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2012 Award Winners - Americas Region

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Leader of the Year Award Winner

Mark Herbert was nominated by members of the Vivit Arizona Chapter who value his vital leadership role in their local community. Mark has led the Arizona Chapter for three years; before this, he led the Pittsburgh Chapter which he founded in 2006 as a Mercury user group. Mark organizes quarterly events with special emphasis on customer presentations focusing on both applications and operations technologies. In addition, Mark engages members in the event process by operating a forum on the Vivit Arizona web site so they can request topics of interest for upcoming events.

Nationally, Mark is bringing his expertise to the HP Discover conference as a roundtable leader.

Mark is an HP Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) with HP Quality Center and HP QuickTest Professional. He has been working in software Quality Assurance and using HP testing tools since 1999. Mark is also an HP Certified Instructor in these tool sets.

Champion of the Year Award Winner

Paul Peissner has championed both the advancement of IT professionals (helping them take advantage of the quickly changing IT industry) and gathered a variety of industry experts and leaders to work with the Vivit global community. He has established and grown member-participation and recruited leaders for local Chapters and global Special Interest Groups. He has helped Vivit establish strategic partnerships and recruit community sponsors. Paul has regular conversations with Vivit team members on how to improve member services, become more visible to IT professionals, and bring more members to the Vivit community 

His strategy to combine the efforts of HP Software Applications and Operations teams to help optimize IT organizations and advance the careers of Vivit’s IT professionals has resulted in the launch of the Vivit DevOps Special Interest Group, which he leads. Paul is also a Northern California Leader for the Silicon Valley and San Jose Chapter, connecting users and thought leaders in the region. Additionally, he has served as an advisor to the Vivit Board of Directors and offers his insights and expertise to the wider community, speaking at local Chapter meetings in the US and Europe and co-presenting on live web events.

As a Business Development specialist for many technology companies, Paul has become a strong advocate for partner-based "eco-system innovation”, encouraging IT’s adoption of Cloud and the creation of self-service education and training programs to assist in industry adoption and global standardization efforts. He understands the limits of an R&D platform team, the growing needs of their customers, and the wealth of resources the right partnerships can provide to both.

Paul has been a part of

- numerous partner-based Enterprise solution launches

- many partnerships which resulted in acquisitions

- the co-authoring of an IT Ops Automation patent (submitted in 2010)

- the recent Enterprise Cloud Development launch with CollabNet

- many industry and local networks and communities…including Vivit.

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2012 Board of Directors Election Results

Posted By Karen Semonson, Nominations Chair, Vivit Board of Directors, Wednesday, May 30, 2012

For the last several years, the officers, board of directors, and dedicated staff have been working together to grow the international mix of Vivit membership. Success has occurred by building a bridge over to Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), as well as South America and Australia. In our physical and virtual communities, we have Chapter and SIG leaders evenly mixed from Europe and the United States.


In this election, members have proudly spoken about whose voices they want to hear in the strategic board conversations. I am proud to announce for the first time in Vivit Worldwide history, that three board members out of the nine are from outside the United States.

Officially, the election closed on Monday, May 14th at 5:00 pm with a quorum of 10%. The winners of the election are as follows:

Laura Walker
Director of Business Development
Fargo, North Dakota, USA

Richard Bishop
Performance Consultant
Intechnica LLP
Manchester, United Kingdom

Christopher J. Scharer
Sr. SQA Test Automation Lead Consultant/Director
TEK Systems (Nationwide Insurance)
West Des Moines, Iowa USA

Martijn Stuiver
COO - Manager Operations and Corporate HR
Loosdrecht, The Netherlands


Click here to view the entire Board of Directors and international mix.


As we celebrate, we also will be saying "I’ll be seeing you” to board members that built Vivit.

James C. (Chris) Kerr
Technical Architect for Event Management Tools
Seattle, WA USA

Chris Kerr is a talented architect that has served on the board for four terms (translates to 12 years). Chris has contributed his vast knowledge of HP Software and his reasonable, rational manner to strategic board decisions. A frequent Conference Track Chair and Customer of Excellence Award Judge, Chris is a seasoned software veteran, who will continue to add expertise and depth to the community.

