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Engaging HP, Partners and Users

Posted By Rocky Pisto, Global Engagement Coordinator, Monday, April 2, 2012

To our Vivit HP Software Community (HP Field Sales and Marketing, HP Software users, and HP Solution Partners):

Vivit Worldwide has been listening to your request to engage the HP Software Ecosystem as a whole. A brand new job description has been approved by the Vivit Board of Directors to assist in the growth of the international Vivit community. This recent position is titled, "The Vivit Global Engagement Coordinator."

The position will be filled by Rocky Pisto, Vice President of Sales, Professional Computers Inc. (PCI), Leader for several Midwest Local Users Groups, Vivit Board Member, Trusted Advisor to the Board, Nomination Committee Member, Chair of the Membership Committee, and mentor to Chapter Leaders around the world. Rocky has been working with HP hardware and software solutions for over 23 years in a channel partner capacity. His success has come from his customer-first strategy, focusing on customer service.


Rocky Pisto
Vivit Global Engagement Coordinator

For HP and HP Partners, this role is designed to reach out on a proactive basis and grow awareness for your solutions and services to the HP Software Community by offering sponsorship opportunities in the following areas:

  • HP Discover exposure activities
  • website page positioning
  • End user designed technical webinars
  • Video business card presentation on the Vivit Partner Page
  • Development of end user incentives to guide our community to HP Partner implementation and mentoring solutions

For the HP User Community:

  • Provide ongoing content and networking opportunities that will continue to enhance end user careers in HP Software Solutions
  • Grow our Partner and end user Speaker Bureau for on-line technical and Local Chapter event
  • Grow our knowledge base of technical know-how on deep dive content from our annual Education program at the HP Discover events
  • Build a known issue tab on the Vivit Site to proactively make the community aware of product upgrade issues and fixes
  • Grow our "Best and Brightest" Vivit Bloggers for real world product experience, success stories and recommendations for future product releases
  • Create a merit-based participation rewards program to incent and appreciate our members

The points listed above are just a few ideas coming from our members to improve the value of Vivit to your career. Feel free to share your ideas to continue our consistent support to the HP Software Ecosystem since 1993.

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New Chapter & SIG Leadership - April 2012

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Vivit Global Chapter & SIG Liaison, Thursday, March 29, 2012

Get Connected

Join a group by clicking on the Chapter or Special Interest Group (SIG) name under each new leader and "Join Group”. Connect to the leaders by clicking on their name. Member sign-in required.

Chris Powers
Senior Tools Engineer
SIG Leader
Network Automation SIG - Join Now

Chris is currently a Senior Tools Engineer for a provider of technology solutions to the financial world including: banks, credit unions, and securities processing organizations. He provides a wide range of services to the clients, as well as other support groups such as the Network Operations Center and Network Engineering. He has worked with clients in a variety of industries, mostly related to Wide Area Networks and Network Management functions. Chris is interested in Wide Area Network performance as well as SNMP scripting. He was able to utilize all of these skills as a Network Engineer at Zvolve where he provided configuration guidance to developers on a MPLS software solution. Then at SunTrust, he was exposed to HP Network Automation and fell in love. Now at Fiserv, he is able to take the next step and architect, deploy and support HP Network and Operations Orchestration.

Chris serves the HP Software community as a founder and co-leader of the Vivit Network Automation Special Interest Group (NA SIG).

Wendy Wheeler
Content Manager
SIG Supporter
Network Automation SIG - Join Now

Wendy has been working in the network tools and operations space since 1996.Currently, she works for HP Software as the Content Manager for HP NA, NNMi, and ISPi. She is also an HP Eco Advocate; she serves as an environmental speaker at conferences, plans HP environmental volunteer activities, and participates in various corporate environmental activities.

Wendy serves the HP Software community as a founder and co-leader of the Vivit Network Automation Special Interest Group (NA SIG).

New Chapter and Leader:

Michal Zarzycki
Quality Assurance & Test Engineer
Chapter Leader
Poland - Join Now

Michal is a Quality Assurance and Test Engineer, since October 2005, for Volvo. He acts as a Tester (Functional, Functional Automation and Performance). Michael is responsible for HP test tools: HP Quality Center, HP Quick Test Professional and HP Performance Center.

