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SIG News - June 2018

Posted By Administration, Thursday, May 31, 2018
The Vivit Leader for the Software Education SIG

Chris Trimper
Independent Health

The Vivit Software Education SIG focuses on education and training for the Micro Focus software community. The mission of the SIG is to provide a forum to:

  • Discuss experiences related to user adoption of the software solutions by sharing success stories and challenges that may help the group
  • Exchange knowledge and ideas around industry best practices and trends in education and share insights within the group on what is working/what is not from a technology stack perspective
  • Provide corporate updates to members on general training news out of Micro Focus such as new course releases and recommended free online learning

Members and non-members alike have probably seen many changes over the past few months at Micro Focus, including the new education portal at At this time, our emphasis will continue to be around the solutions that came across with the HPE software merger, but over time, we plan to expand our scope to include solutions from the original Micro Focus stack in this SIG.

You’ll be seeing us adopting a new name over the next few months. Micro Focus is a pure play software company – one of the largest in the world. So we no longer need to clarify “software” education. The internal Micro Focus team is transitioning their name to “Education and Training”, and so the SIG will be following with that change in the future.

Look for informative webinars coming soon from this newly engaged Special Interest Group. Remember, your software is only as powerful as those who use it; Education and Training matter!

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Advanced Training to Kick-Start Your Career

Posted By Susan Russel, Sunday, April 28, 2013
Updated: Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is it time to kick-start your IT Career?

Did you know that companies are looking to fill FTE's in the IT organization, but the skill set is nowhere to be found?

I can't tell you how many times I hear:

  • "We can't find the skill set required to support solutions we need."
  • "We have open Req's for IT Staff and can't fill them."

This is a common theme in corporate IT organizations, and Vivit wants to help you kick-start your IT career.

The Vivit user community is made up of the best and brightest. The talented individuals within our user community have years of experience with HP Solutions around the world. We can help you make a difference!

I have years of experience running Vivit local chapter events in Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois in the HP Operations suite of products (NNMi, OM, Omi BSM, SM). I often tell users "don't get too comfortable with the current technology” and "you have to grow in order to support your organization.” Sometimes I recommend they dive deeper into available products, effectively using these tools to help solve IT issues and concerns.

Through the years, we often hear that "our companies don't send us to training." Why? "It costs too much money,” "time away from the office means we return to put out fire after fire,” and "we can't seem to solve the problem right the first time"

Vivit (the official user group for HP Software Solutions) and its partners are working together to provide ways to help educate our user community. View the different training opportunities on Vivit's website.

One of the education offerings is Vivit Advanced Training, 10 different 4-hour, deep-dive training classes offered at in-person events like HP Discover on June 11, 2013. On HP Software conference surveys, you requested more deep-dive sessions. You spoke, and your Vivit user community has answered!

Vivit Advanced Training is a great solution to more in-depth sessions at HP Discover. This program has been successful in helping IT Managers and Administrators ask value-building questions, the kind of questions that result from a consulting engagement with a team of experts. There is no other venue at HP Discover that will give you four hours to focus on a particular HP Software Solution, to discuss detailed functionality, integration, and end user experience in technologies that will impact your career and company requirements.

Key features of the deep-dive classes include:

  • Four hour focus on solutions that affect your career
  • Learn from practitioners in the field at a low cost of $99/session
  • Network with peers and get answers from real-world experiences
  • Walk away with technical information and consulting level deliverables

Seating is limited to 35 attendees per session, so please register today. We look forward to meeting with you at HP Discover's Vivit Advanced Training Sessions.

Learn more about each of the 10 Advanced Training Sessions at HP Discover, June 11, 2013. 

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Supercharge your HP Discover experience with Vivit

Posted By Susan Russel, Monday, December 3, 2012
Updated: Friday, November 23, 2012


Are you attending HP Discover in Frankfurt December 4-6?

Get even more out the conference by joining a Vivit roundtable
Meet keynote speaker and HP Fellow, Chris Moyer, for an in-depth and personal discussion on future trends and big bets in innovation. Or participate in a roundtable on data protection in virtual and cloud environments. Or maybe performance testing in the cloud. We have an extensive lineup of roundtables on a variety of topics at both the technical and business levels. Reserve your seat now before all seats are gone.

