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The Survey Says…

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Updated: Monday, October 9, 2017




By: Rocky Pisto,
Vivit Engage Liaison

As an IT professional for 37 years, I've seen a lot of changes in IT and our careers. A peer once told me many years ago that “if you don't change and move forward, you will fall back and be left behind”. The same holds true for our members in the Vivit Community. Change is good, and learning new technologies helps grow your career.

Vivit recently surveyed its members to determine the value that the Micro Focus Independent User Group brings to its members - and what we can do to improve. To those that took the survey, we say thank you very much. Your feedback is key to the changes we make to support your career. For those that did not take the survey and want to know what your peers are thinking, I have highlighted the results below.

At a high level, the bullet list below contains a few examples of what do members want from the Micro Focus Independent User Group to help grow their careers:

  • Customer case studies was the # 1 request.  Real world experience end users have with the tools far exceeds all other answers
  • Micro Focus software and open source integration
  • More technical presentation
  • In depth technical knowledge sharing, round table virtual and physical location discussion
  • Non Micro Focus vendor comparisons, or comparison of legacy HPE tools and Micro Focus tools
  • More advanced deep topic discussion, typically integration topics
  • 3-4 hour deep dive presentations on how the tools work

In the survey we drilled down into "What core Micro Focus products are currently in use in your business?"

Through the years of this organization, the product mix has changed from a strictly operations community with HP OpenView solutions in the early 1990's to a larger testing user base with the Mercury acquisition in 2008. Based on current active member’s survey results, ALM related product use is still the strongest segment of our community at over 55.77%; followed by ITOM or Operations at 35.77%.

HP continued to fill gaps in the Enterprise Software solutions area with a number of acquisitions through the years which encouraged users to join Vivit. At this point we have been growing our membership base in Security, Big Data, Cloud, Information Management and Governance through conference membership and webinar activity. With the Micro Focus spin merge, we expect to gain additional members from future software silo consolidation and new tool acquisitions. Our expectation is that our 40,000+ membership will continue to grow at a steady pace and become even more engaged.

Vivit surveyed the membership to discover “What is your role in your organization?” Of the members that took the survey, 62.71% roles were management related. End user/admin roles represented 28%. Micro Focus partners at 6.47% as well as Micro Focus personnel at 2.82%.

This was surprising; the true ratio of our membership is represented with about a 50% management and 50% practitioner segments. Based on the high number of management surveys, it was interesting that the focus was still to have a better understanding of how other customers are using the products successfully; desiring to share that information with other members.

Based on our survey, Vivit members are telling us how we can do a better job to support their careers. The breakdown of service offering areas for improvement are the following:

  • Webinar topics
  • Local User Groups
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Blog topics 


What do our members want in future webinar content? Based on the recent survey, they are asking for a more technical focus in webinar content, more end user experience, case studies, third party integration discussions, and round table focused on best practices. There is a feeling that less time should be spent on setting up the business proposition before diving into the solution. They want Vivit to encourage Micro Focus to share more details on new features, functionality, and improvements in future releases and to be an advocate on what  features our members are most interested in. 

Key areas of interest for future webinars include Dev/Ops discussions, PPM, automation tools, Cloud offerings and an overall Micro Focus forward-look at tools and support. More information on third party integrations was another key request from customers. Third party solutions discussion for the most part would have to come from Micro Focus partners, though we are seeing some Micro Focus discussion around integration with open source solutions. If you are an end user company and would like to share your experience with Micro Focus Software please contact Vivit

Local User Groups

With regards to Local User Group (LUGs), members surveyed would like to see more events in their region. Peer-to-peer events where customers can learn from each other in a networking setting is the number one requested service. Second behind actual Vivit LUG events, is the ability to have more customer presentations at LUG events. Most of the current LUG events are focused on mainly ADM, and ITOM which includes some ITSM events.