Michal has a degree in Computer Engineering from Academy of Management and Finance in Poland and a Master of Science degree from Wroclaw University of Economics specializing in Computer Science in Management. He has additional skill training in Better Business Communication, Team Work and Coaching. Additionally, he has technical training in ISTQB, Certified tester, Foundation Level, Certified Test Manager, HP Fundamentals of LoadRunner 9.0, HP VuGen 9.0 Scripting for Web, HP Performance Center 9.0, MS Visual Studio Team System, Rational Functional Tester, HP QTP; SAP TAO; HP Quality Center, and ISTQB Advanced Level - Technical Test Analyst.

He serves the HP Software User community as a founder and leader of the new Poland Vivit chapter.

New Leaders:

Mihai Grigorescu
Test Process Manager
Standard Bank Group
Chapter Leader
South Africa - Join Now

Mihai Grigorescu has a BSc in International Economics and has furthered his studies in Business Communications. He has been in testing for the last five years and is currently in the role of Test Process Manager at one of the major financial institutions in South Africa. He has a passion for testing in general and business as well as technical processes. He is an avid fan of making optimal use of available tools which assist the test effort (testing tool-smith). He is also currently a board member of the SIGiST committee and an active speaker in national and international events.

Mihai serves the HP Software community as a co-leader of the Vivit South Africa chapter.

Evan Hamilton
President & Managing Director
Cravetek, LLC
Chapter Leader
Colorado  - Join Now


Evan is the President & Managing Director at Cravetek, LLC - a HP Software integration partner that wasfounded in 2007.  He started Cravetek after spending his first 10 years in the IT business working primarily in sales and management rolesin the ISP / datacom and OEM fields. He got his start in the HP software world working as a regional sales manager for VIP Consulting (a legacy Mercury Interactive partner). Cravetek's businessisfocused on ESM / Enterprise Systems Management, Monitoring,and Application Performance Management (BAC, DDM, BSM, uCMDB, Sitecope, Service Manager, RC, Opsware, NNM, OV, etc.). Cravetek works directly with many fortune500 enterprise clients, providing strategic HPS /BTO software project consulting services. Additionally, Cravetek works closely with many of the other HPS partners,along with traditional consulting firms (Accenture, CSC, Tata, Adecco, etc.); and Cravetek has worked with clients and partnersinternationally in both EMEA and LATAM.

Evan serves the Vivit&HP Software community as a co-leader for the Configuration Management SIG and also the Colorado chapter of Vivit.


Sandeep Jain
OpsHub, Inc.
Chapter Leader
Silicon Valley/San Jose - Join Now


Sandeep Jain is the CEO and founder of OpsHub, Inc. and is passionate about building winning products and great teams. Prior to founding OpsHub, he was the Head of the Device Management group at Openwave Systems with responsibilities for product management, engineering and sales support for the Openwave Mobile Device Manager product line. Prior to Openwave, he was the founder & CEO of Viquity Corporation. Viquity was a startup focusing on improving the efficiency of the intercompany direct material supply chain. At Viquity, he developed the initial business plan and raised three rounds of venture financing from Hummer Winblad, Atlas Ventures and JK&B Capital. Prior to Viquity, he was a nine-year veteran at Oracle Corporation. He held management positions at Oracle's Server Technology Division and Application Server Division. While at Oracle, Sandeep conceptualized and created the replication product line extension to Oracle Database Server.

Besides OpsHub, he is passionate about mentoring and entrepreneurship. He is on the advisory board of Astia, an innovative global not-for-profit organization that propels women's full participation as entrepreneurs and leaders in high-growth businesses, fueling innovation and driving economic growth. He is also leads the mentorship program for PAN IIT, an alumni organization for the alumni of Indian Institutes of Technology.

He received his B.Tech. in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, M.S. in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MBA from Santa Clara University. He also holds several patents in the distributed systems area.

Sandeep serves the HP Software community as a co-leader of the Vivit Silicon Valley/San Jose chapter.

 Vivit now has 60 local chapters spanning 22 countries. Join a Chapter near you.
Vivit has 13 worldwide SIGs. View our complete list of SIGs.

