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New Leader Blog - February 2018

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Updated: Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Joe Madden
Greenlight Group

Vivit Worldwide is thrilled to welcome Joe Madden as our new Leader for our Colorado Local User Group (LUG).

Joe has spent the last 25+ years entrenched in the IT Operations environments. After a series of increasing technical responsibilities, and then management, Joe founded Greenlight Group in 2004.

Joe’s vision for Greenlight is to be the premiere Engineering Services company focused around the challenges of IT Operations Management, including operations monitoring and management, IT service management and automation. Most recently Joe has been focusing on the value and challenges that hybrid cloud automation brings to his customers.

He looks forward to helping the local Colorado Vivit community share ideas and best practices in this ever changing IT world.

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - February 2018

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Updated: Friday, January 26, 2018


Syed Husain
DevOps SIG Leader

In just six short months, Syed Husain has accomplished what he set out to do when he became a Vivit leader; he wanted to give back to the community that he felt helped him grow in his career. We needed new leaders for our DevOps SIG, and Syed answered the call. In our initial conversation, he explained how valuable Vivit’s platform has been to him for education and learning. And through Vivit’s local meetings and deep dive sessions at conferences, he has learned from his peers and developed relationships with many individuals that helped to mentor and guide his career. At this time, he was ready to do the same for others.

Since becoming a leader just six months ago, Syed has helped to organize two webinars for the DevOps SIG:

He also represented Vivit at the ADM Customer Forum in New York City this past September. Syed spoke to current and potential new Vivit members to help promote the Value of Vivit.

Syed, thank you for being our Volunteer of the Month, for your passion about automation and your desire to give back. Vivit is lucky to have you!

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - January 2018

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Updated: Thursday, December 21, 2017

Darren Blumenthal
Alliance Solution Architect 

An infrastructure Solution Architect in Accenture’s Ecosystem and Ventures Practice and a Top Ten finalist in the 2016 British Computer Society IT Industry Awards for IT Manager of the Year, Darren is an incredibly enthusiastic Volunteer leading the Automation & Cloud Builders SIG at Vivit.

With Darren’s background in infrastructure, his vision is to bring together all like-minded members to create a global community sharing their experiences and benefiting from showcasing new and innovative technologies within Micro Focus around Cloud and Datacentre Automation. In his own company, Darren’s creation of a technical training and development initiative for the global non-technical teams, called “Darren’s Power Hour,” is a great example of this. The humorous and engaging manner in which the content is delivered and the excellent participant feedback has resulted in these sessions being used to brief clients on new technology solutions from within their Ecosystems of Alliances – creating new opportunities for sales of both products and consulting services.

In his first year as SIG Leader, Darren, with the help of his Co-Leader Megan Glick, Product Marketing Manager at Microfocus, hosted two well received and informative webinars around the new Datacentre Automation Suites. And with the positive feedback and valuable suggestions from the SIG's members, he looks to run a further number of suggested demos and webinars as a staple in 2018.

Darren’s ability to use real world examples, unrelated to technology, to explain exceptionally complex technological ideas in simple terms is imperative to ensuring successful use and understanding of IT and is refreshing. We thank Darren for offering his time, passion, and enthusiasm to the community.

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Vivit Proudly Sponsored TEDx Wilmington Salon

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Updated: Monday, December 11, 2017

On 28 November 2017, TEDx Wilmington “Technology and Innovation” was held, which we partnered with them. This event featured 14 global thought leaders, evangelists and practitioners who shared their experiences and knowledge on several key business and technology topics on: 

  • Agile and DevOps
  • Blockchain and Digital Currency
  • Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobility, Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Digital Security and Performance Engineering

    Vivit Worldwide Board Director/Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Todd DeCapua hosted the TEDx event while our feature sponsored speaker was John Jeremiah, the Vivit / Micro Focus Liaison sharing his idea, “Leading Digital.” There were approximately 250 attendees at the sold-out event and approximately 900 viewing on the livestream.
    Partnering with TEDx on this event supports Vivit’s mission of providing education and advocacy, while building a community, driving collaboration across our membership. Moving into 2018, we have big plans to bring more of that to our members. Be sure to look for the TEDx Wilmington videos on YouTube next month.
    Membership is free. To learn more, go to now.

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New Leaders Blog - December 2017

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Thursday, December 14, 2017
Updated: Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Ronald Franklin
Diversant, LLC
Principal Consultant / Architect
Leader DevOps SIG
Leader Application Performance Management SIG

Ron Franklin is passionate about technology. In the 30 years he has spent working in IT, Ron has successfully architected solutions for Fortune 500 and Global 100 businesses which fulfilled mission-critical performance objectives and goals, directed cross-functional technology teams, and lead complex projects from conception to deployment.