Michael Collins
Director, Advisors
Overland Park, Kansas USA

Michael Collins, the current Vivit President, travels the world solving customers’ software problems. Always quick with a story or a joke, Michael is one of the most likable people and most highly skilled engineers. Michael and Jason Kennedy from Vancouver, Canada have been "the pied pipers of the bridge”, connecting Vivit leadership - EMEA and North America – into a collaborative virtual community. The board is fortunate to have Michael as the President Emeritus, acting as an advisor for the next year.

Lastly, I want to mention the courageous individuals that were nominated by their peers, and saw the nomination and election through as an opportunity - Eric Gee, Steven Williams, and Paul Peissner. Each of them should be proud for being recognized by their peers, the board and the community for their expertise and commitment.

Many of the Vivit volunteers have played multiple roles over the course of time in a flowing lifecycle, from birth to adolescence, to adulthood, to retirement. Each of our contributions in each phase has merit and is desperately needed by the organization. I encourage everyone to continue to find your place in our community. All of us are talented and unique individuals that are highly skilled in our day jobs. We are willing to volunteer and use our limited discretionary time to benefit each other through Vivit. As a professional, Vivit offers us the opportunity to be challenged, gain mastery, have purpose, leave a legacy, and ultimately to make the world a little bit better. Congrats. I’ll be seeing you, and thank you.

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New Chapter & Leadership - June 2012

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Friday, May 25, 2012
Get Connected

Join the group by clicking on the Chapter name under the new leader and "Join Group”. Connect to the leader by clicking on his name. Member sign-in required.

Brian Pohl
Lead Architect
San Antonio Chapter Leader

Brian Pohl is the leader of the Vivit San Antonio Chapter. Brian is the Lead Technical Architect responsible for the Testing Domain at USAA. Brian has held various technical and management positions in QA and has utilized HP Quality and Operations products since 1996. Brian enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with family.

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Vivit Advanced Training -- What Registrants Are Saying

Posted By Chris Scharer, Education Chair, Board of Directors, Friday, May 25, 2012

I've talked with some of the registrants for the
Vivit Advanced Training and have compiled their input on what they are looking to get out of our classes. Following are some of the courses with what registrants have to say. You can click on their name. For a full list of Vivit Advanced Training courses and registration instructions, click here. Training will take place on June 4, 2012, in Las Vegas. It's not too late to register.

Deep Dive into HP ALM 11 (Assure)

>> Steven Hulse, Quality Assurance Systems Support Specialist with Cabela's

HP Service Manager Performance Tuning Workshop (StrataCom)

>> Laura Gardner, Developer/Administrator (HP ServiceCenter) with BD

>> Darla Burk, PR SWE


Deep Dive into HP ALM 11 (Assure)

Steven Hulse, Quality Assurance Systems Support Specialist with Cabela's says…

I’m the admin for our instance of ALM. I performed the upgrade from v10 to v11 and will be performing the installation of Performance Center soon. I also administer our Serena Business Mashups application and enterprise Architect.

I’ve been a tester for about 7 years now (ISTQB certified in 2007) but since ALM came on board I haven’t really tested much other than my own stuff as ALM keeps me very busy! When we upgraded to ALM we saw this as an opportunity to change and fine tune some of our processes and have been working on utilizing the cross project customizations and template features of ALM. In the past we would set up a domain and project(s) for each project that was being worked on, now we are aligning them based on the various lines of business Cabela’s has. This way we can be more efficient with test cases and requirements.

I’m also in the process of getting things ready to perform the installation of Performance Center. It looks to be like a fun challenge and a great learning experience.

I’m hoping to further my knowledge on ALM and Performance Center with not only the Deep Dive class but also obtain my certification in ALM. I’m looking forward to this year’s event and meeting other ALM, QTP and Performance Center users and "talking shop” and possibly helping them with any issues they may have. I’m in the process of teaching myself VBScripting so I can start doing more with the OTA development.

I try to be as active in the HP community as I can by participating in the Vivit, HP and Linked in forums and groups. I know there are others out there that have questions and need help and I try my best to help them as much as I can. Work keeps me busy with supporting a little over 300 users and several offshore teams so I’ve gone from an eight hour workday to almost a 24x7 support role for ALM. I don’t mind it as I know these folks need to be productive so Cabela’s can deliver legendary service and products!