Members are asking for other topic areas of the Micro Focus solutions like Application Security, Vertica, Big Data and Information Management events. Also, there is a desire to see more activity in Canada, New Jersey and LUG events in Nordic countries. We are always looking for volunteer Local User Group Leaders that focus on these solutions and/or other Micro Focus solution areas to support their community. Micro Focus partners and customers can become LUG Leaders. If you are looking for networking opportunities and supporting your local community, become a LUG Leader. Contact our Vivit liaisons today!


Vivit works closely with Micro Focus Software Education teams to bring awareness to training offerings to support our community. Listed below are some of the survey requests for more available training. Vivit is expecting a new strategic direction with future content sharing opportunities.

  • Live Training was the #1 request
  • Specialized Virtual Training programs
  • Tutorials
  • Training for Testing Cloud Apps
  • Deep Dive Sessions
  • App Services training with Fortify tools


Advocacy, one of three Vivit core pillars, also came up in the survey. Vivit has always supported sharing enhancement requests with Micro Focus Product Management teams. Survey participants suggested finding a way to coordinate with Micro Focus either on a link to a page or building a support landing page to show a listing of enhancement requests, current issues and resolutions; or a general FAQ landing page for topics of current fixes.

Listed below are some of the requests from the survey response:

  • The ability to influence priorities for product development
  • Landing page to voice request for changes to current products
  • Landing page for emerging issues and fixes
  • FAQ site for useful topics regarding real world customer issues

Blog topics

There were a few blog requests from the survey responses:

  • Hot topics of the week
  • A strategy for Service Desk to ITSM customers
  • Go forward strategy

We could work with Micro Focus product teams to share relevant topics of the week.

We appreciate all the feedback to date. If you would want to add additional feedback, we are always ready to listen.

Support the community that supports you and get engaged.

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Micro Focus Completes Merger with HPE Software Business, Creating One of World’s Largest Pure-play Software Companies

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Friday, September 8, 2017
Updated: Thursday, September 7, 2017

New, Combined Company Drives Customer-centered Innovation at Enterprise Scale to Deliver Software Solutions across Hybrid IT