He is excited to work with the Vivit community in promoting the MicroFocus portfolio and the opportunities available as a result of the HPE spin-merge. Ron has extensive knowledge of products in the MicroFocus portfolioa knowledge which reaches back to the Mercury days.

Ron is also active in user groups around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and is an accomplished speaker.

When taking a break from technology, Ron loves to spoil his grandchildren, develop custom coffee blends with his home coffee roaster, and pilot aircraft privately.


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SIG News - January 2018

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Thursday, December 14, 2017
Updated: Monday, November 27, 2017

DevOps is a core part of the transformative technologies occurring in our industry today. Micro Focus has named DevOps as one of the main pillars as they move forward with the HPE Spin-Merge. Your DevOps SIG is excited to be an important part of that focus and the partnership with Micro Focus.

Before we move forward, we would like to introduce you to the DevOps SIG leadership.

Many Vivit Leaders were recognized during the Appreciation Dinner at Discover in Las Vegas on Monday, June 6th.  These Leaders did an outstanding job for Vivit by organizing local and virtual events that created value for our members and the Vivit organization as a whole. Their content was both relevant and timely, helping our members do their jobs better. For this, we would like to recognize them as Vivit Elite Leader Award winners. 

Francesco Colavita
DevOps SIG Leader

Ron Franklin
DevOps SIG Leader

Syed Husain
DevOps SIG Leader

We just completed our first webinar, How to Eliminate Inefficiencies in your IT Organization with DevOps, and were excited by the response from the Vivit community. For those who did not have a chance to see the webinar, use this link to watch the replay

We are planning our next presentation, so be sure to check in for updates.

The year ahead, 2018, appears to be an exciting time for the DevOps world. As we move forward, the DevOps SIG will be focusing on three main pillars:

1. Culture
2. Tools
3. Application/Use cases

Each webinar will be geared so members have a “take-away”something tangible to apply to the everyday.

We would like to hear what is important to you as we work on the schedule for the webinars and presentations for next year. We would also love to hear from you and hear your stories to share from the DevOps trenches, an idea for a webinar, or even a humorous DevOps anecdote.

Contact Us:

Francesco Colavita:
Ron Franklin:
Syed Husain:

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - December 2017

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Thursday, December 14, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Oops! This link was used for two different stories in the December Vivit newsletter. If you were trying to reach the SIG News Blog, click here.

Gary Gruver

On a recent DevOps SIG webinar, one of our Vivit members that is also an industry expert in the area of DevOps shared his insight with our Vivit community. Gary Gruver spoke on the key deliverables for successful DevOps implementations.

Gary is the author of the book Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise and co-author of two other books:

  • Leading the Transformation: Applying Agile and DevOps Principles at Scale
  • A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development: How HP Transformed LaserJet FutureSmart Firmware

He runs workshops with large organizations to help them transform their software development and delivery processes. Gary was formerly the R&D Director of the LaserJet FW group at Hewlett Packard that completely transformed how they developed embedded firmware. Gary also helped Macy’ lead the journey toward Continuous Delivery as their VP of Quality Assurance, Release, and Operations.
Thank you, Gary for your gift of time to our community and our DevOps leaders, ensuring the webinar was a success. Your flexibility during the planning process and the execution was much appreciated!

Website Twitter: @GRUVERGary

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New Leaders Blog - November 2017

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Thursday, November 9, 2017
Updated: Friday, October 20, 2017

David Levy
Vice President of Marketing
J9 Technologies
Operations Bridge Group SIG Leader

David is the Vice President of Marketing at J9 Technologies. 

J9 is the premier systems integrator laser focused on IT operations management. Large enterprises with the most complex ITOM challenges rely on J9’s OpStream product and their world class consultants to enable tools which guarantee high availability and optimized performance of critical infrastructure and applications.

Prior to J9, David spent 4 years at InterMapper, a pioneering network monitoring, mapping and alerting vendor.

As a B2B focused strategic marketing executive with a diverse background in all aspects of awareness building and demand generation, he has over 15 years of experience creating world-class marketing functions at high growth technology companies. 

"My goal for the Operations Bridge SIG is to have a forum where practitioners can learn about how to effectively leverage the features of Ops Bridge to bring true business value to their organizations. I envision a community where end-users, Micro Focus staff, channel partners, consultants and others are actively sharing case studies, best practices, tips and tricks, industry trends, thought leadership and more."


Francesco Colavita
ADM EMEA Business Consultant 
Micro Focus
DevOps SIG Champion 

Imagine Francesco talking with friends in his small Italian village on a sunny day with a fresh drink in his hand, and you probably can imagine his passion for communication. 