HP Service Manager Performance Tuning Workshop (StrataCom)

Laura Gardner, Developer/Administrator (HP ServiceCenter) with BD says…

I am the System Administrator as well as the developer for our HP ServiceCenter 6.2 implementation. We currently use the Interaction, Incident and Change Modules as well as the Configuration Management module. Our system is highly customized on the front end, but we have made no changes to the RAD. We are pushed out to an oracle database. We plan to upgrade to ServiceManager in February 2013. I have been the Admin/Developer for over 10 years, and I still learn something new almost every day.

Darla Burk, PR SWE says…

I have worked for my current company for 16 ½ years, I have been working within the team responsible for Service Manager for 12 years. We are currently running Service Manager 9.21. We plan on upgrading to 9.3 by the end of Q3 this year. Within Service Manager we utilize all modules with the exception of Request Management which we are in the progress of implementing this year as well. We have a large volume of transactions that come in from both the client as well as web services. When we migrated to SM 9.21 at the beginning of this year we went from the majority of our users utilizing the desktop client to everyone utilizing the web client. We continue to hear complaints about the slowness of the application, hopefully I will gain some helpful tips from attending the class that we can implement to improve the overall customer experience with Service Manager.

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Vivit Transformation

Posted By Michael Collins, Vivit President, Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Updated: Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am pleased to announce that we have opened up all the great content and tools on the Vivit site to all members for FREE. This is one of the many perks of the new Vivit worldwide transformation.

All active members now have access to content that was once restricted to supporting members:

Plus, members still have access to:

  • monthly eNewsletter

View the complete list of benefits for members.

Thank you for being a member. As a reminder, annual membership renewal is required to keep your account active, so be sure to renew your membership when you receive your renewal notice via email for uninterrupted benefits.

Looking for something we don’t offer? Contact us today.

And we hope you’ll forward this announcement to your colleagues so they can join Vivit and capitalize on the benefits of membership.

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Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud

Posted By Michael Collins, Vivit President, Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Through more than the last 10 years, I have gotten to know so many of you through attending HP events and the evolution that has taken place from Software Forum to HP Discover. It has been great to evolve through my career as I have gone from working within IT and networking within telecommunications to now leading a technical presales team with xMatters, an HP ISV partner. In parallel, I have gone from practitioner and chapter leader with OVFI to board member and President of Vivit Worldwide. And I am more excited than ever for this year's HP Discover event!

What particularly interests me this year are the sessions on Cloud and hosted delivery of products and services. So many thrilling innovations are coming about due to the predominate development of cloud technologies and offerings. From IT to the business to client interaction, hosted solutions are offering a rich availability of features, availability, time to market, latest technology and so on. This demands that the cloud direction no longer be a buzzword but now a critical business technology and direction that can longer be ignored.

My eye is heavily on the direction that HP will be going this year with their offerings and messaging. Any software organization knows best the positioning, features and capabilities of its own product. They are the experts in their own technology and are best positioned to create a Software or Platform As A Service offering that is a repeatable and cost effective offering. It is easy to see how entire software service organizations are disrupting the landscape as we talk; and in order for a software company to transform into a software service, it requires agility, flexibility, and most of all innovation!

The reason for my own personal interest in this matter is the same reason I am involved in user groups and working with other practitioners. The ability to learn from the experience of others is key to one's own success. Representing xMatters at the conference and learning about how our own hosted cloud infrastructures can offer quick time to deployment and an environment that is always up to date is important to me. We have embarked on an initiative internally in which we create a seamless client experience in getting clients live quickly and efficiently. In today's complex environment, with security concerns, audits, integrations, data loading and process engineering, it is a challenge to deploy efficiently in either a traditional premise based implementation or a hosted infrastructure. Our goal is to have all parts of the xMatters organization, Sales, Consulting, Assistance, Operations, etc. working together in order to partner together with the client for this seamless and efficient deployment model. With the current environment changes, it is easy to foresee many of the traditional software offerings in the marketplace dying. With such a competitive landscape, it is critical for organizations to focus innovation on the cloud solutions.

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Cloud computing a hot topic at HP Discover Vegas; Register now, save $300

Posted By Judy Redman, Tuesday, May 1, 2012
What would a current technology conference be without a number of sessions dedicated to cloud and hybrid delivery? At HP Discover Vegas 2012 cloud is one of eight key topics that will be explored in-depth with dozens of breakout sessions, technical labs and track keynotes.


If you can make it to only one IT event this year, Discover Vegas should be on your short list. But don't delay. Register now to save $300 off the conference fee and reserve the best sessions before they are closed. See below for details.