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - April 2012

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Vivit Global Chapter & SIG Liaison, Thursday, March 29, 2012

David Broerman
Technical Manager
CheckPoint Technologies
Florida Chapter Leader

David Broerman has 12+ years of IT experience in QA, test management, project management and application integration. He previously worked in both the mutual fund and credit industries, and has worked with HP Test Director/Quality Center for the past 6 years. David joined Checkpoint Technologies in December 2008 as a Sr. Engineer/Consultant and is now a Technical Manager in the area of ASMP-S (Authorized Service Management Partner-Software). Checkpoint Technologies is an Elite HP Business Partner & Certified Training Partner headquartered in the Tampa Bay Florida area. He is certified on HP Quality Center and is also an HP Certified Instructor.

In June 2011, David presented at the largest conference in HP history, HP Discover Conference in Las Vegas. The title of his presentation is "Elevating your Requirements Management Process to new Heights with HP Quality Center Best Practices”. He has also presented at the STAREAST Conference on "What's New in HP Quality Center 10”, along with many webinars/presentations on the Quality Center tool.

David has performed many installs/upgrades of HP Quality Center for both large and small companies. He has experience with reviewing hardware/software configurations, database migrations and upgrading project schemas. Additionally, he also teaches training classes every month - including at the world's largest retailer headquarters.

David is Co-Leader of the Vivit Florida Chapter, and is also a member of Tampa Bay QAA and ASQ. He is listed in both the Cambridge Who's Who Registry Among Executives and Professionals, and Strathmore Who's Who.

David holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from California Southern University and an MBA in Management of Engineering & Technology from NorthCentral University. He was also accepted in 2010 to the part time PhD program at NorthCentral University.


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Building Your Career Through Vivit

Posted By Jim Murphy, Vice President, Board of Directors, Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Updated: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you ever wondered why so many people volunteer to work with Vivit throughout the year? It's because Vivit has a reputation for being the place to go in order to find the best and brightest minds in the HP Software community. With every acquisition HP makes, the need for brilliant software engineers and talented technology people only grows. Today's technology solutions are more complex than ever, and the number of people that know how to put all that technology together and create business value seems to be growing at a slower rate than demand. Vivit is a GLOBAL place where HP, HP Partners, and HP Customers come together to share best practices on how to deliver business value with HP Software and to share stories.So what's in it for you?

If you enjoy the never ending stream of technology that collects around HP from all over the world, you have a home with Vivit. Why you ask? This message is reaching over 10,000 people around the world who share your interests and goals. Many of them are willing and able to mentor you, all you have to do is:

1. Be willing to give away what you have learned. This is something I have learned that is a bit counterintuitive. If you complete a project and learned new lessons, or figured out a way to do something that is really neat, that knowledge has a limited lifespan. With the rate at which people are able to collaborate today, that lifespan is getting shorter all the time. I'm not suggesting that you give away something that might be considered intellectual property. It's the story about what you learned and what the results were along the way. If you share your story by creating a case study in success, lessons learned (good, bad & ugly), and how you were able to deliver that success, then Vivit is a channel available to you to share your story with your peers. Why? "Who you are” will change by the end of the presentation because the "who knows you” factor has grown. Talk to a chapter or special interest group (SIG) leader and ask for help telling your story. Most of them have a treasure trove of examples and resources for you to use. If you enjoyed talking at a local chapter event or SIG webinar, send in your success story to the HP Discover conference. Customer success stories are the most valuable presentations HP can include.

2. Lead a local chapter or worldwide special interest group (SIG). The great thing about leading a local chapter or SIG is that you will get real-world leadership experience, day one. You will have management problems to solve like figuring out where to hold meetings, how to hold meetings, and when to hold meetings. You will have to find people to speak at the meetings. The budget realities are pretty real world too. What's in all that effort for you? If you can put together a local chapter or SIG, you will have the opportunity to work with and learn from people who have been leaders at Vivit, HP, and the partner community for many years. You will learn about the HP Software industry and who the players are, and they will learn who you are. Many people who have come through Vivit over the years have found contacts and resources to help develop their career into management roles through the network of leaders at Vivit.

3. Be ready to go global. The global ecosystem that surrounds Vivit supports many types of roles and careers. There are implementation gurus, solution development specialists, software developers (yes, some of the HP software developers are members), Sales people, marketing, managers, and executives, from all over Earth. Everyone that is part of Vivit has a need to solve business problems and to grow their careers, wherever they are. As you see the LinkedIn updates or the other social media updates, take a good look from where those updates are coming. The global reach of Vivit has existed since its earliest days. Today it is accelerated with the internet and social media. If you are a leader with Vivit, you interact with the world every day, and the world will respond in surprising and positive ways. We share with and educate the best and brightest people HP has access to…on Earth.

