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Considerations for Choosing a Mobile Testing Software

Posted By Perfecto Mobile, Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Perhaps the easiest way to understand the challenge of mobile application testing is to consider this staggering fact: over 140 Android devices have been released since the beginning of 2011. New smartphones and tablets (a segment which didn't even exist two years ago!) are released to the market on a weekly basis, each with a unique form factor or set of features. With six major operating systems on the market and an ever-growing number of versions, models, screen sizes and network technologies, it's virtually impossible to keep mobile apps and services in sync with ever-changing market trends.

So what's the best way to test mobile apps and services in today's extremely fragmented and dynamic nature of the mobile market? This post presents some key recommendations for building a mobile testing strategy that meets business needs in a diverse and dynamic mobile environment.

Recommendation #1 – Automation is imperative for mobile testing

By automating the functional and regression testing of your mobile applications, you can ensure the quality and performance of your applications on any device, OS, network and location. Automation allows more tests to be performed on more devices in less time and with fewer human errors. The result is a shortened ALM cycle that allows for continuous QA, better coverage, easier re-creation of problems and substantial cost savings.

In a fragmented market, a device-agnostic testing approach is required to allow enterprises to build test cases that can be easily maintained, reused and ported to multiple mobile platforms.

Recommendation #2 – Cloud-based access to REAL mobile devices

Experience shows that you will probably need to test on up to 30-40 devices in your market and replace around 30% of those each quarter to stay up to date. This can easily turn into a logistical nightmare, especially if you are working offshore. Cloud-based access to REAL handsets alleviates the costs and logistics of procuring and managing new devices (i.e., shipments, network availability, active plans, SIMs, etc.) as they are released. Since all devices are available and managed in the cloud, there is no need for procurement, and devices can be added or replaced within a few hours in response to market needs. In addition, a cloud-based approach facilitates collaboration and enables globally distributed teams to share a device in "live" testing and to replicate issues for improved troubleshooting.

Recommendation #3 – Use Existing ALM Resources

Remember – at its core mobile testing is still software testing. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. For enterprises that have already invested in building an ALM infrastructure, implementing tools and workflows, and training QA teams, the goal is to preserve and leverage these assets by extending your existing ALM framework to support mobile testing.

Guest post by Perfecto Mobile, provider of ‘MobileCloud for QTP' – a native extension for QTP mobile test automation jointly developed with HP

>>> Learn more about extending your HP ALM software to mobile and how to automate your mobile testing using QuickTest Pro in the upcoming Vivit webinar:

Register to the webinar now and enter the drawing for a Motorola Xoom!

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Six Ways to get More Out of Your Vivit Membership

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Updated: Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1. Community Forums

Utilize Vivit's discussion forums to ask questions and get feedback. Add your independent voice.

  • HP Support
  • HP Application Security Center
  • HP Business Availability Center
  • HP Client Automation Center
  • HP Data Center Automation
  • HP Network Management Center
  • HP Operations Center
  • HP Performance Center
  • HP Project & Portfolio Management
  • HP Quality Center
  • HP Service Management Center
  • HP SOA Center
  • Vivit Services

Vivit community forums can be accessed from members of the HP Software Solutions Community (hosted by HP) which extends your reach. Additionally, if you want to keep up with the product discussions happening in HP's community, you can access them from the Vivit site - click here. 


2. Community Blog

Get the lowdown on Vivit news.


There's also a blog for the lastest HP news.


3. Community Calendar

Get a quick view of all the upcoming Vivit events. 



4. Webinars

Want to stay on top of ways to extend your HP investment? Check out our webinars.

5. Local Chapter and Worldwide Special Interest Groups

Vivit has 52 local chapters spanning 18 countries and 5 global Special Interest Groups (SIGs). To participate and receive notices, be sure to join a group of your choice by navigating to the group's page and then clicking "Join" at the top of the page.


6. Career Center

Need a job? Need to post a job? Do it here. All members can post a resume and search job openings. Supporting members can also post job openings.

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Vivit Awarded “Site of the Month”

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, August 31, 2011
 Each month, profiles an organization that is finding great success with its online community. Vivit was awarded with "Site of the Month” for June, 2011. made a donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Vivit's name.

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Announcing New Board Member

Posted By Vivit Staff, Monday, August 1, 2011

Announcing New Board Member

Vivit is pleased to announce that Richard Bishop, Senior Performance Consultant, Intechnica, and leader for the United Kingdom chapter, is filling the open Board seat for the coming year. Richard is a testing specialist with over ten years of experience with Performance Center and Quality Center, and he is looking forward to representing and growing the European user community.

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Spotlight on Volunteers: A Note from the President

Posted By Michael Collins, Friday, July 29, 2011

As things have calmed down from what I stated last month as the most exciting HP event in the past several years, I have had some time to settle into the position as Vivit's President. In doing so, I have had the opportunity to reflect upon and come to understand some of the efforts by those outstanding individuals who make up the Vivit organization. I truly value experience and history in any area of business and life in general.