While more sessions are still being added, this year's session catalog for HP's premiere technology event is now available. With more than 800 sessions overall, it can be overwhelming to sort through the comprehensive offerings. To make it easy for you to find the sessions that are most valuable to you, use the advanced search for sessions by track or by topic. The Search by Track view provides the ability to search for sessions by track, by session type, by presenter type, by level, by session title, by keyword, or by sessions that provide practical solutions to specific challenges you are trying to address.

This blog post highlights a subset of valuable sessions for attendees interested in cloud. Check out the online catalog for the full listing of event sessions.


TK2093 - Track Keynote: Cloud enabling your data center

Cloud computing interest is at a fever pitch, with most organizations starting to explore the potential of this new IT sourcing model. Data center readiness is a critical factor for successfully implementing cloud computing, and this session will describe the steps that must be taken to ensure that data-center technology, staff and processes are fully prepared to maximize the benefits of cloud.


TK2039 - Track Keynote: Winning with HP's Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is a key technology that delivers innovative services to customers, employees and constituents for both businesses and the public sector. In this session, we'll cover HP's cloud strategy and its implications for the enterprise and public sector. Attendees will learn about the key considerations in adopting cloud computing and how HP solutions can help put them on the right path to a successful cloud journey.

BB2123 - 5 big ideas that will change your data center in 2012 and beyond

Rapidly changing business needs, the cloud, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and other forces have been driving IT to think differently. We invite you to join this session and check all your assumptions at the door as we unveil new breakthroughs that will transform the five core pillars in any data center. Get ready to turn the worlds of server, storage, networking, facilities and IT management processes upside down and reconsider each technology's role in the future of data center computing.


BB2593 - Amplify your business with HP SaaS: rapid time to value and lower TCO

In this session you will learn how HP Software as a Service (SaaS} can help you drive business outcomes by leveraging the cloud for your HP Application Performance Management initiatives. We'll show you how—by adopting HP Business Service Management 9 (BSM9) on SaaS—you can lower costs and accelerate time to business value. And we'll explain our flexible licensing options, secure architecture, and advanced implementation services, and present a case study. If you're considering a new implementation of BSM9 for application performance management or you have an existing on-premises deployment and want to know the advantages of SaaS. this session is for you!


BB2040 - Best practices for starting your cloud journey

This session will highlight what you need to know to get started on your cloud journey. Topics covered include: choosing the right deployment model to align with your business needs, the importance of planning and other tips to help you make the right choices for your business.

BB3055 - Building a cloud for engineering and product development

Corporate directives on costs, quality and time-to-market are catalysts for transforming product development and engineering services. Cloud computing can be a major component of this transformation. However, there are significant differences between the IT needs of engineering and the rest of the enterprise. This session will provide a detailed look at these differences, why they exist and how to bridge the gap between the engineering community and the global IT organization. You'll learn about HP's own engineering IT transformation and the HP Engineering Cloud Transformation Services available to help you at any stage of your initiative.

BB2044 - Concept to cloud: a customer's journey

This session will focus on actual customer cloud environments. The customer will provide their perspective on the keys to success, like: how to get started, orientation of services, organizational readiness, ‘on-boarding' of services and the go-to-market options the cloud enables. Specific items to take away from this session will include: industry best practices, lessons learned, definition of goals and success, a vision for cloud at your organization, a model architecture based on service needs and how to obtain leadership support. Attend this session to find out how to make your cloud a success.

Register now and save $300 off the $1795 entrance price. Your resulting admission price will be $1495. Simply enter code DSCVRSW when registering to take advantage of the $300 discount.
Additional information about HP Discover Vegas 2012 is available at

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Why I, as a Sr. Quality Assurance Automation Test Engineer, plan to attend HP Discover

Posted By Christopher Scharer, Sr. Quality Assurance Automation Test Engineer, TEK Systems at Nationwide , Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello, my name is Christopher J. Scharer. As a Sr. Quality Assurance Automation Test Engineer for TEK Systems at Nationwide, I develop automated test scripts used to test the Nationwide Mainframe and Dynamic Web based applications. I also serve on the Vivit Board of Directors as the Education chair; co-lead the Iowa and Nebraska local Vivit chapters and the Testing, Quality, Application Lifecycle Management Special Interest Group (SIG).

