guidance of the Kansas City and St. Louis Local User Groups. Boswell organized meetings for HP customers in both cities, creating plenty of events and collaboration opportunities. He frequently spoke and extended the reach to members not in the local area by broadcasting the meeting virtually.

Boswell has worked in testing and automation for over 15 years and has been in the IT field for over 25 years. He has expertise in Application Lifecycle Management and Unified Functional Testing.
Bernard Szymczak

Speaker of the Year
Bernard Szymczak, IT Systems Engineer Lead – Enterprise Software Services and Architecture, Progressive Insurance, received the Speaker of the Year award for presenting on Software Quality topics at Local User Group Meetings, at Ohio State University, and through a series of well-attended webinars.

Szymczak has more than 12 years of Software Quality Management experience and is a leader in his field, specializing in IT Service Management Incident and Problem Management for quality insurance systems from HP and others, HP software infrastructure design, consulting best practices, training for HP systems at Progressive’s IT University, and upgrades and new solutions for HP and others in the Business Innovation Garage. He supports an HP Software user base that is currently over 3,500 and across 18 business platforms.
Steve Williams

Top Virtual Contributor
Steve Williams, GTM and Offering Manager for HP Helion Managed Cloud Broker for HP Enterprise Services, received the Top Virtual Contributor Award for his participation in and contributions to Vivit’s website which is the hub of the worldwide community.

Williams works with the US Public Sector region and is based in Maryland near Washington, D.C. For the last 15 years, he has helped enterprise customers evolve into agile IT by utilizing enterprise automation solutions and focusing on process enrichment for true IT and business transformations.

For a complete listing of past Vivit Award winners, visit the Vivit Hall of Fame.

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