Vivit is a group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and has grown tremendously through the days of OpenView Forum International, Peregrine, Mercury, etc. I have said before that it is the group of Board members, chapter leaders, staff and, most importantly, the user community which makes this organization so great. I would like to use this month's note to provide some insight as to what has made the group so successful through its growth and transformation by recognizing some of the specific volunteers who have been key to sustaining and guiding Vivit.

To begin with, if there is one person who is the most recognized ‘face' of Vivit, it well may be Rocky Pisto. He has been involved in some way or another since the beginning. Rocky has held many positions within Vivit, including Ohio Chapter Leader (without a doubt one of the most active chapters we have year over year), Michigan Chapter Leader, Chicago Chapter Leader, Kentucky Chapter Leader, Indiana Chapter Leader, Board member, Membership chair and others. Rocky has always been one of the most positive influences in the organization.

Jim Copio is another individual who so deserves to be mentioned for his efforts. He has lead chapters in the Mid-Atlantic and Carolinas and has been involved with the Board through chairing Nominations, Elections, and Volunteer committees. Most importantly, Jim always has been one of the strongest advocates for the end user.

Brad Clark is an outstanding person who has been involved with Vivit for so many years. He has been a staple to the Michigan area user group as a leader, coordinating the ability for the west and east area of the state to collaborate. Additionally, the amount of personal time that he put forth as the Board Secretary to run and organize the business side of Vivit will likely never be known to most, but I assure you that for the years he volunteered in the position, the organization could not have run without him.

Of special significance is our President Emeritus,
Karen Semonson. Her leadership and vision are the basis of what so many of us know as Vivit today. To begin with, the transformation and consolidation of the organizations into Vivit required her guidance in all areas of the organization. Her belief that Vivit members are the best and brightest has allowed us to validate our value to HP and to one another. Karen's insight highlights that it is the volunteers, the leaders and, most importantly, the members that make Vivit so valuable. Her belief that we should appreciate and recognize Vivit volunteers has become an important part of the cultural fabric of the group.

Under Karen's tenure as President, Vivit has seen the launch of our new web site and social media efforts. We have opened doors and strengthened our relationship with HP while maintaining our independent voice. We have seen the integration of discussion forums and a presence in the HP Software Solutions Community. She truly has been a star of Vivit, and we are lucky to have her continue to serve on the Vivit Board for another three-year volunteer term.

People are what make up the Vivit organization and make it great. Time and time again I hear how small of an ecosystem the software world can be. While we continue to promote community, education and advocacy, the organization will always be about those who are Vivit.

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Message from Michael Collins, President of Vivit

Posted By Michael Collins, Thursday, June 30, 2011

Entering the third year of my term on the Vivit Board of Directors, I am very excited by all of the opportunities that we are presented with at this time. Recently appointed by my peers to the President position, I am humbled by the chance to work with such a great group of Board members, chapter leaders, staff, and most importantly, the user community which makes this organization so great.

We recently launched a long awaited Vivit website community which is vibrant, well organized and easy to use. We continue to migrate all of the functionality of the old site and introduce new features so that it makes for a better user experience.

Recently, we held our semiannual face-to-face Board meeting which took place at HP Discover in Las Vegas. The board reviewed overall organizational health and current direction. The stability and health is at the highest point in many years both as an organization and in membership.


We also held a chapter and SIG leader meeting at the conference which provided the perfect opportunity to discuss improving processes, relationships, and tools to serve the entire community even better. We can't thank Vivit chapter and SIG leaders enough for their hard work throughout the year as well as their participation in the Vivit exhibit at HP DISCOVER.




Vivit members also convened for the annual meeting, followed by deep dive round table discussions. We presented the status of the user community in an open forum, Karen Semonson passed the "President” torch to me, and then members shared their knowledge and best-practices on HP Service Management, Functional Testing with BPT/QTP, Performance Testing and Engineering, and Quality Center API.

The Advanced HP Software Implementation Training organized by Jim Murphy, Vice President, was another success. Subject matter experts from the Vivit community provided eight different deep-dive training sessions in the hours leading up to HP DISCOVER.


To top it off, we co-hosted a user community appreciation party for existing and new members. We presented Laura Walker with the 2011 Leader of the Year award for the Americas region.




 In my opinion, HP DISCOVER was one of the most exciting events in the past several years. The combination of the various conferences, as well as bringing the hardware and software constituents together, worked out better than I had imagined. Appealing to and surpassing 10,000 attendees was a feat in itself, but the way in which the event was organized, as well as the DISCOVER Zone show floor, lent itself to fantastic collaboration and presentation.



I would also be remiss if I did not mention the phenomenal exclusive musical event. I have no idea how Paul McCartney could be topped, but I am excited to find out next year!

