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2013 Vivit award nominees (Americas region)

Posted By Martijn Stuiver, Chapter & SIG Chair, Vivit Board of Directors, Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Updated: Thursday, May 30, 2013

There are many career-building and growth opportunities within Vivit. The nominated Vivit Leaders below are real live evidence of those who were appreciated by peers for their time, energy, and commitment to make relationships and community events succeed—a proof of growth.

But what does it mean to grow one's career? It often sounds empty, cumbersome, and time consuming. Well we all know that the success of a team or organization always succeeds the growth of people. At least I hope so. 

And yes this is a journey of learning. And how do you learn? It does make me think of high school learning programs on dull topics I was not always interested in. Well the learning styles of Kolb show us: experience it, reflect on it, think about and act on it. Or pick your own personal learning style at Bottom line: start experimenting.

These nominees started to invest in this process some time ago. Asking and discussing feedback on hosting their sessions, organizational skills, or presentations. So what I really want to thank this year’s nominees for is showing us what it's all about: growing and learning professionally by experiencing it!

I think this is a great example for us. But keep in mind, "what needs to be instantly perfect, does not get the opportunity to grow.” And that’s just what they pragmatically did.

Also interested in organizing your growth? Please refer to some suggestions:

Laura Walker
Vivit Director, Chapter/SIG Leader
Leader of the Year

Todd Decapua
Chapter/SIG Leader
Leader, Champion, and
Speaker of the Year

David Broerman
Florida Chapter Leader
Leader and Champion
of the Year

Chuck Masters
Mid Atlantic Chapter Leader
Leader of the Year

Bernard Szymczak
Ohio Chapter and
TQA SIG Leader
Leader of the Year

Rocky Pisto
Chapter Leader
Leader, Champion, and
Speaker of the Year

Mary Kay Petersen
HP SM SIG and Oregon
Chapter Leader
Leader and Champion
of the Year

Scott Anderson
Iowa Chapter Leader
Leader and Speaker
of the Year

Steven Kiss
Chapter Leader
Champion of the Year

Wendy Wheeler
Network Management SIG Champion
Champion of the Year

Chuck Fugee
Chapter Leader
Champion of the Year

Bob Crews
Florida Chapter Leader
Champion of the Year

Mark Herbert
Chapter Leader
Speaker of the Year

Donna McJunkin
IT Project Manager
Speaker of the Year

Swamy Mandavilli
Functional Architect
Speaker of the Year

Laura Walker, Todd DeCapua, and Rocky Pisto have won the awards they were nominated for again this year, so they are not eligible to receive the award a second time. However, we want to thank and recognize them for their contributions.

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Building Your Career Through Vivit

Posted By Jim Murphy, Vice President, Board of Directors, Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Updated: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you ever wondered why so many people volunteer to work with Vivit throughout the year? It's because Vivit has a reputation for being the place to go in order to find the best and brightest minds in the HP Software community. With every acquisition HP makes, the need for brilliant software engineers and talented technology people only grows. Today's technology solutions are more complex than ever, and the number of people that know how to put all that technology together and create business value seems to be growing at a slower rate than demand. Vivit is a GLOBAL place where HP, HP Partners, and HP Customers come together to share best practices on how to deliver business value with HP Software and to share stories.So what's in it for you?

If you enjoy the never ending stream of technology that collects around HP from all over the world, you have a home with Vivit. Why you ask? This message is reaching over 10,000 people around the world who share your interests and goals. Many of them are willing and able to mentor you, all you have to do is:

1. Be willing to give away what you have learned. This is something I have learned that is a bit counterintuitive. If you complete a project and learned new lessons, or figured out a way to do something that is really neat, that knowledge has a limited lifespan. With the rate at which people are able to collaborate today, that lifespan is getting shorter all the time. I'm not suggesting that you give away something that might be considered intellectual property. It's the story about what you learned and what the results were along the way. If you share your story by creating a case study in success, lessons learned (good, bad & ugly), and how you were able to deliver that success, then Vivit is a channel available to you to share your story with your peers. Why? "Who you are” will change by the end of the presentation because the "who knows you” factor has grown. Talk to a chapter or special interest group (SIG) leader and ask for help telling your story. Most of them have a treasure trove of examples and resources for you to use. If you enjoyed talking at a local chapter event or SIG webinar, send in your success story to the HP Discover conference. Customer success stories are the most valuable presentations HP can include.