December 4, 2012
Make sure your mobile applications don't slow down the rest of your world 10:00 –10:45
Better Quality with Less Effort - Testing SAP with HP Quality Center 11:00 – 11:45
HP Network Automation 12:45 – 13:30
HP QC/ALM Performance Improvement 16:30 – 17:15

December 5, 2012
HP QC/ALM - What to measure and tools of the trade 11:45 – 12:30
ITSM, Service Manager, Service Anywhere 12:45 – 13:30
Data Protection in Virtual and Cloud Environments 13:45 – 4:30
Agile Development with HP QC/ALM 14:45 – 15:30
Requirements-Management with HP QC/ALM 16:00 – 16:45

December 6, 2012
An explosion is coming - future trends and big bets in innovation with HP Fellow Chris Moyer. 9:30 – 10:15
Applications: Performance Testing 10:30 – 11:15
Software Quality Assurance challenges and how to address them with HP ALM 11:30 – 12:15
Performance testing in the cloud. 13:15 – 14:00

Join us in the User Community Lounge on the Discover Zone show floor
Meet with your peers, network with like-minded professionals, and find out about upcoming community events. Plus, you can find out who won the EMEA awards and meet them in-person. Pickup your free member gift and enter into the prize drawings for a Kindle Fire or Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones!

Still wanting to get even more supercharged? Stop by the espresso bar.

Meet HP Experts
As an extra bonus, we teamed up with HP Software’s IT Experts Community to organize two times when you can stop by Vivit in the User Community Lounge to meet HP experts and industry leaders in Applications and Operations. They would love to talk with you. Attend, learn something new, make new friends and improve your overall app and ops development skills. Areas of focus will include:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Common Troubleshooting
  • Installation/Configuration
  • Product Integration

Bring your questions and tips for success, and join your peers in sharing insights and best practices.

Meet the Experts Day 1: Tuesday, 4 December 2012 15:30 - 16:30 CET
Vivit in User Community Lounge in the Discover Zone. RSVP on Facebook!

Meet the Experts Day 2 Wednesday, 5 December 2012 11:30 - 12:30 CET
Vivit in User Community Lounge in the Discover Zone. RSVP on Facebook!

Or contact HP Software by email to register.

Advanced Training materials are now available!

Vivit hosted pre-conference Advanced Training on December 3rd. Both classes were full. If you were unable to register or if you’d simply like the materials, you can download the instructor presentations now. Member sign-in required.

Go backstage with HP Software
See exclusive videos, blogs and more. Find out from experts what it takes to move enterprise computing to the next level. Get behind-the-scenes videos from events, see previews of what HP Software is doing next, read the latest blog posts and get connected with a community of IT leaders and experts. Go backstage now.

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Attract and Retain Key Players with the New HP Software Education Training Pass

Posted By Marc Sodano, Director of HP Software Education, Americas, Thursday, November 1, 2012
Updated: Thursday, August 30, 2012

Business Problem

Highly skilled and proficient employees are an asset to any organization. In today’s uncertain economy, blue chip employees are keeping their options open, continually looking for their next opportunity.

As an employer, how do you attract these key players to be a part of your organization? And more importantly, how do you retain them?

At Disney, the first step is by providing a training plan for their full time and contract IT workforce. They have learned that salary and benefits are just a means to satisfy employees. But to attract the best, and motivate those already on board, you must provide IT workers with technical training that will keep their skills sharp, reduce their fear of an uncertain future, and enhance their ability to perform.


Here’s where HP Software Education comes in. HPSW Education can help you by providing your team with a brand new offering – the Training Pass.

- High quality HD video, simulations, engaging presentations, attractive prices

- Advanced topics, expert interviews, an expanding library, Just-in-time learning


If you want to attract the best, you’re going to have to go above and beyond the basics of base pay, bonus and vacation. Providing a Training Pass for your top recruits can sway a candidate to sign on board, even if they are looking at other opportunities with higher pay. If you want to keep the top 10% that you have, invest in them with a Training Pass. The dividends will pay both short and long term. The employee gains enhanced individual skills, and you benefit by increasing proficiency.