Combined company becomes world’s seventh largest pure-play software company, largest UK technology firm listed on London Stock Exchange, with revenue of $4.4 billion
Transaction valued at $8.8 billion in series of major moves by Micro Focus in three years (The Attachmate Group, Serena Software, HPE Software)
Merger brings together two software leaders with focus on helping customers extend existing software investments while embracing innovation in a world of Hybrid IT
Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO.L, NYSE: MFGP) today announced the completion of its merger with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) software business to create the seventh largest pure-play enterprise software company in the world.1 This merger brings together two leaders in the software industry to form a new, combined company uniquely positioned to help customers maximize existing software investments and embrace innovation in a world of Hybrid IT. Upon close, Chris Hsu, formerly COO of HPE and Executive Vice President and General Manager of HPE Software, was appointed CEO of Micro Focus. 
“Today marks a significant milestone for Micro Focus, and I am honored to be leading this team,” said Chris Hsu, Chief Executive Officer of Micro Focus. “We are bringing together a powerful combination of technology and talent uniquely positioned to drive customer-centered innovation at enterprise scale – enabling organizations to maximize the ROI of existing software investments while embracing the new hybrid model for enterprise IT.”
According to a recent report published by the Harvard Business Review, “Business leaders anticipate that even more of their applications will reside in various third-party data centers in the near future. But critical legacy applications may not be going anywhere for some time. So orchestrating a mix of systems will become even more critical. Hybrid IT will be the dominant approach—and developing robust hybrid IT capabilities will be a competitive advantage.” 2
Micro Focus is designed from the ground up to build, sell and support software. With more than 5,800 employees in R&D, the combined company helps solve the most complex technology problems for customers, delivering world-class, enterprise-scale solutions in key areas including:
DevOps: enabling the rapid delivery of quality, secure applications with end-to-end visibility across a toolchain of commercial and open source offerings -- leveraging the largest portfolio in the industry.
Hybrid IT: simplifying the management of a complex mix of platforms, delivery methods and consumption models to help organizations address business needs, control costs, and ensure availability and performance at global scale.
Security & Risk Management: Securing data, applications and access; powering security operations and governance to mitigate risk and maintain compliance; and harnessing the power of secure DevOps practices to ensure end-to-end risk management.
Predictive Analytics: Helping customers translate siloed data into real-time proactive analytics at scale, anchored on supporting open and cloud-based stacks to create new insights across applications, operations, security and the business.
“It is our mission to provide a best-in-class portfolio of enterprise-grade scalable software with analytics built in, and put customers at the center of our innovation building high-quality products that our teams can be proud of,” added Hsu. “Driven by this mission, Micro Focus is uniquely positioned to help customers and partners address opportunities and challenges within the new hybrid model for enterprise IT – from mainframe to mobile to cloud.”
“On behalf of everyone at DXC Technology, I would like to congratulate the Micro Focus team on this significant milestone,” said Mike Lawrie, chairman, president and CEO of DXC Technology. “This merger promises to greatly enhance our strategic partnership to help drive true digital transformation for our clients, and we look forward to further collaboration with a best-in-class partner like Micro Focus.”
This marks the fifth significant transaction in the past three years, and the largest to date for Micro Focus. It reflects the ongoing strategy to combine powerful software assets into a single company with a strong performance-based operating model. 
“Our business strategy remains sound: bringing together software assets that deliver a high degree of value to our investors and an expansive solution portfolio to our customers so they can maximize the value of existing IT investments and adopt new technologies – essentially bridging the old and new,” said Kevin Loosemore, Executive Chairman of Micro Focus. “We’re excited to have Chris lead the combined company as we embark on this journey of uniting our organizations to create a world-class, pure-play enterprise software company.” 
For more information:
Hear more about the merger and future of Micro Focus in a message from CEO Chris Hsu.
Witness the journey of two software leaders coming together.
Learn about the combined portfolio, and attend the Discover the New webinar series.
About Micro Focus
Micro Focus is a leading global enterprise software company uniquely positioned to help customers extend existing investments while embracing new technologies in a world of Hybrid IT. Providing customers with a world-class portfolio of enterprise-grade scalable solutions with analytics built-in, Micro Focus delivers customer-centered innovation across DevOps, Hybrid IT, Security and Risk Management. and Predictive Analytics. For more information visit
1 As measured by annual publicly reported revenue.
2 “Hybrid IT Takes Center Stage”, A Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report, Nov. 2015


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Spotlight on a Volunteer - September 2017

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Thursday, September 7, 2017
Updated: Monday, August 28, 2017


Mark Laird
Technical Architect
Sopra Steria

Service Management SIG

With recent reorganizing of some Micro Focus Software product suites, it was appropriate for Vivit to make changes to a couple of SIGs and the SIG Leadership. 

Mark Laird, Technical Architect at Sopra Steria, used to be a Business Service Management SIG Leader and has moved to the IT Service Management Special Interest Group. He will be leading this group together with Laura Walker.

Mark is an engaged leader and an excellent speaker. Recently he attended the HPE Software Customer Forums in Dublin and helped with growing the community by informing people about Vivit and our activities. At the Forums, he presented “The Next Generation - HPE ITSM Automation in Containers: What’s in there for me?”. For this presentation, which Mark did together with Sopra Steria colleague, Stuart Crann, they received the Shining Star Award from HPE Software. We are scheduling a date to give you a recap of this content in a Vivit webinar. 

We would like to thank Mark for his contribution to the Vivit Community, his expertise, and taking the time to share his knowledge with Micro Focus Software Users all over the globe. Your contribution is highly appreciated, Mark!


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Welcome New Leader - September 2017

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Thursday, September 7, 2017
Updated: Monday, August 28, 2017

Mac Bullock
VP of Business Development
Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions
Virginia Vivit Leader

Mac Bullock possesses over 8 years of experience in the Information Technology Sector.  As the VP of Business Development for Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions, Mac is focused on improving sales, marketing and cultivating corporate partnerships. Mac is also responsible for Whitlock’s xMatters business unit. Specifically, Mac continues to aggressively grow Whitlock’s IT Service Management practice. He is a long standing member of the HPE Partner Advisory Board.  Prior to joining Whitlock, Mac was responsible for all sales and marketing at Techport Thirteen, Inc., an HP & ServiceNow partner.  As a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and Navy pilot, Mac’s unique background provides extensive leadership and expertise to the Whitlock management team.  Most importantly, Mac is a devoted husband and father. He utilizes his “spare” time coaching youth sports, driving community outreach as an elder in his local church, and spending as much time with his family as possible.

