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EMEA/APJ Elite Leader Recognition 2015

Posted By Annemarie Stuiver, Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Vivit Leaders were recognized during the Leader Dinner at HPE Discover in London on Monday, November 30, 2015. The Leaders who did an outstanding job for Vivit by organizing events, growing the Vivit community and building their Chapter or Special Interest Group were recognized and honored with the Elite Leader Award. Below are the names of the Elite Leader Award winners who received a certificate. Thank you all for your great contribution to our community!

Mark Laird
BSM SIG Leader

Richard Bishop
UK Chapter Leader

Cheikh Sadibou Deme
France Chapter Leader

Stevan Zivanovic
Agile SIG Leader

Andreas Birk
TQA SIG Leader
Vadim Gordadze
Russia Chapter Leader

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HP Software EMEA Customer Forums

Posted By Richard Bishop, Thursday, April 11, 2013

The IT environment that we're working in is radically different from that of 10 or 20 years ago. "Game-changing” trends such as cloud or hybrid-cloud computing, agile software development methods, DevOps integrations and the proliferation of mobile devices are making fundamental changes to the way that we live and work.

HP has arranged two customer forums in Brussels that will help you to get to grips with these new trends and give you the opportunity to share your own experiences with your peers from leading EMEA companies and HP product managers. These events are free for HP Customers and Channel Partners.

16th – 17th April 2013 
HP Software Customer Forum EMEA – Service and Portfolio Management
Over two days this event will cover the key aspects of service and portfolio management including asset, configuration and demand management as well as PPM and HP Service Anywhere. Customer speakers include Barclays, SAP, SPAR, Continental, Turkcell and others.

18th – 19th April 2013

HP Software Customer Forum EMEA – Application Lifecycle Management
The ALM forum includes hot topics from the world of testing such as TMMi, network virtualisation, agile development and testing and security. Speakers come from companies including Steria, Atos and Iovio and there will be breakout sessions covering test automation, performance testing, agile ALM and mobile application delivery.

25th April 2013
HP ALM 360°
As well as the customer forums, HP's ALM roadshow is in Brussels on 25th April. I attended the UK ALM roadshow in Leeds and found it extremely informative. As well as providing roadmap information and customer "best-practice sessions”, it was a great opportunity to share experiences with other HP software users.

At the Brussels event you'll hear how to accelerate application delvery with ALM as well as security and QA case studies. The afternoon session will consist of three separate tracks, allowing you to choose sessions that suit your own needs or interests. Sessions include QA and mobile application testing, application security, functional testing, DevOps and continuous delivery.

Vivit leaders will be at these events too, so as well as the opportunity to mix with other attendees, make sure that you get in touch with them as well. Why not take the opportunity to have a small get-together with other Vivit members and make the most of your trip to Brussels.

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Connect with the Vivit Award Winners from EMEA

Posted By Martijn Stuiver, Chapter & SIG Chair, Board of Directors, Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Updated: Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hear from and get connect to three of the most recognized community leaders in Vivit and their field.

Leader of the Year

Olli Laiho 100 x 125.jpgOlli Laiho was recognized for his outstanding leadership for the online Testing, Quality and Application Lifecycle Management (TQA) Special Interest Group. He is a qualified expert on HP's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Quality Center products and a Quality Assurance specialist. He is also driving the value of utilizing Business Intelligence tools in Quality Assurance and Testing to improve the output and performance of Quality Assurance organizations worldwide. He has helped lead the TQA Special Interest Group for four years, adding blogs, tips and tricks, and webinars for members around the world. Olli is a frequent speaker and roundtable leader at the international HP Discover conferences and an instructor for Vivit Advanced Training, focusing on HP ALM and Quality Center. Olli works as a Senior QA Consultant for Assure "The QC Guys" in Finland.

Hear directly from Olli in the video interview below.

>>Connect with Olli

>>Join the TQA Special Interest Group

Champion of the Year

StefanMohr 2012 100x125.jpg

Stefan Mohr was recognized for his outstanding effort to advance and grow the community. Stefan has been a Vivit member and Chapter leader for five years and has helped to organize the two-day German User Group Meetings for more than seven years. He was the 2009 Leader of the Year Award winner, and because of the expansive community he has built throughout Germany and the outpouring of member nominations, Vivit awarded him with Champion of the Year. Stefan is the Consulting Manager and a Principal Consultant for the ITC GmbH in Germany. Stefan has more than 15 years experience in implementing, customizing, training and selling of HP Software products and ITSM Consulting. As a certified ITIL Service Manager, he focuses on integrated ITSM solutions for enterprise and SMB customers based on HP Software and 3rd party products.

View my interview with Stefan at HP Discover in Frankfurt, Germany.