Call to Action

It would be far better to let an unhappy and untrained employee leave than to keep them on board and not train them. An investment in the HPSW Training Pass is an insurance policy for the efficient operations of your department, a value add for top new candidates, and a motivator for those high quality employees already on the team.

The HP Software Training Pass will be available for demo and purchase in October of 2012.

Contact Vivit for your 10% discount code. You must have an active account.

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Dive Deep into Test Automation or ITIL through Vivit Advanced Training

Posted By Susan Russel, Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Updated: Monday, November 5, 2012

Are you looking to dive deeper into Test Automation or ITIL? Vivit is hosting Advanced Training on 3 December, 13:00-17:00 in Frankfurt, Germany in conjunction with HP Discover. If you are unable to attend the conference, you can still attend our training. And the best part – it’s free thanks to our sponsor, Lemontree Enterprise Solutions, experts in solutions that simplify implementation of test automation.


Both classes are 4-hour implementation and integration tutorials. They start where most others leave off and provide real-world implementation experiences and examples from practitioners who are in the field solving business problems with HP tools every day.

The first course, Make Your Test Automation Project a Success Story, will be instructed by Magnus Nilsson, Senior Consultant, Lemontree Enterprise Solutions AB. Have you ever faced the inevitable reality of a project that is exceeding its budget? Have you ever wished all tests needed were automated to gain time? Well, here is the road map for you to succeed the test automation project. In this training session, Magnus will address success factors for test automation projects on a conceptual level including:

  • the test automation project   
  • company test strategy
  • building a strong business case

Hands-on level:

  • a practical approach with examples on how to establish a framework and organize your test automation code  

The course is suitable for Test Managers, Quality Managers, Automation Engineers, and Tool Specialists. The course level is basic to intermediate.

The second course, ITIL® and Beyond: The Success for Reliable Service Delivery, will be instructed by Mathias Traugott, Ceo & Principal Consultant, IT Unlimited Schweiz AG. Based on ITIL’s basic principal, "a service is a means of delivering value,” you will learn and understand the meaning and value of true service delivery.

  • Service Delivery: Discover the 4 key processes divided into drivers and delivery 
  • Different "views of a service”: Understand the different point of views of a service and learn about the common goals and various focuses: ITIL®, COBIT, ITSCMM, Service Customer, Service Consumer, Service Provider and Service Supplier
  • Contracts (SLA), Service, System: Manage a clear demarcation of these three different worlds and understand how they fit together into one world
  • Service Specification: Learn  a methodology on how to specify a service holistically with only 12 attributes, how they fit with utility and warranty, and how to integrate in an easy way in the Service Catalogue
  • Finally, touch on the topic of service pricing (charge backs) and discuss different charging methodologies and opportunities for your organization.

This course is suitable for Senior Managers, Business Managers, Service Managers, Business Analysts, Consultants, Project Managers, Service Advocates.

Registration in advance is required. Space is limited. If you are attending HP Discover, simply add the course when you register for HP Discover, or login to your existing HP Discover registration account and add the course to your conference pass options at any time. One class is included with your HP Discover conference pass.

If you are unable to attend HP Discover but would like to attend Vivit Advanced Training, contact me directly to register.

You can download a printable informational sheet on Vivit Advanced Training from the link below.

I hope to see you there.

Download File (PDF)

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Call for Vivit Advanced Training courses and instructors

Posted By Laura Walker, Education Chair, Vivit Board of Directors, Thursday, July 26, 2012

Once again, Vivit is looking for practitioners with advanced knowledge and implementation of HP Software products to provide Vivit Advanced Training for members in conjunction with the HP Discover conference in Frankfurt, Germany, 4-6 December 2012.

Vivit has successfully provided Advanced Training classes on HP Software solutions at HP conferences since 2007. Even with the culmination of the new HP Discover conference, these deep-dive classes are still in high demand. Vivit is finding that members are achieving success from these classes by helping them become the best and brightest in their field(s).

"This class broadened my understanding of the capabilities of ALM 11 in only 4 hours. I am now able to create my own roadmap of best practices for my test team.”

"Instructor clearly has real-life experience to help attendees avoid pitfalls.”

"If there were more of these classes, more users would become more confident users.”