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Vivit Board Director, Mark Ford, Takes on Community

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Thursday, September 7, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hello everyone. I'm Mark Ford, your Vivit Community Director. If you've been around Vivit for a while, you might be unfamiliar with this position. If so, you're not alone because we just recently created it. More to the point, we combined two former board positions, Membership and LUGs/SIGs, into this single director position. That means the Community Director is now a single point of contact directly involved in many areas that impact you as a Vivit member: LUG events, SIG webinars, membership surveys, profile updates, our webinar platform, the Vivit website, and even a Vivit mobile app in the works. This new structure is terrific because along with the new Advocacy Director position and our existing Education Director position, Vivit can now really focus in on its three core pillars: Advocacy, Education, and Community.

Focusing on these areas will be even more important as we transition from HPE to Micro Focus. By the time you read this, most of HPE software will have merged with Micro Focus, and Vivit will now be serving our members as Micro Focus software users. Vivit has been working hard behind the scenes for many months to be in the best possible position so that we're even more relevant after the spin merge. As a result, you will likely start to see some changes such as updated Special Interest Groups and new membership offerings. I've also identified 22 Community related initiatives to work on over the next 10 months. This is a busy time for Vivit, and rest assured we are hard at work!

I'd also like to take this time to thank the many members who filled out our recent membership survey. The response was terrific (636 responses), and the information was very valuable. We had three lucky winners who each selected an Apple watch prize. I'm also very pleased to report that over 82% of respondents agree or strongly agree that Vivit provides them with relevant information on Micro Focus software. This statistic will help us really demonstrate our relevance to Micro Focus. But the biggest takeaway that I received from the responses is that our members want more direct, hands-on networking opportunities in areas such as: Deep Dives, troubleshooting guides, regional conferences, more local events and technical sessions, success stories, hands-on training, live demos, networking opportunities, tips and tricks, contact lists of people interested in info. sharing on various topics, more LUGs and SIGs (and more active LUGs and SIGs), and ways to influence product development.

So stay tuned! You'll see more information in the coming months on these topics. 

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New Leader Blog - August 2017

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Thursday, August 10, 2017
Updated: Monday, July 10, 2017

Syed Husain 
Co-Founder and Principal Architect 
Adarsa Services
Vivit DevOps SIG Leader
Vivit Mid Atlantic LUG

As a cofounder and Principal Architect at Adarsa Services, Syed Husain is in a multi-faceted, agile and significantly dynamic role which is crucial in the process of making technology investments, governance and the enablement of digital transformations for his clients.

Syed is experienced in development and operations (DevOps) of secure, lean and rapid software delivery of enterprise applications for the public and private sector. Through his professional career, he has gained domain knowledge and experience in software applications and product development for various industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Media, Staffing, and Government Services. He is passionate about implementing enterprise solutions which facilitate industry verticals to be more efficient, maximize value and improve return on investment (ROI).

His expertise in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and application delivery management with focus on quality and automation, equipped Syed to design solutions that reduced time to market for new ideas without compromising security and quality.

Syed is trained and certified in HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT), HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), HP Performance Center, ISC2 Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP), ISTQB Certified Tester, ITIL version 3, and SAFe Agilist. He was also part of the HP R&D design partnership program for their latest functional test automation product, HP LeanFT.

Syed is a proud member of Vivit Mid Atlantic LUG and now excited to be a Vivit DevOps SIG leader.

“As a longtime Vivit member, I had the privilege of engaging with other members of the HPE Software community, connect with thought leaders, and access to education which helped develop my career tremendously. Now as a Vivit DevOps SIG leader, I believe my expertise and domain knowledge will benefit other members, create awareness, gain new interest, and increase membership engagement for our group.” 