>>Connect with Stefan

>>Join the Germany Chapter

Speaker of the Year

Mihai G 100 x 125.jpg

Mihai Grigorescu is co-leader for the South Africa Chapter and was recognized for a series of outstanding webinar presentations for members on best practices and real life practical usage of HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Mihai also led several roundtables at the HP Discover conference in Frankfurt, Germany, December 2012. He has been in the software testing industry for over 5 years and is now the TCoE Tools Lead at Accenture in South Africa. He has a passion for testing in general and for business as well as technical processes. He is an avid fan of making optimal use of available tools and processes which assist the overall testing efforts and projects. He is also currently a board member of the SIGiST committee (Special Interest Group in Software Testing for South Africa) and is an active speaker in national and international events.

Hear Mihai's inspiring speaker message in the following video.

>>Connect with Mihai

>>Join the South Africa Chapter

>>Become a Vivit Speaker

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Vivit is Changing

Posted By Richard Bishop, Director, U.K., Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Updated: Friday, December 14, 2012

On Thursday 6th December at HP Discover in Frankfurt, Jason Kennedy, Martijn Stuiver and I were asked to discuss how Vivit is changing from a primarily US-centric, practitioner-focused user community to one which helps support our members as the IT world changes around them. The interview covers the changing demographics of the Vivit user community, how we plan to alter our content to suit our membership, our development of new social media channels, the growth of our membership as well as the development of new special interest groups such as "Cloud Builders” and "Security” alongside our existing special interest groups.

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The 2012 EMEA Award Winners!

Posted By Susan Russel, Friday, December 14, 2012
Updated: Friday, January 4, 2013
Vivit presented the 2012 EMEA Awards in Frankfurt, Germany on December 3, 2012. The Leader of the Year Award recipient is Olli Laiho, Leader of the global Testing, Quality, and ALM Special Interest Group (from Finland), the Champion of the Year Award recipient is Stefan Mohr, Leader of the Germany Chapter, and the Speaker of the Year Award recipient is Mihai Grigorescu, Leader of the South Africa Chapter. All three were nominated by fellow members for their outstanding contributions. Congratulations!!!

Martijn Stuiver, Vivit Chapter and SIG Chair, Board of Directors, and Jason Kennedy, Vivit President, Board of Directors, presented the awards during the HP Discover event. View complete details and the press release here.

We snapped some candid photos...

(left to right) Martijn Stuiver, Chapter and SIG Chair, Board of Directors,
Olli Laiho, Leader of the Year, Jason Kennedy, President, Board of Directors


(left to right) Stefan Mohr, Champion of the Year,
Martijn Stuiver, Chapter and SIG Chair, Board of Directors


(left to right) Martijn Stuiver, Chapter and SIG Chair, Board of Directors,
Mihai Grigorescu, Speaker of the Year,
Jason Kennedy, President, Board of Directors

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EMEA Champion & Leader of the Year, 2011

Posted By Jason J. Kennedy, Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello from Vienna!
While I drink my Latte Machiatto and eat my croissant and wait for delegate access to HP Discover 2011 EMEA to open to delegates, I will update any who are following this on our presentation last night of the Vivit Worldwide Champion and Leader of the Year, 2011.
What seemed like the largest number of chapter and SIG leaders to gather for dinner yet converged on the upper floor of the 1516 restaurant in downtown Vienna last night. The dinner was for Vivit to have an opportunity to recognise our leaders who keep the machinery of Vivit moving - without them there would be no Vivit Worldwide. At the dinner we recognised both our EMEA Leader of the Year and Champion of the Year.

The Champion of the Year is a new recognition category this year, beginning this fall as a decision by your Vivit Directors. We find that as we are an organisation that is accountable to our members, we have always held the policy that HP employees cannot be leaders in our organisation. That long standing and popularly supported by-law has led us to a conundrum however; what happens when an HP employee goes above and beyond in their support for the Vivit Worldwide community and goals? In order to rectify this oversight, we created the category of Vivit Champion of the Year.

This year, while receiving a couple of strong nominations, we did eventually make the decision to award this honour to Paolo Cattacolio from HP in France. Paolo has been instrumental this past year in bringing the European user community of the TRIM product into the Vivit family. TRIM was acquired by HP, as a great asset to their software portfolio, but the well-established local user groups of the product were left without a global connecting community to HP Software. This is where Paolo, and Vivit Director Richard Bishop identified a need and worked tirelessly to support these users. So in recognition of his support of the Vivit user community worldwide, and the TRIM software users need to interconnect globally for advocacy, education, and community, Vivit President Michael Collins and myself (Director of SIGs & Chapters, and co-leader of the BSM SIG) presented the beautiful trophy for EMEA 2011 Vivit Champion of the Year to Paolo.


