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Wrap up of HP Discover

Posted By Lisa Nordhoff, Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Updated: Monday, December 23, 2013

Wrap up of HP Discover!

"Team up and get linked to other members, special interest groups, local user groups, Vivit staff and the elected board of directors” was the overall theme for Vivit at HP Discover in Barcelona, December 10 – 12, 2013. If you didn’t make the conference, we hope you will consider the same opportunities to team up and get linked with Vivit now.


Vivit is proud to have the best and brightest as members and volunteers. These individuals volunteer their time to lead local user groups (LUG) and worldwide virtual special interest groups (SIG).Leaders from around the world gathered at HP Discover to represent their groups and discuss the latest HP Software developments and game changing technologies.


Team up and Link to Local User Groups and Special Interest Groups

There are 75 LUGs in 26 countries and 18 virtual SIGs.Each LUG and SIG has its own focus and personality. Members of LUGs meet face to face to share best practices, tips, and tricks. Members of SIGs meet online and can participate in blogs and webinars.Locate your LUG and SIGs of choice and select the "Join group” icon which will appear at the top of the group page if you aren’t already linked.Don’t see a local chapter near you or a particular SIG? Contact us to start and lead a new group.

Team up and Link to Award Winning Leaders

Tammy Young, LUG & SIG Chair, Board of Directors, presented the community awards for the EMEA and APJ regions at HP Discover during a Vivit leader dinner reception.Connect with these leaders who are at the forefront of community activity.This year’s winners were as follows:

Champion of the Year Award - René De Vleeschauwer from Belgium
Speaker of the Year Award - Mark Laird from United Kingdom
Leader of the Year Award - Mostafa Moussavi from Sweden


(left to right) René De Vleeschauwer, Tammy Young, Mark Laird & Mostafa Moussavi

Team up and Link to other Vivit Members

Vivit’s strategic focus is to build a community platform where relevant conversations happen. Vivit’s booth at HP Discover provided many opportunities for individuals to connect and interact with each other. Over the past five years, Vivit has successfully changed, grown, and adapted to align with the new style of IT.Vivit members are considered industry thought leaders and evangelists who have a passion for leading and participating in the conversation and who come together to collaborate through the three pillars:community, education, and advocacy. Many conversations took place during HP Discover, both members and non-members had the opportunity to discuss and learn more about Vivit, plus individuals had the opportunity to play some foosball and win an authentic Barcelona football jersey.

 Individuals waiting on prize drawings.


Some Barcelona football jersey winners.

Individuals playing foosball.

Vivit Leaders sharing their expertise in the booth.

Team up and Link to Board of Directors and Staff

Nine outstanding members and thought leaders serve on the Board of Directors. They met face to face for two days prior to HP Discover to discuss the state of the user community and programs to serve members going forward. Many of the dedicated staff attended HP Discover as well. If you didn’t get a chance to meet them in person, feel free to contact them anytime.

We hope to see as many members as possible at future events. Mark your calendars for HP Discover in Las Vegas, June 10 – 12, 2014. We are already working on our community program.It is our mission to help fellow members tap into the wealth of collective knowledge in Vivit, the trusted, unbiased, and field-tested HP Software user community. If you have any suggestions or requests, please contact us.

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2012 – The Recovery Year for HP?

Posted By Richard Bishop, Board of Directors, Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm writing my first blog post for Vivit on the first day of 2012, so it seems appropriate to consider the last 12 months as well as the future for Hewlett Packard from a user-perspective.

HP Discover
Along with other members of the Vivit board, I attended the HP Discover technology conference in Vienna in December. The board uses the opportunity of these twice-yearly conferences in Europe and the US to meet one another and prepare the Vivit strategy, as well as to meet our members and HP executives. The demographics of the two conferences appear to differ slightly. Attendees in Europe tend to come from management backgrounds, whereas those at the Las Vegas event are primarily hands-on practitioners. As a result of this observation, we may tailor our conference meetings and briefings to cater for these different audiences at future conferences. As well as this, we'll arrange follow-up webinars and local meetings for our members who are unable to attend conferences in person.