This passion moves Francesco in every step of his life, and during the last 28 years that he has spent working in IT, he always merged his technical skill with his passion, dedicating his attention to team motivation. Is there a better challenge than developing a DevOps message for HPE and Micro Focus where communication between teams is key? IT people are used to communicating with computers that don't need motivation or goals to reach; they don’t ask questions and don’t need to share or understand. People and organization intercommunication requires experience and passion that could come from experienced, technological skill but also from a motivation that arrives from a fresh drink shared with friends in a small Italian village.

Francesco Colavita works at Micro Focus, and his role is ADM EMEA Business Consultant focused on DevOps. In his 28 years spent in IT, he developed broad experience starting as a software developer, evolving in Project & Program Manager, IT Governance consultant, Service Manager in Greece, Strategy solution leader, and Business Developer.

He started his career in R&D for a big Italian software house, Engineering S.p.A., where he was focused on military software development and was called to help on technologically advanced projects to solve technical and project management issues.

After nine years, he moved to Computer Associates (CA), covering EMEA roles as Program Manager for international projects, Service Manager in Greece market for CA professional services and became an IT governance expert. He helped a lot of customers build robust solutions to manage the entire application lifecycle and had the opportunity to enrich his skills in all the IT areas, managing and selling big projects from strategy to operation.

After ten years at CA, he moved to HP with presales and delivery responsibility of IT Governance projects for HP Professional Services. Thanks to his experience and his attitude to be proactive and proficient, he was quickly promoted to Lead Solution Consultant (LSC) to manage and lead big deals and strategic tenders. In the LSC role, he was recognized as able to share skills and information through the team and was promoted to EMEA business developer for ADM and Education.

In April 2015, he moved to HP Software as Business consultant EMEA focused on ADM and DevOps. Since the Micro Focus acquisition, he covers the same role for Micro Focus.

His experience and his natural attitude to complex problem solving helps him to find solutions that can contribute to business customer growth. His real passion is interpersonal communication that motivated him to complete a masters degree in counseling in communication. This helps him in his daily job to easily transmit his ideas and better understand customer needs behind the words.

He loves spending his free time taking care of his two children, Michele (25) and Alessia (21) years old, giving free counseling sessions to people in need, and flying his paraglider around the mountains of Italy anytime he can.

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Social Media 101

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, October 31, 2017


In social media, acronyms are both common and useful. They enable the delivery of complex messages with just a few keystrokes.

The real challenge is being able to recognize the litany of mismatched consonants, vowels, and numerals that comprise these acronyms.  Understanding social media acronyms plays an important role in your texting life. You will also find them being widely used in business meetings, sales and marketing reports, and—most notably—by anyone who works in IT. Before you get too frustrated by all the ICYMIs and IDKs, take a look at this list. Chances are in this list you will find the one that has been baffling you for the longest time.

Social Media Networks

For starters, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the acronyms that identify specific social media networks. When viewed in context, they are very intuitive.

  • FB stands for Facebook
  • IG stands for Instagram
  • G+ stands for Google+
  • YT stands for YouTube
  • LI stands for LinkedIn

Twitter-Specific Acronyms

There are a number of acronyms used regularly on Twitter that are helpful to know. Among them are:

  • RT = “Retweet,” which is when you publish another user’s Tweet to your own Twitter feed.
  • DM = “Direct Message,” or a message that is only visible to the individuals involved in the conversation.
  • MT = “Modified Tweet,” and is used as a courtesy to inform of changes made when retweeting. For example, the tweet could have been shortened to meet the character limit or to remove the poster’s handle.

Business Social Media Acronyms

Businesses have always implemented its unique language, heavily built upon acronyms. Most of these aren’t specifically “social media acronyms.” Since they show up frequently on social media, you should know and understand them.

  • B2B = “Business to Business,” referring to companies that market to other companies
  • B2C = “Business to Consumer,” describing a company that markets to individuals
  • CTA = “Call to Action”—a statement that encourages the reader to take action. It usually denotes a specific action that relates to maximizing a company’s social media presence, or facilitating a buying decision
  • CMS = “Content Management System”—a tool used to edit, schedule, and publish any kind of online written material
  • CPC = “Cost per Click,” defining the amount of money advertisers pay for each person who clicks to view an ad, or another piece of online content.
  • PPC stands for “Pay per Click” and means the same thing as CPC.
  • CPM = “Cost per Thousand,” which is tricky because the “M” is for the Latin “mil,” which means thousand.
  • CTR = “Click-Through Rate,” and it is a certain type of conversion rate where the specific action is to click a link.
  • UGC = “User Generated Content,” encompassing any and all visual or written content individuals create on a specific platform. This includes comments, blog posts, photos, video clips, and more
  • PV = “Page Views,” which is self-explanatory
  • ROI = “Return on Investment,” measuring the money made as a result of what was spent to make it