–Vivit Advanced Training Participants, June 2012

Some practitioners that have provided training in the past include:

  • Olli Laiho (Assure) – Application Lifecycle Management
  • Mark Tomlinson (Shunra) – Performance Center
  • Chaim Amar & Daniel Klevansky (UniViews) – uCMDB
  • David Van Heusden & Richard Verburg (Westbury) – Service Center/Service Manager

If you are an HP practitioner with advanced knowledge and implementation of HP products and are interested in instructing a deep-dive course at HP Discover in Frankfurt, please contact me at

Please note that we are working with HP to determine the best time to hold the training as well as whether or not the training should be sponsored and offered to delegates for a nominal fee. More details will be identified in the coming weeks; however, knowing your interest at this point will accelerate the inclusion of Vivit Advanced Training in the HP Discover registration system.

Note: This is a call for Vivit Advanced Training classes (training courses offered by HP Software practitioners in conjunction with HP Discover) and not a call for papers (track sessions during the event).

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Vivit Advanced Training -- What Registrants Are Saying

Posted By Chris Scharer, Education Chair, Board of Directors, Friday, May 25, 2012

I've talked with some of the registrants for the
Vivit Advanced Training and have compiled their input on what they are looking to get out of our classes. Following are some of the courses with what registrants have to say. You can click on their name. For a full list of Vivit Advanced Training courses and registration instructions, click here. Training will take place on June 4, 2012, in Las Vegas. It's not too late to register.

Deep Dive into HP ALM 11 (Assure)

>> Steven Hulse, Quality Assurance Systems Support Specialist with Cabela's

HP Service Manager Performance Tuning Workshop (StrataCom)

>> Laura Gardner, Developer/Administrator (HP ServiceCenter) with BD

>> Darla Burk, PR SWE


Deep Dive into HP ALM 11 (Assure)

Steven Hulse, Quality Assurance Systems Support Specialist with Cabela's says…

I’m the admin for our instance of ALM. I performed the upgrade from v10 to v11 and will be performing the installation of Performance Center soon. I also administer our Serena Business Mashups application and enterprise Architect.

I’ve been a tester for about 7 years now (ISTQB certified in 2007) but since ALM came on board I haven’t really tested much other than my own stuff as ALM keeps me very busy! When we upgraded to ALM we saw this as an opportunity to change and fine tune some of our processes and have been working on utilizing the cross project customizations and template features of ALM. In the past we would set up a domain and project(s) for each project that was being worked on, now we are aligning them based on the various lines of business Cabela’s has. This way we can be more efficient with test cases and requirements.

I’m also in the process of getting things ready to perform the installation of Performance Center. It looks to be like a fun challenge and a great learning experience.

I’m hoping to further my knowledge on ALM and Performance Center with not only the Deep Dive class but also obtain my certification in ALM. I’m looking forward to this year’s event and meeting other ALM, QTP and Performance Center users and "talking shop” and possibly helping them with any issues they may have. I’m in the process of teaching myself VBScripting so I can start doing more with the OTA development.

I try to be as active in the HP community as I can by participating in the Vivit, HP and Linked in forums and groups. I know there are others out there that have questions and need help and I try my best to help them as much as I can. Work keeps me busy with supporting a little over 300 users and several offshore teams so I’ve gone from an eight hour workday to almost a 24x7 support role for ALM. I don’t mind it as I know these folks need to be productive so Cabela’s can deliver legendary service and products!

HP Service Manager Performance Tuning Workshop (StrataCom)

Laura Gardner, Developer/Administrator (HP ServiceCenter) with BD says…

I am the System Administrator as well as the developer for our HP ServiceCenter 6.2 implementation. We currently use the Interaction, Incident and Change Modules as well as the Configuration Management module. Our system is highly customized on the front end, but we have made no changes to the RAD. We are pushed out to an oracle database. We plan to upgrade to ServiceManager in February 2013. I have been the Admin/Developer for over 10 years, and I still learn something new almost every day.

Darla Burk, PR SWE says…

I have worked for my current company for 16 ½ years, I have been working within the team responsible for Service Manager for 12 years. We are currently running Service Manager 9.21. We plan on upgrading to 9.3 by the end of Q3 this year. Within Service Manager we utilize all modules with the exception of Request Management which we are in the progress of implementing this year as well. We have a large volume of transactions that come in from both the client as well as web services. When we migrated to SM 9.21 at the beginning of this year we went from the majority of our users utilizing the desktop client to everyone utilizing the web client. We continue to hear complaints about the slowness of the application, hopefully I will gain some helpful tips from attending the class that we can implement to improve the overall customer experience with Service Manager.