2011 – ‘Annus Horribilis' for HP
The conference in Vienna came towards the end of a difficult year for HP. Strategy U-turns such as the decision to leave and then re-enter the tablet market, indecision about the future of the PC business, and an unclear cloud strategy all caused concern for HP-watchers. As an HP-software user, I'm concerned at HP's relatively small and declining R&D spend. HP's R&D spend has fallen over recent years and is now approaching 2% of total revenue. This compares unfavourably with key competitors such as IBM, who typically spend around 6% of total revenue on R&D. The last time HP spent as much as IBM (as a percentage of revenue) was in 2002, so in my opinion they need to increase this spend to remain competitive.

Turning the corner
Towards the end of a difficult year, two things that HP seemed to get right in 2011 were the acquisition of Autonomy and the appointment of Meg Whitman as CEO. There was a great deal of talk about both of these events at the Discover conference. The Autonomy acquisition was ground breaking in terms of the amount of money spent (£7.1bn / $11.7bn). Despite this headline grabbing figure, attendees at the conference seemed unaware of what Autonomy means for HP. One of the best summaries that I've seen for Autonomy is from ZDNet. ZDNet describes Autonomy's technology as "the single most effective approach to massive sets of real world information — in other words, the bedrock of much corporate IT and many cloud strategies.” They go on to say that, "There are no other companies like it. It's Google in a suit.” A lack of in-house R&D means that technology such as Autonomy needs to be bought-in rather than developed internally, hopefully this will change.

Meg Whitman has conceded that HP may lose the tag of "world's top PC maker” to Apple in 2012 if tablet computer sales are included in the figures. Despite this apparent setback, she bullishly predicts that HP will be back on top in 2013 on the back of new Windows 8 tablet computers. Source

2012 and beyond
With Whitman at the helm of HP, the company already seems to be heading towards safer waters. In 2011, HP has launched a beta of their cloud service offering based on OpenStack and is reported to be in discussion with Microsoft about providing Azure PaaS from HP data centres. HP posted better than expected results in Q4 and has already announced planned increases in R&D spending as well as a period of stabilisation and a focus on smaller acquisitions of software companies. As well as this, HP is looking to recruit more client managers to look after its clients. Source

All of this suggests (I hope) that HP has turned the corner and is once again in a position to improve its support and product offerings. By continuing to innovate and improve support for existing clients, HP hopes to grow organically rather than by acquisition. This can only be a good thing; hopefully we're witnessing the first green shoots of HP's recovery.

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Thoughts on another successful Vivit event.

Posted By Michael Collins, Vivit President, Wednesday, December 7, 2011
As I fly back to America from the HP Discover show in Vienna this week, I have plenty of time to reflect on the years of participation by so many colleagues. Vivit has truly become an amazing organization which now has several interesting features. The organization has been around long enough now to see many of its member grow in their careers from initial technical administrators into specialists, management, architects and executives.

All the while, membership has not lost its technical edge with the individuals continuing to represent the "best and brightest” that we proclaim you are. However, just as interesting is the global nature and of the organization now. We are almost exactly split in our membership 50/50 between members in the Americas and with the rest of the world. Then it becomes even more interesting to look at the product representation of our membership – almost 50/50 between Operations products and Applications products.

Our membership has increased significantly and we have expanded into 53 Chapters spanning 19 countries, with 7 worldwide Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and 110 Chapter and SIG leaders. We are working on having the Vivit members once again provide Track Content and Chairs for HP Discover and collectively the group of all the members has reached new heights. I found the picture below that I snapped with my phone very ironic at the welcome reception so I thought I would share it here. Most importantly though, is participation. The ability to interact with our EMEA HP counterparts, HP Partners and most importantly Vivit members has been one of the most exciting events for the EMEA region in years, with over 7,000 participants in total! But actively participating in local chapter events, Special Interest Groups, Forums, Blogs, Training, Webinars, Road Shows, Presentations and everything else that Vivit offers is the key to the organization helping to grow the careers of you, its members.

Vivit is very proud of the membership, in particular due to the fact that we require active participation by all members within the past 12 month period in order to continue being counted as a member. While some organizations may have a large list of people that may have been involved or on the mailing list at one time, Vivit is a community of individuals who participate. I know that I am looking forward to attending the next event. Michael Collins, Vivit President.

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