Petamber Pahuja
LUG Co-Leader in Austin, Texas

Petamber joined Vivit about 2 years ago and recently became a LUG Co-Leader in Austin, Texas.  He currently works for a System Integrator, pureIntegration based in Washington, DC where he is passionate about understanding client ITOM challenges and motivated to help people find solutions.  Prior to joining pureIntegration, Petamber was with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise where he held positions in the Cloud Business Unit and Enterprise Channel Strategy team.  Both roles were focused on driving Private/Hybrid Cloud adoption in channel partner’s go-to-market execution.

Petamber began his career at The Walt Disney Company where he drove pro-forma analysis on new property developments for capital justification and executive approval.  After two years, Petamber moved into a new business unit called Next Generation Experience (evolved into MyMagic+) to plan new concepts that blended RFID technology into the parks for a more seamless Guest experience.  From there, Petamber moved to Austin, Texas to join Dell where he held positions in the Precision Product Group as well as manager of Commercial Client Pricing for North Americas.

In his free time, Petamber enjoys playing golf and has recently attempted to pick-up tennis again after a 12-year hiatus.



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So, who is Micro Focus and why is it the right partner for HPE Software?

Posted By Chris Hsu, Thursday, August 10, 2017
Updated: Thursday, July 13, 2017

"When you prepare for a global merger of this scale, it gives each company an unprecedented opportunity to look at all of their processes and take steps to optimize. We have had the luxury of stepping back and asking “how do we transform our IT platform to support our strategy for tomorrow?” Few of us ever get this opportunity."

So, who is Micro Focus and why is it the right partner for HPE Software?
By Chris Hsu | July 11, 2017


Since the announcement of the planned spin merge of HPE Software with Micro Focus, many customers have asked me a simple question: “Out of all the software companies out there, why did you select Micro Focus as your spin merge partner?”

Well, it’s actually a pretty easy question to answer—and it comes down to two things:  experience and performance. 
Micro Focus was founded over 40 years ago with a focus on COBOL. If you thought COBOL was a thing of the past, you might be surprised to learn that the COBOL business has tripled in size since 2001. In fact, in the first half of last year, COBOL grew at 14% YOY. This was driven by innovation with Visual Cobol, which allows customers to move legacy workloads on to modern deployment models such as cloud and mobile. 
On the other side, HPE Software made its debut 30 years ago with Data Protector and Network Management, products that are still core to us today and where we are still innovating. Both HPE Software and Micro Focus have grown through organic innovation and a series of acquisitions—have a look at just a few of these key acquisitions below:

To hear more from the Future Micro Focus CEO, Chris Hsu, join his highly anticipated Vivit webinar on Wednesday, August 16th at 1:00pm EST.

Register Now!

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How GDPR Can Be a Business Differentiator

Posted By Claude Couillard, Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

By Claude Couillard
Field Marketing Manager
Canada, HPE

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in May 2018, giving firms just one year to comply. The incoming regulation requires businesses to transform the way they manage data, with fines of up to 4 percent of company turnover for data security breaches.

Most companies are aware of the GDPR, which replaces the Data Protection Directive in place since 1995. But many see compliance as a time consuming, box-ticking exercise.

This is the wrong way of looking at the regulation, experts say. There are, in fact, many hidden benefits of GDPR compliance, including the potential to unlock previously untapped, valuable information and streamline data policies. For example, some experts say GDPR could aid businesses with cloud adoption, improve data management or even help facilitate a smoother M&A process.

Taking this into account, firms should change the way they see compliance, says Tim Grieveson chief cyber and security strategist for enterprise security products, EMEA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

He says: “Yes, it’s about compliance, but it is also about two other things: operational efficiency and revenue generation capabilities.” He explains: “If you understand the data you have, you get better insight into customers.”

In other words, classifying data could be a money-maker, rather than a money pit, according to Joe Garber, HPEs global vice president of marketing for information management and governance software.