2. Lead a local chapter or worldwide special interest group (SIG). The great thing about leading a local chapter or SIG is that you will get real-world leadership experience, day one. You will have management problems to solve like figuring out where to hold meetings, how to hold meetings, and when to hold meetings. You will have to find people to speak at the meetings. The budget realities are pretty real world too. What's in all that effort for you? If you can put together a local chapter or SIG, you will have the opportunity to work with and learn from people who have been leaders at Vivit, HP, and the partner community for many years. You will learn about the HP Software industry and who the players are, and they will learn who you are. Many people who have come through Vivit over the years have found contacts and resources to help develop their career into management roles through the network of leaders at Vivit.

3. Be ready to go global. The global ecosystem that surrounds Vivit supports many types of roles and careers. There are implementation gurus, solution development specialists, software developers (yes, some of the HP software developers are members), Sales people, marketing, managers, and executives, from all over Earth. Everyone that is part of Vivit has a need to solve business problems and to grow their careers, wherever they are. As you see the LinkedIn updates or the other social media updates, take a good look from where those updates are coming. The global reach of Vivit has existed since its earliest days. Today it is accelerated with the internet and social media. If you are a leader with Vivit, you interact with the world every day, and the world will respond in surprising and positive ways. We share with and educate the best and brightest people HP has access to…on Earth.

So what am I proposing? That you go forward and push what you know into the world though Vivit and that the world will respond positively? Yes, that is how it happens. In today's world, it's not "who you know”, but "who knows you” that is important. Vivit is open for you to go from wherever you are today, and to become known around the world. There are those of us that have done this already. I consider the people I have worked with around the world as business partners to be more than that; they are my inspiration.

Some of you are smiling because I'm telling your story. If you have grown your career through Vivit, tell your story by posting a blog in your Vivit profile or send it to us. Where has Vivit taken you?

Click here for a list of ways to get more involved in Vivit.

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Backstage Interview with President, Michael Collins, and Vice President, Jim Murphy, at HP DISCOVER Vienna 2011

Posted By Susan Russel, Friday, December 9, 2011
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Thoughts on another successful Vivit event.

Posted By Michael Collins, Vivit President, Wednesday, December 7, 2011
As I fly back to America from the HP Discover show in Vienna this week, I have plenty of time to reflect on the years of participation by so many colleagues. Vivit has truly become an amazing organization which now has several interesting features. The organization has been around long enough now to see many of its member grow in their careers from initial technical administrators into specialists, management, architects and executives.

All the while, membership has not lost its technical edge with the individuals continuing to represent the "best and brightest” that we proclaim you are. However, just as interesting is the global nature and of the organization now. We are almost exactly split in our membership 50/50 between members in the Americas and with the rest of the world. Then it becomes even more interesting to look at the product representation of our membership – almost 50/50 between Operations products and Applications products.

Our membership has increased significantly and we have expanded into 53 Chapters spanning 19 countries, with 7 worldwide Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and 110 Chapter and SIG leaders. We are working on having the Vivit members once again provide Track Content and Chairs for HP Discover and collectively the group of all the members has reached new heights. I found the picture below that I snapped with my phone very ironic at the welcome reception so I thought I would share it here. Most importantly though, is participation. The ability to interact with our EMEA HP counterparts, HP Partners and most importantly Vivit members has been one of the most exciting events for the EMEA region in years, with over 7,000 participants in total! But actively participating in local chapter events, Special Interest Groups, Forums, Blogs, Training, Webinars, Road Shows, Presentations and everything else that Vivit offers is the key to the organization helping to grow the careers of you, its members.

Vivit is very proud of the membership, in particular due to the fact that we require active participation by all members within the past 12 month period in order to continue being counted as a member. While some organizations may have a large list of people that may have been involved or on the mailing list at one time, Vivit is a community of individuals who participate. I know that I am looking forward to attending the next event. Michael Collins, Vivit President.

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