Likely, what I am most excited about is the current state of our local chapters and membership. We have a very active user base which is reflective in the individuals who make up Vivit. The new chapters which have improved the global presence of the organization are key to further success. I am also excited for our next meeting in conjunction with HP DISCOVER in Vienna later this year to see how we build upon the successes of the first part of the year.

Vivit will continue partnering with HP, partners and other user groups while we remain your independent voice of the HP Software User Community, promoting community, education and advocacy. Check out the new website and all is has to offer. Be sure to update your profile

Michael Collins
President, Board of Directors

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Laura Walker is the 2011 Vivit Leader of the Year Award Winner (Americas Region)

Posted By Susan Russel, Monday, June 20, 2011

Vivit is pleased to announce Laura Walker as the 2011 Leader of the Year for the Americas region.

Each year, members nominate Local Chapter and worldwide Special Interest Group Leaders who are volunteers from the Americas and EMEA region for the award. The Americas title is awarded in June; the EMEA title is awarded in December. Laura Walker was one of eleven nominees from the Amercias region. She shares her talents and strong leadership as a Local Chapter Leader in Chicago, Kansas City, Texas, and Richmond, Virginia. She has formed strong local communities centered on IT Service Management, and she also helps to organize and lead IT Service Management events for other Local Chapters around the United States as well as the worldwide HP Service Management Special Interest Group.

Laura was presented with the award on June 7, during the Triple Crown community appreciation event at the HP DISCOVER conference in Las Vegas, NV. The Vivit board thanks Laura for her ongoing efforts to help build the community that now spans over 6000 members worldwide and 55 chapters and special interest groups in 18 different countries.

Laura Walker is the Director of Business for StrataCom, an HP Gold Partner specializing in IT Service Management, and has been employed in the IT Service Management industry for 10 years. Laura holds a B.S. in International Business and an MBA degree. She is an active industry volunteer within the IT industry.

Laura is also the itSMF Dakota President. She has served on Dakota and Minnesota itSMF extended boards and on a variety of committees including programs and membership. She loves working in information technology because of the continuous change.

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America's Leader of the Year Award 2011

Posted By Karen Semonson, Friday, May 13, 2011

We are pleased to announce the 2011 nominees for the Americas Leader of the Year Award. Vivit is positively bursting with activity, due to the efforts of all volunteers. These twelve nominees for Americas Leader of the Year Award exemplify the best of what all of us strive to be. Each of these individuals has special talents and strengths and has stepped forward to share them with this worldwide community.

As a whole, they all exemplify the best of leadership qualities: honesty, forward-looking, competence, inspiration and intelligence. As strong leaders, the willingness to share and be courageous in the face of persistent challenges and obstacles is the reason that members of their Chapters and SIGs nominated them for this award. From the voices of Vivit members, they are being recognized for their ability to shape the future of many, as a community and as individuals, through their leadership abilities.

The special magic of Vivit comes from the essence of what makes us human—the need for connection. These leaders understand that special magic and work to create a thriving community where member voices can be heard and knowledge-sharing and collaboration are welcomed. While diversity of thought can prompt barriers, these leaders have mastered the art of listening, and they guide our members to open dialog and open connection so that at the end of the day, personal growth and expertise can develop.

The Vivit Board of Directors thanks each one of these nominees for their ongoing efforts to help build a community of people that spans 14 countries, 53 Chapters and SIGs, and 5800 worldwide members. These individuals are growing to be outstanding leaders of the future: for this community, for their organizations, for their families and for their friends. Through the Americas Leader of the Year Award, Vivit expresses our gratitude and recognizes the contributions of these twelve nominees for their excellence

Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson
Co-Leader, Iowa Chapter

Viral Desai
Viral Desai
Leader, New York/New Jersey Metro

Pam Eifel
Pam Eifel
Co-Leader, Ohio Regional Chapter

Mark Ford
Mark Ford
Co-Leader, Carolinas Chapter

Mark Herbert
Mark Herbert
Co-Leader, Arizona Chapter

Steven Kiss
Steven Kiss
Leader, Toronto and Montreal Chapters

Chuck Masters
Chuck Masters
Co-Leader, Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Denver Meeks
Denver Meeks
Co-Leader, Ohio Regional and Kentucky Chapters

Warren McLeod
Warren McLeod
Co-Leader, Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter

Chris Scharer
Chris Scharer
Co-Leader, Iowa and Nebraska Chapters and Testing, Quality, and ALM SIG

Floris Verschoor
Floris Verschoor
Co-Leader, HP Service Management SIG

Laura Walker
Laura Walker
Co-Leader, Chicago, Kansas City, Texas Region and Richmond, VA Chapters

We would like to recognize Chris Scharer from the Iowa and Nebraska Chapters and TQA SIG of Vivit. As a Vivit board member, he is not eligible for the 2011 award, but his work as a leader is still very much appreciated and acknowledged by many members.

The 2011 award recipient will be announced at HP DISCOVER in Las Vegas, June 6 - 10. We will also announce the recipient in the July issue of the InForum News. Stay tuned.

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