Technical Acronyms

While some of these do not frequently appear on social media, it is a good idea for anyone who works in social media to understand the relevant ones. These acronyms cover a broad range of business terms that could easily come up in a meeting or chat, particularly with your company’s IT team, or on a support ticket. In any event, you need to understand them, so here they are:

  • RSS = “Really Simple Syndication,” describing a feed of all content posted from a specific source, primarily a blog
  • HTML = “Hypertext Markup Language.” This is the foundational coding language used in the development of webpages
  • ISP = “Internet Service Provider,” the company powering your Internet service and that of your employer’s
  • SEO = “Search Engine Optimization,” a type of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It governs written content that is strategically developed to help a page rank higher in a search for specific criteria
  • UI = “User Interface,” the visual display a person uses to manipulate data in a program. The buttons on your cell phone screen are common examples of UI
  • TOS = “Terms of Service.” Nearly every website and online entity has one. It designates a set of rules that individuals must agree to, if they want to use the site or serviceUX = “User Experience,” referring to someone’s reaction and response to utilizing online tools

Fun Conversational Acronyms

Easily the largest and most diverse set of online acronyms, this a list that continually grows. The ones on this list are found most frequently in public posts or in comments on social content posts. We’re sure there are more, but these are the most common ones. Some have also become popular hashtags used by both brands and individuals to create a buzz

  • BFF = “Best Friends Forever”
  • BTW = “By the Way”
  • AFAIK = “As Far as I Know”
  • BAE = “Before Anyone Else.” This one is more recent, and refers either to someone’s significant other or a close friend
  • IDC = “I Don’t Care”
  • BRB = “Be Right Back.” This is often used to signify that someone has temporarily left a real-time chat or conversation
  • FTW = “For the Win,” and is a throwback to game shows like “Tic-Tac-Dough” where the phrase was commonly used by a contestant who had achieved a competitive advantage over his or her opponents
  • FYI = “For Your Information,” and predates the Internet
  • ILY = “I Love You.” Awww…
  • ICYMI = “In Case You Missed It,” used most frequently when sharing a piece of content that is currently creating a buzz on social media
  • IMO = “In My Opinion.”
  • IMHO = “In My Humble Opinion,” which cushions the IMO blow in certain conversations
  • NM = “Not Much”
  • NSFW = “Not Safe for Work” is used as a warning that the material behind a link contains language or content not suitable for the workplace
  • IDK = “I Don’t Know”
  • JK or J/K = “Just Kidding.” This one is particularly helpful in conveying the kind of light-hearted tone that can escape the grasp of communication via text
  • LOL = “Laughing Out Loud,” and is one of the oldest on the Internet. It has variations like LMAO (“Laughing My A** Off ”), ROFL (“Rolling on the Floor Laughing”), and even a merger of all three:
  • ROFLMAO (Rolling on Floor Laughing My A** Off)
  • IRL = “In Real Life” is used to distinguish between things that happen in the physical, as opposed to the virtual world
  • NBD = “No Big Deal”
  • NVM = “Never Mind”
  • OMG = “Oh My God” or “Oh My Gosh”
  • SMH = “Shaking My Head.” It is used most frequently to express emotions like frustration or dismay
  • TBT = “Throwback Thursday,” and is now very popular at the time of this writing. It precedes posts of old pictures, products, etc. mostly from the person’s own past
  • YOLO = “You Only Live Once,” and has been popularized online by the Hip-Hop artist Drake in the last couple years

Bear in mind that there are scores of other acronyms out there. Some are more intuitive than others. This list, however, is a great place to start becoming acquainted with the lingo, and developing an intuitive sense when you see acronyms that are unfamiliar.

Blog source: Scott Sims, Co-founder, Buzzlogix

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - November 2017

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Updated: Monday, November 6, 2017

Robert Linton
VP Application Lifecycle Management
CorTechs, Inc.

Robert Linton has been very busy wearing his Vivit badge lately. This fall Robert generously contributed as a volunteer representing Vivit at both the ADM Customer Forum in New York City as well as the first LUG meeting for the newly formed Alabama LUG. He personally invited some local colleagues and customers to attend and supported the new Vivit leaders by supplementing their presentation on the Value of Vivit to our members.

Robert’s days at CorTechs are filled with sales, client delivery, and training or mentoring employees and customers, but he still likes to maintain an active role in Vivit. He co-leads the TQA Special Interest Group. Linton said his involvement in Vivit keeps him in touch with professionals that work together to help each other reach their goals. "It's nice to know that other organizations around the world face similar challenges, and jointly as a group, we can help solve some of those concerns and share the knowledge," Linton said.

CorTechs, Inc. is a Micro Focus Partner that provides ALM solutions implementation and technology services to clients in all markets. Mr. Linton appreciates Vivit's global perspective on best practices. "It gives me the ability to exchange ideas and provide valuable guidance to our clients and accounts we provide software and services to," Linton said.

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