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Spotlight on a Volunteer - Matt Angerer

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Updated: Thursday, December 6, 2018

Matt Angerer
Matt Angerer
Senior Presales Solution Architect, TaskTop Technologies
Software Lifecycle Integration SIG Leader

In March of 2018, Matt Angerer, active Vivit member, became the co-leader for the Software Lifecycle Integration SIG. Matt is a Senior Presales Solution Architect with Tasktop Technologies and has acquired a diverse background in IT, including 15+ years of ERP (SAP), Agile, Software Start-Up, and IT Software Delivery experience. As the founder of VerticalRent, he quickly adopted Agile principles to build a scalable software platform that is now used by over 50,000 landlords and renters across the United States. He continues to oversee operations while applying Agile principles to help his creation innovate and stay in front of the market. Matt has also consulted with many organizations filling the roles of: Product Owner, Integration Lead, Project Manager, and Integration Analyst.

With this practical experience at Tasktop as a Presales Solutions Architect, along with being a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, and Certified Micro Focus ALM and UFT practitioner, Matt wanted to share his experience with the Vivit Community and has been organizing webinars themed around various software integration challenges and opportunities. He has helped organize and deliver two such webinars since July:

These webinars were very well received by our audience and we look forward to more Tasktop initiated Webinars in the coming year, led by Matt Angerer. Keep an eye out for a round-table discussions with 2-3 “thought leaders” and “practitioners” that will bring both the 30,000-foot view and the 2,000-foot view to the table during discussions on various topics.

Thank you Matt for all that you do for the Vivit Community!

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Vivit's November Rockstar Speakers

Posted By Administration, Thursday, November 15, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A big thank you to all our speakers who represented Vivit this past month. Let Vivit help you take your career to the next level by joining our speaker’s bureau today. We offer outstanding opportunities for you to speak virtually or live on our behalf. If you are interested in joining our speaker’s bureau, please click here.

Matt Angerer
PreSales Engineer
Gary Brandt
OpsBridge Product Management
Micro Focus
Joe Friedrichsen
Managing Director
Bob Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer
NaveenKumar Namachivayam
Performance Test Lead
Infosys Limited
Petar Puskarich
Performance Engineer
Bank of America AVP
 Nate Rich
IT Operations Practice Expert
 Saumya Upadhyaya
OpsBridge Product Management
Micro Focus

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Micro Focus Unveils Go4SAP Program

Posted By Michael Procopio, Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, November 7, 2018


by Michael Procopio
Product Marketing Manager, Operations Bridge
Micro Focus

For companies that use SAP it is one of their most important applications because it supports critical business processes. Micro Focus recognizes this and have developed a cross portfolio set of solutions with tuned HANA-compatible, SAP-focused content with unique intellectual property.

For Operations Bridge (OpsBridge) this means assuring your SAP environment is performing well. Also that all stakeholders have maximum visibility into how SAP and the business it is support are doing.

The goal for the solutions are that they be simple, fast, smart, and easy. For Operations Bridge this means:

  • Pre-packaged content and proven use cases
  • Operational in less than 1 FTE month, including focused SAP HANA content or less than a day using SiteScope with SAP solution templates
  • Enable business innovation, support automation and risk mitigation
  • Non-SAP expert staff can act on first time fix recommendations

Prepackaged content for Operations Bridge

  • Management Pack for Infrastructure – this covers operating system availability and performance
  • Management Pack for SAP – this covers SAP ABAP and J2EE, given a starting point it will discover all the dependencies and automatically start monitoring, it also provides specific cross domain correlation
  • Management Pack for SAP HANA – adds SAP HANA database monitoring, HANA specific discovery and monitoring
  • Operations Connector for SAP Solution Manager – collects data from SAP Solution Manager monitoring tool to bring the information into Operations Bridge for AIOps based analysis and consolidation of data to a single screen

A Business Value Dashboard showing transaction and system metrics for SAP. Click on image for a larger version.


Business Process Monitor (BPM) and Real User Monitor (RUM) are now components of OpsBridge. BPM does synthetic user transaction monitoring, Real User Monitor (RUM) monitors application traffic as it crosses the network both have specific support for SAP protocols.

Think of going to an SAP web UI to place an order. BPM will go through all the steps you do and report back availability and how long it to get from one page to the next. In addition to web UI testing BPM supports many other protocols including SAP protocols.


