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Today’s Load Testing Challenge

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Updated: Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Even in today’s fast moving agile development environments, software load testing should never be left to chance. You need to incorporate load testing into your sprints to find and fix issues before applications and pages go live. And you need to scale your testing to achieve massive scale to match the reality that your web and mobile apps will face. That’s the ideal world, anyway. The reality is often something else. In many cases, agile teams don’t weave load testing into the fabric of their agile delivery process. This is often due to a perception that the tools are too complicated and that testing takes too much time. Frequently, the shortage of skilled performance engineers and the lack of access to load-testing tools make it even harder to incorporate realistic performance testing early and often. We’ve been working to remove these barriers and make it easy to achieve massive scale and lower business risk with timely performance testing (regardless of the process).

HP StormRunner Load

HP StormRunner Load makes it easy to plan, run, and scale your testing for web and mobile apps. Built on our extensive performance engineering leadership, StormRunner load extends HP LR and PC with a 100 percent cloud-based load-testing service that supports web and mobile protocols. It is at once simple, smart, and scalable.


HP StormRunner Load makes it easy to design and create load tests. From the point at which you sign up for the service, you can start your first load test in less than 10 minutes.

With HP StormRunner Load, your agile performance testing team can now start load testing in the cloud much earlier in the project. Your developers don’t have to wait for performance engineers to become available for testing. They can run tests for themselves, in the course of each sprint, to accelerate the velocity of your project and the quality of the released software.


HP StormRunner Load is smart. It uses predictive analytics to help you understand anomalies and problems in real time. With the benefit of intuitive analytics, you can easily interpret the test results to identify the performance profile of the application and then determine your mitigation options.

In the testing process, HP StormRunner Load captures valuable metrics on how your application behaves under different virtual user loads. There are many analytical charts and graphs that can help you quickly find performance issues.


StormRunner Load can scale to HUGE. It automatically enables you to scale your load-testing solution to more than 1 million virtual-user load tests.

With a "self-driving test lab” at your disposal, your teams don’t have to waste time and energy managing your testing infrastructure. It’s automatically created on demand to meet the needs of your specific test, saving your team time and money.

Visit us to learn how StormRunner Load can help you.

Want to experience real cloud based load testing firsthand? Then feel free to sign up for a free StormRunner Load trial.

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It’s coming…The Discover Performance Tour

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Updated: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Achieve IT without borders.

We predict an interesting future for CIOs and IT leaders – where you’ll move from being the IT builder to becoming the power broker. We see an agile, mobile, cloud-enabled world, where IT needs to become embedded more deeply into the business.  IT leaders will bring innovation by mastering a digital supply chain, and agilely designing and launching business processes that take advantage of new markets and opportunities.  To thrive in this world, IT needs to operate without borders. And dissolving the boundaries between your development and operations teams is a critical place to start.     

Here’s your chance.  Join the Discover Performance Tour to engage with industry-leading solutions, experts and your peers as you get started on your journey. During this interactive event, you’ll gain perspective from industry leaders, benefit from the insights of IT leaders, interact with the solutions and get started on your DevOps journey.

Mark your calendar now! 






Wed., Sept 5

Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza


Thurs., Sept 6

Ritz Carlton Denver

Santa Clara

Tues, Sept 11

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara


Thurs., Sept 13

Sheraton Reston


Thurs., Sept 20

W New York


Tues., Sept 25

Hyatt Regency Cambridge


Tues., Sept 25

St. Andrews Club & Conference Center


Thurs., Sept 27

Wyndham Grand


Thurs., Sept 27

Hilton Austin


Thurs., Sept 27

Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver


Tues., Oct 2

W Atlanta Downtown


Thurs., Oct 10

Arizona Biltmore (Waldorf Astoria)

Registration will be available by August 6.


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