While attending the HP Discover conference I will be coordinating the Vivit Advanced Training on Monday, June 4th, 11:00/11:30 - 15:30 and also plan to attend the following:

Vivit Annual Meeting:

04/04 11:00-11:30 Annual Meeting for all Vivit Members


Technical Breakouts:

04/05 11:15-12:00 TB2542 "HP ALM: migrating from HP QC to exciting new features-with control"

04/05 14:45-15:30 TB2150 "DevOps and successfully implementing HP APM"

04/06 11:15-12:00 TB2466 "The future of test automation"

04/06 13:30-14:15 TB2162 "Agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery in the modern enterprise"

04/07 10:00-10:45 TB2209 "HP Advanced Agile Accelerator: bridge the QA/development gap"

04/07 13:30-14:15 TB2923 "HP ALM: Development management roadmap"

04/07 16:00-16:45 TB2679 "HP Application Lifecycle Management and HP Quality Center Enterprise product roadmaps"


HP/Vivit Roundtables:

04/06 14:45-15:30 RT3122 "Applications: API integrations for HP ALM and QC"

04/07 11:15-12:00 RT3114 "Applications: application lifecycle management and test management"


Business Breakout:

04/06 16:00-16:45 BB2218 "HP ALI: Get your development and testing teams to stop working in the dark"


HP ExpertOne Certification Exams:

HP ASE - Application Lifecycle Management Implementations v11 (HP0-M97 Advanced ALM Quality Center 11 Software Exam)

HP ASE - Functional Testing v11 (HP0-M98 Advanced Scripting using QTP 11 Software Exam)


After Conference Events:

04/05 18:00-19:30 Madagascar 3 screening

04/06 20:00-22:00 Going for the Gold Member Appreciation Party at Gilley's Saloon (Treasure Island)

04/07 20:00-23:00 Concert with Sheryl Crow and Don Henley (Mandalay Bay)


I find these items to be of interest because they will allow me to collaborate with other experts in the community that are involved with test automation. I expect to get a better understanding of how other test automation experts utilize HP software, the custom solutions that they have developed to work around issues with test automation in different environments with different programming languages and the third party tools and solutions that they have implemented to make their Testing Center of Excellence provide more value to their clients. In addition these breakouts will help me to hone my knowledge and expertise with DevOps and how it is a large part of the future of test automation as well as the collaboration between applications and operations. Finally, I look forward to wrapping up my experience at the HP Discover conference by attending the concert performances of Sheryl Crow and Don Henley.

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New Chapter & SIG Leadership - May 2012

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Friday, April 27, 2012

Get Connected

Join a group by clicking on the Chapter or Special Interest Group (SIG) name under each new leader and "Join Group”. Connect to the leaders by clicking on their name. Member sign-in required.

Denver Meeks
Senior Sales and Support Specialist EView Technology
BSM SIG Leader



Denver works as a Senior Sales and Support Specialist for EView Technology. He has worked with Vivit Leaders and members for the last 14 years. Before working at EView Technology, Denver worked for several years with JP Morgan Chase. His role was Enterprise monitoring solution engineer and was then later promoted to Manager. He used an end to end monitoring solution with the help of PCI and HP.

Denver joined EView Technology after spending over 14 years as an EView customer in a very large customer location in the US. In his current role, he has the depth of experience and understanding of HP Operations Manager/NNM/ OVPI/OVIS/Capacity Performance monitoring for all platforms and the EView products, so he can be an additional resource outside of the product/support team at Eview, when it comes to IBM monitoring for Mainframes and Iseries Eview Technology.

Additionally, Denver is a volunteer 240 Fire Fighter/EMT card holder, and enjoys raising cattle and riding Harleys. He serves the HP Software community as a leader for the Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan chapters as well as the Business Service Management Special Interest Group (BSM SIG).



Russel Parker
Golden Ratio, Inc.
Sacramento Chapter Leader






Russ Parker, President of Golden Ratio, has been helping companies solve their Asset and Materiel Management problems since 1995. His focus for the last eight years has been on Consulting in the fields of IT Asset, Financial, Service, and Software Asset Management. Russ is a regular speaker at industry conferences and has presented at multiple events sponsored by IAITAM, IBSMA, and HP. He has also authored several IT Infrastructure related articles and was selected by the International Business Software Managers Association as the "Software Asset Management Consultant of the Year for 2010".

