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New Leadership - September 2013

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Updated: Thursday, August 8, 2013

Get Connected

We welcome the following leader and his expertise. We invite you to join his Local Chapters to share tips, best practices, and real-world experiences. Join a group by clicking on the Chapter name under the new leader and select the "Join Group” icon which will appear at the top of a group if you aren’t already a member. Connect to the leader by clicking on his name. Member sign-in required.

William Sheridan

Advanced MarketPlace
Chicago Chapter Leader
Minnesota Chapter Leader

"I have been the VP of Sales & Marketing of Advanced MarketPlace for 13 years. Over that time, I feel the greatest value I bring to the people I work with is showing them how to maximize every ounce of value from the solutions they own. Too often, the software industry has failed to help its customers get the most value from the products they purchase. Many customers are left with a tactical point solution when they could have an integrated enterprise system with a little help and direction.

With my new role as a Chapter Leader in the Minnesota and Chicago Vivit groups, I would hope to facilitate an understanding of how clients can leverage more of the functionality in their individual HP solutions, as well as how their investments can work in concert with their other existing investments to provide impactful solutions to their business."

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2013 Vivit award nominees (Americas region)

Posted By Martijn Stuiver, Chapter & SIG Chair, Vivit Board of Directors, Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Updated: Thursday, May 30, 2013

There are many career-building and growth opportunities within Vivit. The nominated Vivit Leaders below are real live evidence of those who were appreciated by peers for their time, energy, and commitment to make relationships and community events succeed—a proof of growth.

But what does it mean to grow one's career? It often sounds empty, cumbersome, and time consuming. Well we all know that the success of a team or organization always succeeds the growth of people. At least I hope so. 

And yes this is a journey of learning. And how do you learn? It does make me think of high school learning programs on dull topics I was not always interested in. Well the learning styles of Kolb show us: experience it, reflect on it, think about and act on it. Or pick your own personal learning style at Bottom line: start experimenting.

These nominees started to invest in this process some time ago. Asking and discussing feedback on hosting their sessions, organizational skills, or presentations. So what I really want to thank this year’s nominees for is showing us what it's all about: growing and learning professionally by experiencing it!

I think this is a great example for us. But keep in mind, "what needs to be instantly perfect, does not get the opportunity to grow.” And that’s just what they pragmatically did.

Also interested in organizing your growth? Please refer to some suggestions:

Laura Walker
Vivit Director, Chapter/SIG Leader
Leader of the Year

Todd Decapua
Chapter/SIG Leader
Leader, Champion, and
Speaker of the Year

David Broerman
Florida Chapter Leader
Leader and Champion
of the Year

Chuck Masters
Mid Atlantic Chapter Leader
Leader of the Year

Bernard Szymczak
Ohio Chapter and
TQA SIG Leader
Leader of the Year

Rocky Pisto
Chapter Leader
Leader, Champion, and
Speaker of the Year

Mary Kay Petersen
HP SM SIG and Oregon
Chapter Leader
Leader and Champion
of the Year

Scott Anderson
Iowa Chapter Leader
Leader and Speaker
of the Year

Steven Kiss
Chapter Leader
Champion of the Year

Wendy Wheeler
Network Management SIG Champion
Champion of the Year

Chuck Fugee
Chapter Leader
Champion of the Year

Bob Crews
Florida Chapter Leader
Champion of the Year

Mark Herbert
Chapter Leader
Speaker of the Year

Donna McJunkin
IT Project Manager
Speaker of the Year

Swamy Mandavilli
Functional Architect
Speaker of the Year

Laura Walker, Todd DeCapua, and Rocky Pisto have won the awards they were nominated for again this year, so they are not eligible to receive the award a second time. However, we want to thank and recognize them for their contributions.

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Vivit At Your Service

Posted By Mihai Grigorescu, South Africa Chapter Leader, