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Vivit Announces 2018 EMEA Partner of the Year

Posted By Administration, Monday, June 11, 2018
Updated: Monday, June 11, 2018
Congratulations AG - Vivit Worldwide 2018 EMEA Partner of the Year!
Jonathon Wright, Advocacy Chair on the Vivit Board of Directors, presented Jan-Erik Senf, Key Account Manager, with the Vivit Worldwide EMEA Partner of the Year award for 2018.

Vivit has a history of rewarding companies and people who are great supporters of the community and who contribute extensively by organizing activities, sharing their knowledge with fellow members, and encouraging participation by other parties.

We had the privilege to announce the 2018 Vivit EMEA Partner of the Year award at the Open Horizons Summit in Berlin. This Micro Focus channel partner event allowed Vivit to present this award in person to AG at the awards ceremony. Vivit recognizes the efforts of a Micro Focus Legacy Partner who has gone above and beyond to grow and build the Vivit community in EMEA. AG is a leading expert in IT Quality Management and Cloud Automation. As a Micro Focus platinum partner, their policy is to support its customers from the very beginning of their IT optimization processes. AG concentrates mainly on German speaking countries and works with both large and small companies. With over 75 flexible and motivated employees, they guarantee innovative and highly sophisticated quality management at the respective project sites. "WE MAKE IT WORK" is more than just their slogan, it is their guiding principle. AG has encouraged their employees to volunteer their time in several ways:

  • Speak and Moderate at both local and virtual meetings
  • Serve as a Vivit Leader for Special Interest Groups and Local User Groups
  • Act as a Vivit representative at Micro Focus events, summits, forums, and conferences.
Left to Right: Vivit Board Director Jonathan Wright, Vivit Engagement Director Stephanie Konkoy, and Vivit Leader Carsten Neise.

One example of a dedicated volunteer from is Carsten Neise, Managing IT Consultant. AG has supported Carsten in serving as a Vivit Leader since September 2015. Carsten worked with other leaders in Germany to organize local and virtual events, and he started with events for the Germany Testing, Quality and Application Lifecycle Management (TQA) Group and helped organize meetings in Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin. Working with Micro Focus Senior Principal Business Consultant, Dirk Hedderich and others, Carsten continues to share the latest information about Micro Focus tools with Vivit members in Germany.

Since one of Carsten’s focuses is on Performance Testing, he noticed there was a demand for sharing knowledge about this topic and worked with Vivit to start a new local Special Interest Group for Performance Engineering in 2017. This TQA SIG recently held a meeting at the AG office in Berlin. Thank you to CTO, Thomas Jähnig, who also dedicates his time and office space for Carsten to organize these Vivit meetings. AG has allowed employees to volunteer at the Vivit booth at the Discover conference in London, serve as moderators on several webinars, contribute as speakers on Vivit Quarterly Leader Meetings, and write blogs for the Vivit website about the events that they represent and attend. also extended the community in Germany and honors special thanks to Dr. Andreas Birk (SWPM), who is always managing the overall Vivit affairs in an excellent manner. Secondly, wants to thank Mr. Michael Thiere (SQS) with whom they are collaborating in the Vivit group north/east. Special mention also goes to Marcus Seyfert (Sogeti) who is helping in the Performance Engineering group. Last but not least, says thank you to Mrs. Annemarie Stuiver of Vivit because she is always a very good voice and helps direct efforts with the Vivit staff. All these factors result in setting up a very connected community in Germany.

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Welcome New Leader - Dan Shallenberger

Posted By Administration, Thursday, June 7, 2018
Updated: Thursday, May 31, 2018

Dan Shallenberger
Dan Shallenberger
GreenLight Group

Dan Shallenberger is an IT expert with broad experience across the IT Operations Management (ITOM) space. Dan began his career in IT as a tools admin in charge of both monitoring and ITSM tools. Since joining GreenLight Group he has become a respected member of the ITOM community by expertly advising both customers and vendors alike on both cloud (AWS) and on-premise technologies. Through his deep understanding of technologies and ability to learn quickly, Dan also specializes in building and deploying integrations using a wide array of protocols and scripting languages. He has designed, tailored, tested, and implemented solutions for both large Fortune 500 and smaller regional organizations for the purpose of increased productivity, matured processes, and fewer outages.

Dan is excited to lead the active Minnesota Local User Group for Vivit!

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Vivit Takes Action to Ensure GDPR Compliance

Posted By Mark Ford, Thursday, June 7, 2018
Updated: Friday, June 1, 2018



By Mark Ford
Vivit Board Director/Community Chair

How did you celebrate GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance Day? If you reside in the EU, then you likely participated in an email blitz of opt-in requests from various organizations. Perhaps you even took advantage of this opportunity to remove yourself from a few mailing lists. Folks outside of the EU were included in the GDPR party as well with many receiving an unexpected barrage of Privacy Policy updates and acknowledgement requests. There was a lot of activity leading up to the May 25th GDPR compliance deadline, so what did Vivit end up doing to ensure compliance?

Vivit took advantage of this opportunity to perform a reassessment of the data we collect from Vivit members and how we communicate our usage of that data. This enabled us to brush up our Privacy Policy to fully outline this important piece of information. We also realized that our Privacy Policy was not easy to locate so we updated the Vivit website to provide a link in the following places:

  • On the initial new member registration page
  • On the About Vivit page
  • In the Quick Links section located on the footer of every Vivit web page

We felt it was important to have this document easily accessible since it outlines the data we collect, who has access to that data, and how we use it. Don’t worry, we won’t sell or misuse your data in any way – guaranteed – it’s all there in our Privacy Policy.

We also took advantage of this opportunity to make the following updates as well:

  • Removed several optional fields from your Vivit member profile that we don’t even use like business address, website, fax number, home address
  • Updated our website’s new member registration process to require opt-in approval for a Welcome email with a link at the end of the registration process to opt-out of any Vivit communications if desired (anyone can adjust their communication preferences at any time from their Vivit member profile)
  • Created a new Data Protection Policy to reflect how we keep your data secure
  • Updated our Leader Affiliation Agreement to reflect guidelines set forth by GDPR (more info on that to come)

We also emailed all of our Vivit members living in the EU to ensure they wanted to continue to be a Vivit member. Many reconfirmed their membership and some took the opportunity to cancel or opt-out of further communications. We also did some clean up with our membership database and feel that we are now in an even better position to be good stewards of your data. Thank you for your assistance and patience during this process. I think we’ll all benefit from the improved focus and attention that GDPR brings to data privacy and security.

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Vivit's May Rockstar Speakers

Posted By Administration, Thursday, June 7, 2018
Updated: Monday, June 4, 2018

A big thank you to all our speakers who represented Vivit this past month. Let Vivit help you take your career to the next level by joining our speaker’s bureau today. We offer outstanding opportunities for you to speak virtually or live on our behalf. If you are interested in joining our speaker’s bureau, please click here.

SIG Talk – Quality & Testing
Ricardo Garza
Emerging Technologies Softtek
Chicago LUG Event
Mihai Grigorescu
Alabama LUG Event
Darren Hileman
SIG Talk – IT Operations
Nels Hoening
PNM Resources
Colorado LUG Event
Joe Madden
Greenlight Group
Chicago LUG Event
Ameet Patil
Patson USA, Inc.
Chicago LUG Event
Kulvinder Singh
SIG Talk – Quality & Testing
Ramesh Subramaniam
Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
Quarterly Leader Meeting
Chris Trimper
Independent Health
SIG Talk – IT Operations
Bogdan Vosnjak
S & T Slovenija d.d.
Alabama LUG Event
Brent Westwood
Southern Company

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SIG News - June 2018

Posted By Administration, Thursday, May 31, 2018
The Vivit Leader for the Software Education SIG

Chris Trimper
Independent Health

The Vivit Software Education SIG focuses on education and training for the Micro Focus software community. The mission of the SIG is to provide a forum to:

  • Discuss experiences related to user adoption of the software solutions by sharing success stories and challenges that may help the group
  • Exchange knowledge and ideas around industry best practices and trends in education and share insights within the group on what is working/what is not from a technology stack perspective
  • Provide corporate updates to members on general training news out of Micro Focus such as new course releases and recommended free online learning

Members and non-members alike have probably seen many changes over the past few months at Micro Focus, including the new education portal at At this time, our emphasis will continue to be around the solutions that came across with the HPE software merger, but over time, we plan to expand our scope to include solutions from the original Micro Focus stack in this SIG.

You’ll be seeing us adopting a new name over the next few months. Micro Focus is a pure play software company – one of the largest in the world. So we no longer need to clarify “software” education. The internal Micro Focus team is transitioning their name to “Education and Training”, and so the SIG will be following with that change in the future.

Look for informative webinars coming soon from this newly engaged Special Interest Group. Remember, your software is only as powerful as those who use it; Education and Training matter!

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - Brent Westwood

Posted By Administration, Thursday, May 31, 2018

Brent Westwood
Southern Company

Our newest Vivit Local User Group, the Alabama LUG, recently held their second meeting in Birmingham at the Alabama Power Headquarters. Thanks to our leader Darren Hileman for coordinating and also to our host Brent Westwood from Southern Company.

Brent went above and beyond to ensure the success of this User Group meeting by reserving the conference room, handling all the visitor logistics, internally promoting the event, and even sharing in depth the framework that his company uses for automated testing of their websites.

A little bit about Brent: He started his career as an application developer where he developed Visual Basic applications, COM objects, and ASP web applications (one major application has been used at Southern Company since 2001). Then he moved into the Testing Center of Excellence when it was formed at Southern Company and transitioned from manual testing to automated testing. He also became product support/administrator for HP ALM, Performance Center, UFT, and Sprint.

Brent has been working with automated testing tools, mostly QTP/UFT, since 2011. In this time he created automated regression test suites for several desktop and web applications at Southern Company using UFT tests and BPT Components and created his own custom framework which has been used by 5 automated testers on 6 applications to date. Now his primary role is in the robotic process automation field where he architects the environments for production automation and has started developing automated processes to do production activities.

Brent, thank you for being our spotlight on a Volunteer for June! It is members like you contributing your knowledge and talent that makes Vivit the thriving IT Community that we are!

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2018 Board of Directors Election Results

Posted By Mark Herbert, Friday, May 11, 2018
Updated: Friday, May 4, 2018

by Mark Herbert
Vivit Board Director
Vice President Operations/
Nominations Chair

I am pleased to announce that the 2018 Board of Directors election is complete.

I would like to take a moment to thank those of you who took the time to vote in our recent election. For those that do not already know, Vivit has a Board of Directors that consists of nine directors who manage our staff and provide leadership and direction to our Local User Group and Special Interest Group leaders throughout the world. Vivit had 5 open seats for the election: 33-year terms, 1–2-year term, and 11-year term.

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the 2018 class of elected Vivit Board Members:

Richard Bishop
Lloyds Banking Group
Lancashire, United Kingdom
Mark Ford
Charlotte, NC USA
Bob Crews
Checkpoint Technologies
Tarpon Springs, FL USA
Chris Carpenter
Bellevue, WA USA
Jonathon Wright
Digital Assured
London, United Kingdom

I would also like to thank the other nominated candidates who although they were not elected to the board this year, they were exceedingly strong candidates who volunteer their time as Local User Group or Special Interest Group leaders. Vivit is proud to have them as leaders within our organization and hope that they’ll consider standing for election in future years.

Pedro Miguel Jeronimo Mendes
Lisbon, Portugal
Ramesh Subramanian
NTT Data
Boston, MA USA

Finally, I would also like to take a moment to thank Karen Semonson and Tammy Young who are both departing the Vivit Board this year. Karen and Tammy, both longtime Board Directors, are stepping away from the Vivit Board due to work commitments and personal obligations. Their departures will be a great loss to our team. Vivit wishes them both well and hopes that they will stay in touch.

Karen Semonson
Lands’ End
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Tammy Young
Aflac Worldwide
Columbus, GA USA
Thank you to all our Vivit members who took the time to participate in our 2018 Board Elections.

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It's Just That Simple

Posted By Administration, Thursday, May 3, 2018
Updated: Thursday, April 26, 2018

by Chris Trimper
Vivit Board Director
Education Chair
Western NY LUG Leader

As the Western NY Local User Group leader, last month I planned a meeting without any speakers, vendors, or heavy PowerPoint. Several of our frequent contributors and I collaborated about the question, "What problems are you facing with testing?" This question led to a brief survey which paved the way for what turned out to be a fantastic roundtable.

Our meeting started off with the typical housekeeping type of chat, but then the real fun began. The survey and a quick live poll of responses (with a low-tech show of hands) drove various conversations such as, "We don't know much about our unit test coverage how do we gain more insight?"' or "What are the various ways you consume/obtain test data?" The conversations were unscripted and had the whole group engaged. Our LUG is heavy in the ADM and Testing space, so most of our topics shared this focus. I encourage leaders to know your members well prior to a discussion like this to best drive conversations.

I share this as hopeful inspiration to drive vendor and presentation-free discussions which will allow the entire community to share their experiences. This is a great technique to change focus as well as help drive members to share with their peers.

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Welcome New Leader - Cormac Warde

Posted By Administration, Thursday, May 3, 2018
Updated: Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cormac Warde
Cormac Warde
CEO, Warde Associates Canada Inc.

Vivit Worldwide is thrilled to welcome Cormac Warde as our new Leader for our Canada Toronto and Ottawa Local User Groups (LUGs).

Cormac is the CEO behind Warde Associates Canada Inc. He has integrated knowledge and experience from over 20 years in the Quality Assurance and Automated Testing arena. A true visionary and accomplished executive, he possesses an extensive knowledge regarding ERP Enterprise Integration and achieving success through a collaborative approach with an organization's Quality Assurance department.

Cormac said, “I’m looking forward to growing the Vivit footprint, one member at a time, with a true focus on collaboration.”

Welcome aboard, Cormac Warde!

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SIG News - May 2018

Posted By Administration, Thursday, May 3, 2018
Updated: Thursday, April 26, 2018
Meet the Vivit Leader for the Content Manager SIG

Dr. Jones Lukose
Information Management Officer
International Criminal Court

The importance of having control over your document and records management does not need to be stressed, we have all heard plenty about compliance with regards to GDPR recently! Micro Focus Content Manager provides you with the tools to regain control over your document and records management while saving time, improving accuracy, and easing your anxiety when it’s time to respond to compliance audit requests.

In the Vivit Content Manager SIG Micro Focus software users get together to learn more about the features in this tool. For example at the recent webinar, “Customer Spotlight: International Criminal Court,” Dr. Jones Lukose – Information Management Officer at the International Criminal Court – shared the impact of GDPR on his company. The obligations, challenges, processes, and future of content management were discussed, and there was plenty of time for Q&A. Here is a link to the recording if you missed this great session.

If you want to share your knowledge, want to exchange information, or have any questions about the way you can use the tools to manage the content in your company, sign up for this SIG and join a great group of Vivit members in this field.

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