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Call for Vivit Advanced Training Classes & Trainers

Posted By Christopher Scharer, Education Chair, Board of Directors, Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vivit has been successful in providing Vivit Advanced Training classes at HP conferences since 2007. Even with the culmination of the new HP DISCOVER conference last year (which was the largest HP event ever), these classes were still in high demand. Vivit members who offer training are not only helping other members become the "Best and Brightest" in their field(s), but they are also growing their career and resume by offering their expertise through this instructional opportunity.  Once again Vivit is looking for HP practitioners with advanced knowledge and implementation of HP products to provide deep-dive training to our members.

Some practitioners that have provided training in the past (as recently as the HP DISCOVER EMEA event in Vienna, Austria this past November) include:

  • Olli Laiho (Assure) - ALM
  • Mark Tomlinson (Shunra) - Performance Center
  • Chaim Amar & Daniel Klevansky (UniViews) - uCMDB
  • David Van Heusden & Richard Verburg (Westbury) - Service Center/Service Manager

If you are an HP practitioner with advanced knowledge and implementation of HP products, then I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on the Vivit Advanced Training Classes at the 2012 HP DISCOVER conference at the Venetian in Las Vegas on June 4th.

If you are interested in providing a Deep Dive Advanced Training class at the 2012 HP DISCOVER conference in Las Vegas this June or would like more information, please contact Jim Murphy  or myself

Note: This is a call for Vivit Advanced Training Classes (training courses offered by HP Software practitioners prior to the event) and not a Call for Papers (track sessions during the event).

Download File (DOC)

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Advanced Training at HP DISCOVER Vienna 2011

Posted By Christopher Scharer, Education Chair, Board of Directors, Monday, October 3, 2011
Updated: Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For those of you that are new to Vivit, you may not have heard about the Vivit Advanced HP Software Implementation Training that will be available at HP DISCOVER Vienna in November. This is the first year that Vivit will be offering the Training at the EMEA conference, and we are very excited about this opportunity for our members. The Vivit Advanced Training began in the US in 2007 and has since been an ideal opportunity for end users to gain valuable training on current topics. These much-demanded and highly ranked classes are four-hour deep dive implementation and integration tutorials from Vivit members who are consultants and vendors in the HP Software space. The classes start where most others leave off and provide real-world implementation experiences and examples from practitioners who are in the field solving business problems with HP Software tools every day.

Following is the course listing. You can register for these courses in conjunction with your HP DISCOVER registration account. Simply add a course as a registration item. The cost per training course is 300€. If you have questions, email me at

1. Deep Dive into HP ALM 11
Time: Monday, 28 November 13:00-17:00
Location: Courtyard Vienna Messe
Instructor: Olli Laiho, Senior QA Consultant and HP ALM expert, Assure

After participating in this Deep Dive training, you'll know what it takes to gain full benefit of the new features in ALM 11, including e.g. Project Planning & Tracking and HP Sprinter. The course also includes many overall best practices of using and maintaining HP ALM. The training is based on extensive experience in deploying HP ALM and teaches how to successfully implement HP ALM while avoiding pitfalls.

The course is suitable for both HP Quality Center and HP ALM users.

Course level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisites: Participants should have at least ½ year of experience in using HP Quality Center or HP ALM.

Target Group: Test Managers, Software Quality Engineers, QA Managers, Tool Specialists, QC Administrators

2. Deep Dive on Application Performance Engineering with Shunra Software
Time: Monday, 28 November 13:00-17:00
Location: Courtyard Vienna Messe
Instructors: Mark Tomlinson, Senior Performance Engineering Consultant, and Matthew Brady, Senior Performance Engineering Consultant, Shunra Software

Take your performance testing skills to the next level! This deep dive session helps testing engineers learn a structured and repeatable approach to application performance engineering using a combination of several products from HP and Shunra Software. The Shunra Application Performance Engineering framework is a common-sense arrangement of practices, processes and deliverables that help to organize the performance engineering activities into a more comprehensive and efficient program. You'll learn how to enhance the planning of your performance tests by first discovering the real-world conditions of the end-user environment, leveraging information from production monitoring. You'll learn how to effectively incorporate real-world conditions into your testing labs or staging environment. Then we'll spend time digging into the workings of a real application and infrastructure, analyzing the performance issues and limitations. At the end, we'll help you learn how to bring all the raw data together and produce a business case for solving and improving the performance of your application and validate the remediation of the real performance issues.