So what am I proposing? That you go forward and push what you know into the world though Vivit and that the world will respond positively? Yes, that is how it happens. In today's world, it's not "who you know”, but "who knows you” that is important. Vivit is open for you to go from wherever you are today, and to become known around the world. There are those of us that have done this already. I consider the people I have worked with around the world as business partners to be more than that; they are my inspiration.

Some of you are smiling because I'm telling your story. If you have grown your career through Vivit, tell your story by posting a blog in your Vivit profile or send it to us. Where has Vivit taken you?

Click here for a list of ways to get more involved in Vivit.

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Vivit Awards: Nominations are Open! (Americas Region)

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Global Chapter and SIG Liaison, Wednesday, February 29, 2012

 It's time for the Americas awards, and we are extending our award program from two to three awards this year to recognize the outstanding contributions of Vivit members as leaders, advocates, and innovators. Please take a moment to nominate someone for any or all of the following awards by April 6. Your input matters.

Leader of the Year
Have your worldwide Special Interest Group or Local Chapter Leaders organized valuable community-building, educational, and advocacy services to your Vivit group(s)? Are they from the Americas? Have they positively impacted you?

Champion of the Year
Who in the Americas HP Software ecosystem has displayed outstanding efforts to advance or grow the Vivit community? HP Software Partners, employees, clients, consultants, and end users are eligible.

New! Executive Innovator of the Year
Do you know IT Executive/C-Level employees from the Americas who have shown innovation within their organization using HP Software? Are they in touch with real solutions within their organization? How has this person's innovation successfully brought together their organization's People, Process and Products (Success Story)?


Vivit will present the awards and recognize the winners and nominees at HP Discover in Las Vegas, 4-7 June 2012. Past winners are not eligible for the same award. Vivit Board and staff members are not eligible. HP employees are not eligible for the Leader or Executive Innovator of the Year Awards. Nominations for the EMEA region will take place in September 2012.


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Tip of the Month: Connecting with Other Members

Posted By Julanne Rutten, Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There are several ways to reach out and connect with other Vivit members. You can start by joining one of Vivit's eleven Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Each of these has a home page open to all current members. Navigate to the SIG page, and then click on "Join Group” at the top of the page. You may also join any of Vivit's 60 local chapters, regardless of your proximity.

On the "My Bio” page in your profile, you may notice that your organization, city, state, country, and all custom fields have hyperlinks. Clicking on these links will provide a directory of other members who have the same information as yours. From the results, you can view the member's profile, message them, or add as a "Connection.” Once you have added another member as a "Connection,” you will be able to contact them more easily from the Connections link in the My Profile Box. You can also access your list of connections directly from the Bio, Wall or Feeds area of your profile.

If you want to find out when your connections update their profiles or upload new photos, you can enable this in the Manage Profile>>My Preferences area. Settings to control notifications about members in your chapters and SIGS are also available there.

You can always use the site's robust Community Search feature, which is located on the top left rail in a bright blue box on every page on the site, to find specific people, organizations or any other keywords. If you have any questions, you may always complete a Service Request form by clicking on Contact Us.

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - March 2012

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Christian Gerdes
Senior Performance Engineer
Senior Partner
Sweden Chapter Leader
Join Now

Christian helps companies build and adopt Performance testing processes and methodologies, build and manage a Performance Center of Excellence (PCoE) and define effective goal oriented performance engineering strategies for many of the major companies in Sweden. His specialties include: Performance Engineering, Performance testing and optimization, Technical Quality Assurance, Business Technology Optimization, SLA Management, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), ITIL v3.

He Serves the HP Software community as a leader for the Sweden chapter of Vivit.


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New Chapter and SIG Leadership - March 2012

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tanya Casper
Senior Account Manager
San Diego Chapter Leader - Join Now
Las Vegas Chapter Leader- Join Now

Tanya has 10+ years selling in the IT space. She started with TelAlert and now works as an Enterprise Account Manager with MIR3. Her specialties include TelAlert and Enterprise Notification.

Tanya serves the HP Software community as a  leader for the Las Vegas and San Diego chapters of Vivit.

Naveen Chhabra
Cloud Architect
New Delhi Chapter Leader - Join Now

Naveen currently works as Cloud Architect at Hewlett-Packard(HP). He has worked for HP since 2003 in the positions of Technical Consultant, Program Manager & Technical Alliance Manager and as a Senior Engineer, R&D. Naveen's skills and expertise include Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Pre-sales, SaaS and IT Service Management.