"Once you get your data in order, and you gain insight into your information, you can mine it,” he points out, while noting that organisations will need to have legal basis and customer content to do this. “This will reveal valuable, strategic information about what your customers really want."

Unstructured Data

Another benefit of GDPR is it gives firms the impetus to get a handle on vast amounts of unstructured data that has been building up for many years.

“It puts you in a position where you have no choice but to tackle unstructured data head on,” says Jamal Elmellas, CTO at Auriga Consulting. “If you want to be compliant, you have to understand where personal data sits and what the business does with it. Unstructured data is the enemy of those things, so it is one of the biggest challenges.”

Firms can also use the regulation as a driver for rationalising their application portfolios, which in some cases may have grown over the years due to mergers and acquisitions.

Indeed, when businesses are drowning in data and producing more information all the time, GDPR offers much needed visibility. “The data flow and mapping exercise …allows firms to know what information they hold,” Elmellas says.

Getting started on this task can appear overwhelming. But Elmellas recommends that companies assess the data they have and then implement a targeted operating model. Firstly, he says, businesses should embed and implement GDPR requirements such as ‘the right to be forgotten’.

At the same time, Elmellas says, firms can start to build efficiencies. “They can look for duplicates and examine how they can extract efficiencies while doing GDPR implementation. This will prove to be quite successful for those who haven’t examined their data for a long time.”

This approach can help businesses derive even more value from their data, with the streamlining of information enabling companies to extract more value out of the data. Elmellas points out: “You are essentially looking at your data goldmines.”

Standing Out

Compliance can also be a differentiator from a customer perspective: Getting it right can make a business stand out in a crowded market. “It’s really just being customer friendly; it’s being transparent about how you use data and trying to sell that value,” says Will Robertson, partner at law firm Osborne Clarke. “If businesses get this right, it’s a positive way to tell employees or customers that you really value them and take them seriously.”

Part of this includes crisis management, he says, citing the example of the recent TalkTalk cyber-attack in the UK, which was notoriously handled badly by the firm.

However, he points out, a data breach doesn’t have to be a disaster. As part of GDPR, companies should work out how to manage their communications when something goes wrong.

“In tomorrow’s world of GDPR there is a business differentiator in the fact that there’s a real difference in those who handle a breach well,” says Robertson. “You will maintain the confidence of customers and employees and may be less likely to get heavy treatment from the regulator.”

The regulation can also help a business differentiate itself through efficient technology. Firms can use GDPR to get their data in order by moving to compliant cloud services, Grieveson says: “It is also a better way of doing business – cheaper, faster and you can do it anywhere and then you can create new revenue streams.”

However, as firms move towards GDPR compliance, it is important to have a strategy. With this in mind, outside expertise will help many businesses. For example, Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides a range of risk assessments and technology to support GDPR compliance.

Cyber-security is an essential element of GDPR. Firms such as HPE can offer capabilities in this area as well as the ability to protect data throughout the lifecycle.

David Kemp, EMEA specialist business consultant, HPE says: “We have engines that deal with defence of the outer core but also tools to prevent issues such as insider trading in the financial industry.”

The deadline is only one year away, so it is important that businesses start taking steps towards compliance now. Companies should first ensure that they have visibility of their data. Once this information is streamlined and reorganised, the benefits of revenue generation and operational efficiencies can be achieved.

Ultimately, the GDPR should be seen as a business differentiator, rather than an issue to be managed. But it is also important to note that no business is perfect. Robertson advises: “The practical angle is: most businesses will not be 100 percent perfect by next year. So, look at GDPR in bite sized chunks and prioritise.”

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Be sure to schedule your Vivit sessions at Protect 2017

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Friday, August 4, 2017
Updated: Thursday, August 3, 2017

The sessions presented by Vivit will feature “Peer to Peer Success Stories – Lessons Learned from Security Professionals.” Vivit’s sessions will discuss how they as a customer have leveraged HPE products to overcome security challenges.

Here are a few of your fellow members speaking at on Vivit’s behalf and delivering presentations onsite. Hear from them and ask them your individual questions.