In addition to using his general business consulting skills to help clients address their Infrastructure Management needs, Russ Parker is acknowledged as one of the top HP Asset Manager technical resources in the world. He has not only been involved with numerous standard implementations and upgrades, but has also worked with both his Clients and the HP Asset Manager Development team to extend the use of Asset Manager in new and innovative ways. Russ is also uniquely talented at sharing his specialized knowledge and makes a point of empowering his clients to maintain their systems without a dependence on additional consulting.

Russ has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of California at San Diego. He currently resides in Sacramento, CA with his wife and two children. He serves the HP Software community as a leader for the Vivit Sacramento chapter.

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2012 Vivit Award Nominees (Americas Region)

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Updated: Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our outstanding volunteers make Vivit what it is today. These individuals were nominated by other members for either "Leader of the Year" or "Champion of the Year" and exemplify the best of what all of us strive to be. Each of these individuals has special talents and strengths and has stepped forward to share them with this worldwide community.

The Vivit Board of Directors thanks each one of these nominees for their ongoing efforts to help build a community of people through 60 Chapters spanning 22 countries and 13 worldwide Special Interest Groups. The winners will be announced at HP Discover, June 4-7, in Las Vegas.

Jeff Comley
Leader of the Year Nominee

Ohio Chapter Leader

As a Leader for the Ohio Chaper, Jeff takes a solid practical approach to issues users experience, and then helps guide them to a series of possible solutions. He organizes quarterly meetings for the Ohio Chapter.

Jeff works as a Testing Expert and Capability Owner at Owens. He has over 10 years of deployment and process improvement experience, mainly with SAP ERP products. The last several years have been wholly devoted to Quality Assurance and Testing initiatives in conjunction with large SAP related projects.




Todd DeCapua
Leader of the Year Nominee

Delaware Chapter Leader
Mobile & DevOps SIG Leader 














Todd serves the Vivit community by bringing webinars and local chapter meetings to the members. He continues to volunteer his expertise and time as Leader for the Delaware Chapter, and he co-founded and co-leads two new Special Interest Groups: DevOps and Mobile. He spoke at the first Northern California Vivit meeting this spring and presented numerous webinars. Additionally, he mentored and coached a new Vivit leader in his first year of involvement and co-presented with him three times.

Todd was named 2010 HP Software Universe "Best & Brightest" and 2010 Vivit Worldwide Leader of the Year. Because he won the Leader of the Year Award already, he isn't elgible to win again unfortunately. However, members and the Board still recognize his outstanding contributions.

Todd is VP of Worldwide Consulting for Shunra and is one of the tech industry's most respected thought leaders on Application Performance Engineering and a renowned speaker, author and visionary.

His IT & QA background encompass nearly all industries and over 70 organizations with extensive consulting experience. Before joining Shunra in 2010, he held senior leadership roles both within IT Development and IT Infrastructure at ING DIRECT, the largest internet bank in the United States -- providing him a uniquely authoritative view of the global business impact of the new best-practice models for performance engineering.

His expertise includes application development, global project management, partnership strategy, collaborative methods like Agile Scrum, infrastructure architecture, business continuity and disaster recovery. At Shunra, he drives professional services, training/education and partnership programs for nearly 2000 worldwide customers deploying applications in WAN, Web, Mobile and Cloud environments.

In 2009 he was invited to sit on the Customer Advisory Board for LoadRunner & Performance Center. He is also a certified ScrumMaster, Scrum Practitioner, and Six Sigma Green Belt; and is also accredited with an MBA, Concentration in Finance. 



Mark Herbert
Leader of the Year Nominee
Arizona Chapter Leader








Mark is the leader of the Vivit Arizona Chapter.  He was nominated by members of his Chapter who value his vital leadership role in their local community. Mark has led the Arizona Chapter for three years; before this, he led the Pittsburgh Chapter which he founded in 2006 as a Mercury user group. Mark organizes quarterly events with special emphasis on customer presentations focusing on both applications and operations technologies. In addition, Mark engages members in the event process by operating a forum on the Vivit Arizona web site so they can request topics of interest for upcoming events.  

Nationally, Mark is bringing his expertise to the HP Discover conference as a roundtable leader.

Session RT3151: The building blocks of a successful migration from QC to ALM. Thursday, 1:30pm

Mark is an HP Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) with HP Quality Center and HP QuickTest Professional. He has been working in software Quality Assurance and using HP testing tools since 1999. Mark is also an HP Certified Instructor in these tool sets.