Vivit does not normally allow HP to hold a leadership position. Naveen’s role is to build the community in new Delhi and find leadership once the local chapter is up and running

He serves the HP Software community as a leader for the New Delhi chapter of Vivit.

Jim Copio
Associate of Service Management (ICMS)
Whitlock – Southeast Region
BSM SIG Leader - Join Now
Carolinas Chapter Leader - Join Now

Jim served as a Mid-Atlantic Chapter Leader for over 9 years. He is now a Leader for the Vivit Carolinas Chapter and the Business Service Management Special Interest Group (BSM SIG). He is an active member of Vivit and currently serves as the Director of the Volunteer Committee. His day job is a strategic account manager for Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions. He works with numerous client companies providing comprehensive IT Service Management solutions, including technology (HP Software), Process (ITIL) and People (organizational mapping). Jim has been a Hewlett Packard partner for 12 years.

Evan Hamilton
Cravetek, LLC
CMS SIG Leader - Join Now
Colorado Chapter Leader - Join Now

Evan serves the HP Software community as a leader for the Configuration Management System Special Interest Group (CMS SIG) and the Colorado chapter of Vivit.

Mark Laird
Technical Consultant - IMSL Tools and Process
& Lead Green Agent
BSM SIG Leader - Join Now


Mark currently works for Steria providing Pre-Sales Technical support across a number of key partners including HP Software. He started in IT in 1988 as a Junior Mainframe Capacity Planner working for Thorn EMI Software. Since then, Mark has had a variety of technical and managerial roles but is always working for a Managed Services organization.

He is an effective communicator, and for the last 7 years has been key to rolling out HP Software within Steria both with the United Kingdom and throughout the European organization. This rollout has included HP Business Service Manager for dashboard, HP Operations Manager and HP Sitescope for the monitoring and HP Network Node Manager and HP Network Automation for Network Management.

Mark regularly presents at HP events showcasing what Steria is doing with HP Software for itself and its customers. He is also a member of the HP Customer Advisory Board for Business Service Management.

Mark Serves the HP Software community as a leader for the Vivit Business Service Management Special Interest Group (BSM SIG).

Per-Ola Mattsson
Sweden Chapter Leader - Join Now

Per-Ola has been working with Performancetest since 1998. Most frequently, the tool Loadrunner is used for testing. His work helps companies get good performance on their Systems/Applications. Per-Ola's passion and interests are with testing as well as working on his small farm.

Per-Ola serves the HP Software community as a leader for the Sweden chapter of Vivit.

Jagadish Reddy
Service Management Consultant
Qatar Chapter Leader - Join Now

Jagadish is a successful Service Management Consultant, who has substantial experience in assessing and implementing ITIL v2 and v3; ISO20000 and ISO27001 methodologies and frame works. He has worked in very diverse and complicated IT environments, and he has over 10 years experienced in Service Operations, IT Infrastructure project management. Jagadish has been successful in developing and integrating varied technologies to support operational, financial and organizational needs. His extensive knowledge and practical experience in the application of best practices and standards, along with his flexible and creative approach allows him to succeed in virtually any environment. Jagadish is passionate about service quality and best practice. Jagadish is an expert in HP Service Manager.

Jagadish serves the HP Software community as a leader for the Qatar chapter of Vivit.

View all Local Chapters

View all Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Don’t see a Chapter in your area or a SIG that is applicable to you?
Start a Chapter or Special Interest Group

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New Chapter and SIG Leadership - February 2012

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Friday, January 27, 2012

John Bom
Utrecht - Product Manager
Netherlands Chapter
Join Now

John Bom is currently a Product Manager at Utrecht in the Netherlands. His experience includes ITIL process implementation, Incident-, Problem- Change Manager, ITIL Service Manager, Project Manager, Project Manager implementation and support of Service Management tooling (eg. HP OpenView Service Desk), Implementation and support of HP OpenView Service Desk and Implementation and support of HP Service Manager. John's specialties include: ITIL, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, HP OpenView Service Desk and HP Service Manager. He serves the HP Software community as a Chapter Leader for the Netherlands.