SiteScope provides both application, or digital experience, monitoring and infrastructure monitoring. It does agentless monitoring so it is very fast to set up, less than a day or with basic set up in less than one hour.

For application monitoring it can test application URLs and process a transaction like placing an order. For infrastructure monitoring it can log into a system and run commands to get performance data, for example run commands to see which processes are running. It has specific monitors and solution templates. A solution template is a set of specialized monitors, default metrics and thresholds, proactive tests, and best practices for a given application or component being monitored.

The SAP specific content includes:

  • SAP CCMS Alerts
  • SAP Java Web App Server
  • SAP Performance
  • SAP Work Process

For more details read then Monitoring SAP with Operations Bridge blog post or the Accelerate Your SAP Basis Work with the Go4SAP Solution Program product flyer.

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - Augustine Tumi Magashoa

Posted By Administration, Thursday, October 11, 2018
Updated: Friday, October 5, 2018

Augustine Mogashoa
Augustine Tumi Mogashoa
Director, ASQE
South Africa LUG Leader

Located in a town close to Johannesburg, South Africa, Vivit leader Tumi Mogashoa is working to revive the Local User Group in that area. In early September she attended the Micro Focus Universe in Sandton. This was a very successful event where she represented the Vivit Community and informed people about the benefits of joining the user group. Several people joined Vivit that day. Now Tumi is planning a launch session to start the discussion of the Micro Focus products.

Tumi has 13 years of experience in management, strategy and roadmap formulation for business process engineering, business intelligence, quality assurance testing and project management in information communication and technology for leading corporates across diverse industries. She joined Vivit in May 2017 and became a leader shortly after. We are looking forward to what she can do to grow the Vivit Local User Group in South Africa!

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Vivit's September Rockstar Speakers

Posted By Administration, Thursday, October 11, 2018
Updated: Monday, October 8, 2018

A big thank you to all our speakers who represented Vivit this past month. Let Vivit help you take your career to the next level by joining our speaker’s bureau today. We offer outstanding opportunities for you to speak virtually or live on our behalf. If you are interested in joining our speaker’s bureau, please click here.

Bobby Allen
CTO and Chief Evangelist
Mustali Barma
Worldwide SaaS Product Manager
Micro Focus
Andreas Birk
TQA SIG Leader
Michael Eckhoff
Executive Advisor
Amr Fahmy
Senior Consultant
Mannai Corporation QPSC
Mark Flemming
Marketing Director
 Dirk Hedderich
Senior Principal Business Consultant
Micro Focus
Daniel Horn
Senior IT Consultant AG
 Tuomas Leppilampi
Product Manager
Carsten Neise
Jonathon Wright
Digital Therapist

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World Quality Report 2018-2019: AI Will Disrupt QA

Posted By Administration, Thursday, October 11, 2018
Updated: Monday, October 8, 2018


by Malcom Isaacs
Solutions Marketing Manager
Micro Focus

If you’re not moving toward using artificial intelligence (AI) to help teams test more effectively, you’ll soon fall behind the curve, according to the World Quality Report 2018-19. And end-user satisfaction is now at the top of enterprise testing strategy goals, according to the study, recently released by Micro Focus, Capgemini and Sogeti. Key findings include: 

  • The application of AI, machine learning and analytics to do smarter automation will disrupt and transform QA testing over the next two-to-three years.
  • Businesses are using AI and automation to optimize QA for end-user satisfaction. Organizations are putting the customer first.
  • New QA roles are emerging, including data scientists, AI QA strategists and AI testing experts.

What does it all mean? You’ll need to broaden your skills, and QA teams will need to develop new approaches to validation and verification in response to AI developments. After all, if you don’t keep a close check on what your AI algorithms are doing you won’t be able to ensure quality.

AI and automation are also key to DevOps success. While organizations are reducing time to market, quality has suffered. How do you increase speed without negatively affecting quality? Today, a lack of automation is the number-one bottleneck to progress. The other is a lack of skills needed to get teams to the next level.

Want to know more about what these developments mean for you? Drop in on my webinar on October 17. 

You can also download the full report here. With Micro Focus products our system operations are performed in microseconds.” said Avsar.