Todd DeCapua, Senior Director, Technology and Product Innovation/CSC

5 digital asset security risks someone should have warned me about
Tuesday, September 12, 11:00am – 12:00pm
Breakout Session B38130 – Intelligent Security Operations

Todd DeCapua is a passionate software executive and leader. Current Sr. Dir. of Technology and Product Innovation at CSC []. Prior with HPE and co-founder of Is also VP of Innovation and Strategy on the Vivit Worldwide Board of Directors. Active online contributor and O’Reilly co-author of “Effective Performance Engineering.”

Ben Walker, Header of Security and Data/Medibank Health

Isosceles Security
Tuesday, September 12, 2:45pm – 3:45pm
Breakout Session B38165 -  Intelligent Security Operations

Ben Walker is the Head of Data and Security for Medibank Health, Australia’s largest private health insurer. Ben’s career in Information and Cyber security spans a 15 years working as a secure network administrator, project, program and portfolio manager, business development manager and information technology manager in the Defence, engineering, medical and insurance industries.

Tom Haakma, Director, Security Solutions/Merito Paper

Failing Fast: A DevOps security story 
Tuesday, September 12, 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Breakout Session T38133 – Application Security

Tom Haakma has spent the last 7 years in application security sales and consulting, most recently as Director of Security Solutions at Merito Solutions Inc and previously with the Fortify team as a sales rep working with companies such as, TD Ameritrade, FICO, Sony and Discount Tire. Tom studied computer information systems at San Diego State University where he also played football. Tom has been in the IT industry for over 24 years working with the Department of Justice and San Diego Unified Schools.

View the content catalog to browse all sessions offered onsite


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New Leader Blog - July 2017

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Thursday, July 13, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We welcome the following leaders and their expertise. We invite you to join the Local User Group or Special Interest Group to share tips, best practices, and real-world experiences. Join a group by clicking on the group name under the picture and select the "Join Group” icon which will appear at the top of the group web page if you aren’t already a member. Connect to the leader by clicking on his name. Member sign-in required.

Dr. Jones Lukose Ongalo

Information Management Officer

International Criminal Court, The Hague

HPE Content Manager SIG


We welcome Dr. Jones Lukose as a new Vivit HPE Content Manager SIG leader who is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of integrated digital repositories for the Court. This responsibility involves the execution of the Information Management Strategy that covers both administrative and judicial areas of the Court.

He is a Senior Information management practitioner with more than 20 years of national and international experience in developing and implementing strategies to achieve operational effectiveness and regulatory compliance by leveraging ICT. His expertise includes practical experience in implementing information governance processes and systems to modernise business processes and increase information transparency. He has worked on all sides of program and system implementations from industry, independent consultant, vendor and management.

His industry experience includes: engineering, central & local governments, energy & utilities sectors, international and judicial organizations in Africa, Europe and Americas.

Key clients and projects include: International Criminal Court (ICC), United Nations International; Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) Local & Central Government Uganda, National Water Corporations (Kenya & Uganda), Electrogaz Utilities (Rwanda), Central Bank Uganda, USAID, GTZ and Government of Jamaica.

His specialties: E-government, transparency & governance, managing delivery teams, information governance, artificial intelligence, enterprise content management, ERP, document management systems, data management, program management, archives & records management, information security, business change & stakeholder management.

He holds a BSc in electronic engineering, Msc in Organisational Development, a PhD Computer Science and an MBA. He is currently doing research on staff motivation and digital culture in judicial areas.


Wolfgang Pagenkopf
Managing Director
Pagenkopf IT-Consulting GmbH (PITC®)  
Vivit Germany Local User Group

Wolfgang Pagenkopf is the Managing Director of Pagenkopf IT-Consulting GmbH (PITC®) and also an ITSM Managing Consultant with almost 20 years of experience in the IT Service Management area. Wolfgang has worked in several consulting and managing positions in different companies. As an ITIL Expert and an HPE AIS, his focus lies on designing and implementing ITSM processes and (HPE) tools.

“As a Vivit leader, I will try to extend the HPE Service Management product focus within the Vivit Germany Local User Group

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