Todd DeCapua
Shunra - VP of
Worldwide Consulting
Mobile SIG
Join Now
DevOps SIG
Join Now

Todd DeCapua, VP of Worldwide Consulting for Shunra, is one of the tech industry's most respected thought leaders on Application Performance Engineering and a renowned speaker, author and visionary.

Todd's IT & QA background encompasses nearly all industries and over 70 organizations with extensive consulting experience. Before joining Shunra in 2010, he held senior leadership roles both within IT Development and IT Infrastructure at ING DIRECT, the largest internet bank in the United States -- providing him a uniquely authoritative view of the global business impact of the new best-practice models for performance engineering.

His expertise includes application development, global project management, partnership strategy, collaborative methods like Agile Scrum, infrastructure architecture, business continuity and disaster recovery. His role at Shunra is to drive professional services, training/education and partnership programs for nearly 2000 worldwide customers deploying applications in WAN, Web, Mobile and Cloud environments.

In 2009, he was invited to sit on the Customer Advisory Board for LoadRunner & Performance Center. He was named 2010 HP Software Universe "Best & Brightest" and 2010 Vivit Worldwide Leader of the Year. He is also a certified ScrumMaster, Scrum Practitioner, and Six Sigma Green Belt; and is also accredited with an MBA, Concentration in Finance.

Todd volunteers his time as a Vivit Chapter Leader for Delaware as well as a Leader for the DevOps and Mobile Special Interest Groups.

Kelly Harrington
Pacific Life - Director of QA & Technology Services
Nebraska Chapter
Join Now

Kelly Harington currently works for Pacific Life as the Director of QA & Technology Services in the Retirement Solutions Division. She serves the HP Software community as a Vivit Chapter Leader in Nebraska.

Kelly has thirty-one years of progressive Administrative, Information Technology and Client Services/Relationship experience. She has accountability as a senior management leader responsible for successful delivery and support of strategic initiatives and talent management with extensive experience in: Personnel and Resource management, Project management, Business development, Client Relationship management, Quality assurance and software testing management, Engineering/Design of Configuration, Conversion strategies, Implementation/Release/Change management, Information Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning and Process Re-Engineering (DMAIC – Six Sigma Orientation). She has experience with Systems/software development, client relationship management to industries such as Financial Services, Insurance – multiple lines, Banking/Credit card issuance, State Government Application systems, Credit Collections and various business/technical architectures on multiple software and hardware platforms. Kelly's education and formal recognitions includeBellevue University – Bellevue, NE (2007 - 2010), B.A. Leadership – Summa Cum Laude, Certified Network Administrator - Novell (C.N.A.) Coursework (1997), Southeast Community College, Lincoln, NE (1985-1988), A.A. Microcomputer Technology/Application Programming, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO (1978 - 1980), Library Science/Liberal Arts major, NE Resident Agent License (Life, Annuity, Sickness, AD&D), CPIW Designation (Certified Professional Insurance Woman) via NAIW (National Assoc. of Insurance Women, a national organization that advocates women in the insurance/financial services industry). Kelly held all board and officer positions for LIWL (Life Insurance Women of Lincoln), a local affiliate of NAIW and held a regional board member position on behalf of NAIW for the Midwest region.

In addition, Kelly is published in national trade periodicals: Today's Insurance Woman, Life and Health Insurance Sales, and company periodical The Bisonian Life (1992). She is a patented Inventor (1996). She is married with one son who presently lives in Moscow, Russia. Her hobbies include reading, biking, gardening, music, dogs, travel – and hopefully grandchildren someday!



Stephanie Grant Middlebrooks
Walmart - QA Manager
Arkansas Chapter
Join Now

Stephanie has 16+ years of Quality Assurance experience. During her career, Stephanie has played many roles from Engineer to Management. Her background includes finance, telecommunications, healthcare, and hospitality industries where she specialized in ecommerce applications. Currently, Stephanie is employed at Walmart as a QA Manager for the ecommerce division. Her passion lies in ecommerce, process and people. Stephanie serves the HP Software community as a Vivit Chapter Leader in Arkansas.


Paul Peissner
Collabnet - Director of
Business Development
DevOps SIG
Join Now

Paul Peissner is director of Business Development for Collabnet. In addition, he serves the HP Software community as a Vivit Chapter Leader for Silicon Valley/San Jose and for the new DevOps Special Interest Group.
For more than a decade he has built his IT Solutions career with a belief in 2 things...