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - Jim Copio

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Jim Copio
Jim Copio
Manager, Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions
Carolinas LUG Leader
Operations Bridge Co-SIG Leader

In the ever-changing environment of IT, it is nice to have a constant. That constant can be a company, a product, or a person. For Vivit, we have that person in our member and Leader, Jim Copio. For 15 years, Jim has dedicated his time and talents to the Vivit organization for the enrichment of our members and for the enhancement of our User Group model. Jim is always one that will try to accommodate his schedule when asked to moderate a Vivit webinar, to represent Vivit at Micro Focus events, or to organize a Local User Group (LUG) meeting or Special Interest Group (SIG) webinar as the Carolinas LUG Co-leader and the Operations Bridge SIG Co-leader.

Most recently, Jim has contributed to several brainstorming sessions with Micro Focus around increasing support and awareness of the Vivit meetings. His experience and wealth of knowledge in the industry as a Manager at Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions (IS) has proven invaluable to Vivit. Just as he cares for his clients, Jim’s goal is to arm our members with the understanding, best practices, strategies, tools, and operational enablement to be successful.

Jim, thank you for serving our Vivit community!

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SIG News - September 2018

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Software Education Special Interest Group (SIG)

September is back to school time! And the Software Education SIG is here to support you, other members, and students all year long! Do you know the current Education and Certification offerings available to you from Micro Focus? This SIG is here to help you gain that knowledge and insight on these offerings, learn the certification process for you and your company, and understand industry trends all while networking with peers from around the globe!

First: On the Vivit website under the Training Tab and Drop down, you will now find a link to the Micro Focus Education Services where you will find all the ways to maximize your investment in Micro Focus software. And in partnership with Vivit, Micro Focus offers an exclusive 10% Discount for Vivit Members. Build the Skills to Succeed and take this opportunity to improve your performance or learn something new from the people who wrote the software.

Second: Join us early next month for a webinar on October 3rd from 7:00 - 8:00 AM PDT (Los Angeles), 10:00 - 11:00 AM EDT (New York), 16:00 - 17:00 CEST (Frankfurt) “How to Turn a Software Tester into a Learning & Development Champion with Virtually No Effort!”. The ability to complete more than one task at a time is KING! Learn how to create enablement content to train employees up or walk them through the next test case or software release without ACTUALLY doing anything extra using a content creation tool from Micro Focus called ART.

These are just some of the resources available to you. Your SIG Leader, Chris Trimper, welcomes your thoughts and ideas as we grow this community. Please contact him at:

If you are not already a SIG member, please join the Software Education SIG today!

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Vivit's August Rockstar Speakers

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A big thank you to all our speakers who represented Vivit this past month. Let Vivit help you take your career to the next level by joining our speaker’s bureau today. We offer outstanding opportunities for you to speak virtually or live on our behalf. If you are interested in joining our speaker’s bureau, please click here.

SIG Talk – Quality & Testing
Todd DeCapua
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
SIG Talk – Quality & Testing
Matthew David
Consultant & Author
SIG Talk – Quality & Testing
Zak Cole
SIG Talk - IT Operations
Kenneth Tan
Sardina Systems
Seattle LUG Event
Chris Carpenter

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Beyond Single-point Solutions to Holistically Address Data Privacy Threats

Posted By Nathan Turajski, Thursday, September 6, 2018
Updated: Friday, August 31, 2018
Reading about a latest IT security start-up announcement yesterday, I was struck with a familiar theme. To generically summarize, “Those [big companies] can’t manoeuvre like we can! We’re nimble, not big and bloated like [those guys]! We can innovate…FASTER! We are best able to stop the [latest threat] you’re hearing about.” Perhaps.

Beyond single-point .png When you’re Micro Focus with decades of development experience from leading security brands and comprising a broad solution portfolio, feisty new companies tend to use a common differentiation approach pulled from the textbooks to chip away at your edges and exploit a niche. “What if you need to protect sensitive data on a Raspberry Pi with facial recognition monitoring of a payment terminal to trigger a blocking rule based on identity analytics!?” What if, indeed—but when developing solutions to solve a wide range of privacy threat use cases, where scalability, efficiency, and global impact are important, your customers have a more fundamental set of foundational needs. Single point solutions try not to be all things to all people, but fill a gap and expand—whether market space, technology advantage, deployment model, or otherwise. It’s a unique and valid tactic, but may not address the bigger picture of the modern IT landscape. So I’d like to explain a bit on how large companies with broad portfolios innovate differently.
First off, CAN big companies innovate with agility and at scale?
What your latest Silicon Valley start-up won’t tell you is that, while their innovation may be more nimble and without the obligations required of servicing an established customer base, that innovation tends to be incremental and focused at best. For example, deploying similar technology using containers for a new cloud form factor approach. That’s just the reality of having limited funding and development budgets, a limited staff and a laser focus on ROI. One has to pick one’s battles to solve short-term goals. But can a small start-up innovate at the same level that larger established companies demand? What advantages do large, established vendors bring?