Specific skills acquired will include:

  • Introduction to a repeatable framework for Application Performance Engineering
  • How to enhance performance test planning with data collected from and about the real world of the end-user. How to include more than just the basic business flows or SLAs.
  • How to recreate the real world in your testing lab – with various solutions from HP and Shunra combined
  • Single User performance testing and diagnostics – looking into application behaviors, resource abuses, application scoring
  • Multi-user performance testing – how to repeat the real-world load of multiple users consuming resources from the application systems and the infrastructure
  • Steps for Application Performance Analysis and how to correlate the information from multiple sources into actionable format for decision-making
  • Hands-on exercises for analysis and cost justifications for performance optimization or remediation

The course is suitable for users of HP products related to performance testing, monitoring, analysis and diagnostics.

Course level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisites: Participants should have at least 1 year of experience in using HP LoadRunner and/or HP Diagnostics. Knowledge of Shunra products and solutions is not mandatory.

Target Group: Performance Engineers, Performance Testers, System Administrators, Network Administrators, System Analysts and Managers, Performance Management Specialists, Tool Specialists


3. A Practical Approach to Operational Reporting from HP Service Manager / HP Service Center
Time: Monday, 28 November 13:00-17:00
Location: Courtyard Vienna Messe
Instructors: Richard Verburg, Technical Consultant, and David Van Heusden, Product Manager, Westbury

Attend this class and learn about the reporting options from HP Service Manager and gain practical insight into how you can access data from HP Service Manager.

Specific topics will include:

  • Why ITSM reporting? Understanding the importance of reporting from HP Service Manager and the need for an iterative approach
  • Steps involved in the reporting process: from requirements gathering to the distribution of completed reports
  • Which reporting options are available from HP Service Manager? From dashboards within HP Service Manager to generic reporting technologies to point solutions
  • Where does HP Service Manager store the data you need and how can you access this data?
  • Dealing with some of the tougher data challenges from HP Service Manager: array fields (e.g. clocks, journals), CLOBS, BLOBS
  • Hands-on exercises for defining, building and running reports
  • Reviewing reports and understanding how and where to zoom in for added value


Target Group: HP Service Manager users


4. Advanced uCMDB Management and Extension Processes
Time: Monday, 28 November 13:00-17:00
Location: Courtyard Vienna Messe
Instructor: Chaim Amar, CEO, and Daniel Klevansky, CTO, UniViews

As uCMDB and BSM evolve and integrate, there is a growing need for easier, more generic integration and data management capabilities. Come for a refresh on the concepts of uCMDB and CMS in HP, specifically the architecture of the new uCMDB. Through the use of the generic DB adapter and the new uCMDB integration studio, we will demonstrate the process of customizing a discovery adapter, manipulating integrations and managing the process of CMDB population. Learn how to extend the out-of-the-box discovery capabilities and add new classes. Explore the new interface highlights and see previews of uCMDB management processes.

Target Group: uCMDB users



I look forward to seeing you in Vienna at the Vivit Advanced Training classes. And if you are interested, following is a list of our past course offerings:

2007 US Regional Event
  • Test Director, QTP Winrunner, Business Process Testing, Center Management
  • HP Change Manager Best Practices (CCM)
  • HP Radia x86 End User Computing management.
  • HP Service Center Implementation
  • BAC OVOW Integration
  • OVOU Best Practices
2009 HP Software Universe (US)
  • HP Operations Orchestrator: Implementation and Integration Strategies.
  • HP Quality Center/QTP: Enhancing Integration Using API Technology
  • HP Service Manager 7: Leveraging the Web Service Architecture for Secure, Reliable, Real Time Application Integration.
  • HP Service Manager 7: Advanced Tailoring, Concepts, and Best Practices.
2010 HP Software Universe (US)
  • Leveraging Web services architectures for secure, reliable, real-time application integrations (Monday Afternoon)
  • HP Service Manager advanced tailoring concepts and best practices
  • Run-Book Automation - What is it? What are the use cases? Is this just for the help desk? I heard it can be used for integrations?
  • Network Node Manager 8i implementation best practices
  • Advanced Sitescope VuGen scripting
  • HP Network Automation hints, tips, and implementation best practices
  • A practical approach to operational reporting from HP Service Manager / HP Service Center
  • Best practices for Customizing AlarmPoint Integrations with HP Operations Manager and Network Node Manager
  • Network Node Manager 9i Implementation Best Practices
  • HP Operations Orchestrator: Implementation and Integration Strategies.
  • Advanced uCMDB Management and Extension Processes
  • HP Service Manager v9.2 Implementation Best Practices
  • HP BAC for Siebel : BPM, RUM, SiteScope Monitoring Solutions for Siebel and Advanced VuGen Scripting
  • HP NNM 7.x to HP NNMi 9 Migration path and Implementation Best Practices
  • A Practical Approach to Operational Reporting from HP Service Manager / HP Service Center
  • Best Practices for Customizing AlarmPoint Integrations with HP Operations Manager and Network Node Manager


Christopher J. Scharer

Director (Education Chair)

Tags:  ALM  Application Performance Engineering  Assure  HP Service Center  HP Service Manager  Quality Center  Shunra  Training  UCMDB  UniViews  Westbury 

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Message from Michael Collins, President of Vivit

Posted By Michael Collins, Thursday, June 30, 2011

Entering the third year of my term on the Vivit Board of Directors, I am very excited by all of the opportunities that we are presented with at this time. Recently appointed by my peers to the President position, I am humbled by the chance to work with such a great group of Board members, chapter leaders, staff, and most importantly, the user community which makes this organization so great.

We recently launched a long awaited Vivit website community which is vibrant, well organized and easy to use. We continue to migrate all of the functionality of the old site and introduce new features so that it makes for a better user experience.

Recently, we held our semiannual face-to-face Board meeting which took place at HP Discover in Las Vegas. The board reviewed overall organizational health and current direction. The stability and health is at the highest point in many years both as an organization and in membership.


We also held a chapter and SIG leader meeting at the conference which provided the perfect opportunity to discuss improving processes, relationships, and tools to serve the entire community even better. We can't thank Vivit chapter and SIG leaders enough for their hard work throughout the year as well as their participation in the Vivit exhibit at HP DISCOVER.




Vivit members also convened for the annual meeting, followed by deep dive round table discussions. We presented the status of the user community in an open forum, Karen Semonson passed the "President” torch to me, and then members shared their knowledge and best-practices on HP Service Management, Functional Testing with BPT/QTP, Performance Testing and Engineering, and Quality Center API.

The Advanced HP Software Implementation Training organized by Jim Murphy, Vice President, was another success. Subject matter experts from the Vivit community provided eight different deep-dive training sessions in the hours leading up to HP DISCOVER.


To top it off, we co-hosted a user community appreciation party for existing and new members. We presented Laura Walker with the 2011 Leader of the Year award for the Americas region.




 In my opinion, HP DISCOVER was one of the most exciting events in the past several years. The combination of the various conferences, as well as bringing the hardware and software constituents together, worked out better than I had imagined. Appealing to and surpassing 10,000 attendees was a feat in itself, but the way in which the event was organized, as well as the DISCOVER Zone show floor, lent itself to fantastic collaboration and presentation.



I would also be remiss if I did not mention the phenomenal exclusive musical event. I have no idea how Paul McCartney could be topped, but I am excited to find out next year!

Likely, what I am most excited about is the current state of our local chapters and membership. We have a very active user base which is reflective in the individuals who make up Vivit. The new chapters which have improved the global presence of the organization are key to further success. I am also excited for our next meeting in conjunction with HP DISCOVER in Vienna later this year to see how we build upon the successes of the first part of the year.

Vivit will continue partnering with HP, partners and other user groups while we remain your independent voice of the HP Software User Community, promoting community, education and advocacy. Check out the new website and all is has to offer. Be sure to update your profile

Michael Collins
President, Board of Directors

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