Paul Peissner
Leader &Champion of the Year Nominee

Silicon Valley/San Jose Chapter Leader
DevOps SIG Leader


Paul champions for the advancement of IT professionals which has driven him to bring together many industry experts as part of the Vivit community. He has found and nurtured new Chapter and Special Interest Group Leaders, presenters for webinars and local events, strategic partners, and sponsors. Paul's ideas on how to grow the services for members and bring more members to Vivit flow on a daily basis.

His strategy to combine HP Software Applications and Operations tools to advance the career path of IT professionals resulted in the launch of the Vivit DevOps Special Interest Group. Paul is also the Leader for the Silicon Valley / San Jose Chapter, connecting users and thought leaders locally. In addition, Paul has served as an advisor to the Board of Directors and offers his passion and expertise at local Chapter events across the U.S. and live web events for members worldwide.

Paul is Director of Business Development for Collabnet.



Mary Kay Petersen
Leader of the Year Nominee

Oregon Chapter Leader
HP Service Mangement SIG Leader





Mary Kay is a Leader for the Oregon Chapter and HP Service Management Special Interest Group. She has brought HP Service Management expertise to Vivit members by organizing a series of highly-ranked webinars over the last year. She is proactive in notifying Chapter and Special Interest Group members about local events and webinars with the Service Management specialty. Mary Kay is the customer voice with a talent for bringing relevant content and top experts to the Vivit community worldwide. 

Mary Kay is the Director of IT Service Management at Mentor Graphics, a manufacturer of Electronic Design Automation solutions headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Mary Kay has worked in the field of Information Technology for 25 years, the past 17 years at Mentor in roles of increasing responsibility. Most recently, Mary Kay has been the driving force behind adopting ITIL best practices at Mentor, selecting HP as a strategic vendor and recently implementing HP ServiceCenter for Global Help Desk & Operations and HP Asset Manager for managing IT Assets and Contracts.



Rocky Pisto
Champion of the Year Nominee

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio & Chicago Chapter Leader






Rocky has been an active member of Vivit for over 15 years and a Leader for the Michigan and Ohio Local Users Groups for the past 11 years, adding Local Users Groups in Indiana and Kentucky in 2009. He also supports the Chicago Local Users Group and recently coordinated the 2010 Midwest Road Show in six cities. Rocky has facilitated at least eight to ten local Vivit events a year since 1999 so that HP Software and Solutions customers can network and share best practices, learn about HP updates, and hear about third party solutions.

From 2004 - 2010, Rocky took on the role of Vivit Membership Chairman with the responsibility for growing Vivit’s local users group community around the world. Under his leadership and Vivit staff support, the number of chapters grew from about a dozen to over 45 worldwide with chapter start-ups in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

Rocky not only volunteers his time with the Vivit community as a Chapter Leader in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Chicago setting up many chapter meetings with interesting content and speakers, he is the new Global Vivit Engage Coordinator. As many of us at Vivit know and say, Rocky does it all.

Because he won the MVP / Champion of the Year Award already, he isn't elgible to win again unfortunately. However, members and the Board still recognize his outstanding contributions.



Sandy Schubert
Leader of the Year Nominee

Pittsburgh & Seattle Chapter Leader
BSM SIG Leader

Sandy Schubert is a co-leader for the Seattle and Pittsburgh Vivit Chapters as well as the Business Service Management Special Interest Group. She brings up-to-date and interesting content to her chapter meetings and quarterly webinars for the Business Service Management Special Interest Group.

She has over 14 years of experience in the IT industry and is currently employed by J9 Technologies. Sandy appreciates the value that Vivit brings to the table in terms of networking and education for the user community.



Jack Soodik
Champion of the Year Nominee
Michigan, Ohio & Philadelphia Chapter Member

Jack has brought potential HP customers to Vivit meetings and put them in touch with the Vivit leaders and chapter members. He helps grow the Vivit community by bringing new customers to Vivit as members. Jack and the rest of the Genlogix team are always willing to present the hot topics at Vivit meetings. He is a member of the Michigan, Ohio and Philadelphia Vivit Chapters.

Jack is an Account Executive with Genilogix. Genilogix is an HP Elite partner with expertise in Security, Quality, Performance, Governance and Compliance.

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