A large security software developer can better address fundamental innovations that come from the combining of massive portfolios. When you look at the Micro Focus security brands today that include Voltage, Vertica, ArcSight, Fortify, NetIQ, ZENworks and beyond, the core capabilities of protecting users, applications and data can be leveraged, including years of IP invested, that impact and accelerate massive business transformation. Rather than incremental, massive multi-year IT transformational strategy can be addressed, such as scaling out big data analytics across global application environments, migrating DevOps to a fully cloud-native approach while securing data across hybrid infrastructure, or applying identity to drive universal access policies across all of this. These are all lofty goals that need to be solved by combining fundamental security technologies that are core to business. Let me provide a few Micro Focus examples:
Voltage and Vertica
Data privacy is not simply a matter of protecting data at endpoints or ingestion points, but the data analytics created as a result of those edge activities, stored in data lakes and warehouses. As a singular solution, Micro Focus Voltage is able to protect data across a global enterprise of endpoints and devices using encryption, however that same technology can also be applied within the data analytics environment itself. A combined solution with a Vertica add-on makes it easy for Vertica users to protect data within Vertica, comply with privacy mandates such as the GDPR, and limit data access and risk exposure inside the organization to only appropriate authorized applications and users.
Voltage and Vertica, and ArcSight
What if your leading SIEM threat analytics applications, ArcSight, use Vertica for scaling the SIEM platform for a global organization? Spoiler alert: you now also have access to Voltage for data privacy controls when based on Vertica! But moreover, Voltage supports ADP Connectors to enable data privacy for security events ingested into the ArcSight environment. When you combine market-leading security products, 1+1+1=5, because you get fast time to value by enabling new capabilities integrated with your current products.
Voltage and Vertica, and ArcSight…and NetIQ, and Fortify, and beyond
You can see where this is heading. Innovation is not simply about a fast, short-term, manoeuvre, but an effective long game strategy that expands to support your evolving enterprise security posture. With decades of innovation already at the disposable of Micro Focus product lines, combining portfolio technologies into solutions that generate value-add brings new opportunities to reduce risk, meet privacy requirements, and holistically address data privacy audit and compliance. This approach is not easily matched in a single-point solution that only solves a specific use case or delivers an incremental feature, alone.

A real-world example is in meeting privacy compliance mandates, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here is how a coordinated solution approach from Micro Focus can help every step of the way, without enterprise users hitting a roadblock that halts their GDPR compliance journey, first…
  • Structured Data Manager: Identifies and classifies the data at risk to assess this fundamental GDPR starting point, while using…
  • ArcSight: To monitor security events that provide insight into risks, with those events stored in a data lake, protected by…
  • Voltage: With encryption of ingested security events and the data analytics stored in a date lake, that…
  • Vertica: Scales to meet the analytics requirements of large, global, distributed organizations, which have…
  • Fortify: Implementing applications with privacy by design best practices, including Voltage format-preserved encrypted data moving in-and-out of the cloud, where…
  • NetIQ: Users maintain control of the GDPR-compliant uses of sensitive data to meet audits for authorization privileges.
Organizations that are on a data privacy journey such as GDPR compliance can’t stop along the way to smell the roses. Each day, where risk isn’t being addressed in a coordinated approach, is an opportunity for a data privacy breach to result in massive fines and further remediation headaches. It’s critical to have a vision that goes beyond what a single point solution can offer to see the proverbial forest for the trees.
Getting more from a complete security portfolio at the Cybersecurity Summit 2018 (Washington, DC – September 25-27).

Micro Focus will be in Washington, DC, this September at our Cybersecurity Summit, to highlight more of its cross-portfolio innovations that include data privacy, breach defense, compliance and governance solutions, and more. Join us and your peers to gain more insights, hear best practices and collaborate at this annual information security event.

Follow Micro Focus Security on Twitter and use the hashtag #MicroFocusCyberSummit to stay up to date on the Cybersecurity Summit

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