After a rousing round of applause, Michael called attention to the awarding of the Vivit EMEA Leader of the Year. I believe this is the third year for this reward, which has gone to the passionate and thorough work of our German leaders in years past. This time we moved the trophy north in recognition of the efforts this past year, and years previous, of Martijn Stuiver. Martijn is a co-leader of the SM SIG, and has recently integrated existing customer and partner communities in Holland into a Dutch local user group.
Michael extended a sincere thanks, and warnings to carry the trophy carefully! Martijn shared with the rout his secret passion for 5-pin bowling, but we aren't sure when he would possibly have the time! We just hope he doesn't use the globe from the trophy!


Thank you to both Paolo & Martijn, all the leaders who were present, and all our leaders around the world who couldn't join us in Vienna, but whose passionate work for Vivit is noted year round. If you know a great Vivit leader in your local chapter or special interest group, or an HP employee who goes above and beyond to support the HP Software user community, please make sure you let myself or Stephanie know about them, and be certain to nominate them for the next Champion and Leader of the Year.

 Attached Thumbnails:

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Vivit Leader and Champion of the Year EMEA 2011 Nominees

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Monday, October 31, 2011

Vivit Leader and Champion of the Year EMEA 2011 Nominees

Paolo Cattolico
Champion of the Year EMEA Nominee

Paolo Cattolico, who lives in France, founded and initiated the Vivit Information Management TRIM Chapters in UK, Ireland, Netherlands. Those chapters are e new incarnation of the former TRIM user groups, inherited from a company acquisition, and have now happily joined the Vivit community to extend their share of knowledge and welcome new members. Some Kickoff meetings, face to face, have been organized in UK, and recruitment for further member countries, such as Italy or South Africa, in now planned.

Paolo has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years, for companies such as NCR, Digital, Compaq and HP. He is currently responsible for Information Management marketing in HP EMEA. Paolo holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan, and one in clarinet from the Milan Conservatory of Music.


Olli Laiho
Leader of the Year EMEA Nominee

Olli works as Senior QA Consultant for Assure in Finland. He specializes in HP ALM and HP Quality Center. He serves the HP Software community as a leader for the worldwide TQA Special Interest group of Vivit.


Stefan Moore
Leader of the Year EMEA Nominee
(Not eligible - 2009 Award Winner)

Stefan Mohr is the Consulting Manager and a Principal Consultant for the ITC GmbH in Germany. Stefan has more than 14 years' experience in implementing, customizing, training and selling of HP Software products and ITSM Consulting. As a certified ITIL Service Manager, he focuses on integrated ITSM solutions for enterprise and SMB customers based on HP Software and 3rd party products. Stefan has been a Vivit member and Local Chapter Leader for three years and has helped to organize the German user Group Meetings for more than six years.


Frank Rosenfelder
Champion of the Year EMEA Nominee &
Leader of the Year EMEA Nominee
(Not eligible - 2009 Award Winner)

Frank Rosenfelder has 15 years of experience with HP software and knows the products both from a user and vendor perspective. He currently works for IT unlimited AG, a Platinum HP business partner focused on implementing, supporting and operating IT management solutions. Prior to this assignment, he held several leadership positions in product management, business development and marketing at HP's OpenView business unit.

With the majority of his professional life being focused around HP Software, Frank is excited about the opportunity to serve the user community as a chapter leader. He has organized the German user conferences for the past 5 years, led the integration of users from other parts of the expanded software portfolio and strives to continually enhance the value, which the local chapter brings to its members.


Martijn Stuiver
Leader of the Year EMEA Nominee

This year's key focus within Vivit:

1. Organize the global virtual events of the HP Service Management SIG;

2. Host Roundtable discussions at HP Discover in Vegas and Vienna;

2. Cooperate with HP at the Customer Forum of the EMEAs in Paris and Berlin. Including hosting two lively roundtable sessions;

3. Cooperate with the Vivit Germany Chapter at their event near Frankfurt;

4. Establish contact among European Chapter leaders;

5. Establish a local HP Service Management Chapter in the Netherlands with Vivit and the local user group Interexperience.

Role at Westbury: Martijn is the Chief Operations Officer at Westbury and is responsible for the alignment of Strategy and Operations. Furthermore, he is a project management professional, servicing worldwide SMI implementation projects. These projects enable HP Service Management end-users to conduct operational ITSM reporting, thereby unlocking significant process improvements.

Martijn has worked in the field of service management tool implementations for 10 years now, and holds a BA in Marketing and a Masters in Science with a minor in Organization Anthropology. Martijn is interested in and enthusiastic about driving initiatives around execution, organizational change, social media and performance management.



The award winners will be announced and recognized at HP DISCOVER Vienna, 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2011.

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