1) User Communities and the collective wisdom it holds...and willingly shares to help its members solve a problem
2) IT Platform offerings' critical need for an Innovation Network of fast-moving 3rd parties' technologies that have the expertise and resources to solve complex and new problems that the Platform could not address in the short-term.

What drives Paul…
In working with IT customers, system integrators and technology providers, I have been amazed at how quickly people innovate when the "core problem” is presented to the "right person”. I sit in awe of how many "long-standing problems” can be permanently and globally fixed when the "right data and right relationships” can be connected. People have said that I have the "heart of IT development” in mind when I engage with business users and IT Operations teams. I believe DevOps is the effort that will pull all of IT together for organizations of all sizes.


Laura Walker 
Stratacom - Director of Business Development
Southern California Chapter
Join Now

Laura Walker is the Director of Business Development for StrataCom and serves the HP Software community as a leader focusing on ITSM for the Chicago, Colorado, Texas, Kansas City and Southern California Chapters of Vivit. Laura's career has focused on the ITSM industry for the past ten years working for HP ITSM partner StrataCom. In addition to her volunteer efforts with Vivit, Laura has been very active in both itSMF and HDI organizations, helping to organize, sponsor, and facilitate events. Laura was elected by Vivit as the Leader of the Year for the Americas region in 2011. Laura has been instrumental in making Vivit user group sessions available virtually to those who reside elsewhere or are unable to attend in person. Laura joined Vivit with an altruistic spirit to accomplish her goal of uniting the HP ITSM community through networking opportunities and bringing more and better information to HP Service Manager clients around the country.

Patrick Wolf
PMSoft Partners - CEO
Configuration Mangement System Special Interest Group

Patrick Wolf has thirteen years of experience with a variety of technical and functional roles within the software industry. He is the co-founder and CEO of PMSoft Partners, an independent software vendor and HP Gold Business Partner. PMSoft Partners specializes in sharing service models for Service Management and Cloud Services Orchestration projects.

Prior to founding PMSoft Partners, Patrick was Sr. Director Product Management for ASG Software. He was responsible for any product management, sales enablement and press and analysts relations for ASG's Service Management and Cloud Service Orchestration solutions.

Before joining ASG, Patrick worked for BMC Software and Perform SA in roles ranging from product engineer, project manager and product manager. He specially managed specifications for BMC Atrium Dependency Mapping Solution from the ground up and was instrumental in the enablement of BMC's Atrium CMDB ecosystem. Patrick serves the HP Software community as a Leader and founder of the Vivit Configuration Management System Special Interest Group.

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Spotlight on a Vivit Volunteer- February 2012

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Friday, January 27, 2012

Paul Peissner

Director Business Development CollabNet

Silicon Valley/San Jose
Chapter Leader
Join Now

DevOps SIG Leader
Join Now

What is Vivit DevOps?
(8 min. video) -

















My Enterprise IT passions…

For more than a decade, I have built my IT Solutions career with a belief in two things... 

1) User Communities and the collective wisdom it holds...and willingly shares to help its members solve a problem

2) IT Platform offerings' critical need for an Innovation Network of fast-moving 3rd parties' technologies that have the expertise and resources to solve complex and new problems that the Platform could not address in the short-term.

What drives me…

In working with IT customers, system integrators and technology providers, I have been amazed at how quickly people innovate when the "core problem” is presented to the "right person”. I sit in awe of how many "long-standing problems” can be permanently and globally fixed when the "right data and right relationships” can be connected. People have said that I have the "heart of IT development” in mind when I engage with business users and IT Operations teams. I believe DevOps is the effort that will pull all of IT together for organizations of all sizes.

What inspires me…

There are organizations that solve bigger problems than IT performance issues. One organization that I love to track, support and talk with is Convoy of Hope. As a disaster relief organization to the US and the world, they have incredible challenges to overcome in short periods of time…and in many cases "while the crisis” is still being played out.

I am inspired by the way Convoy of Hope defines:

The "currency most needed” in the crisis environment…

The existing resources "they have” and who they could trade with to get the "right stuff” to the people in need…

The challenges with distance-to-travel, people-culture, and boarder-crossings that may need to be addressed…

The relationships they need to have and networks of people who could help the most…

The "achievable success goals” and the timeframe for measurement…

And how they set-up repeatable processes for future relief efforts…

It puts my efforts in perspective and inspires me to look at IT problems and fixes differently…


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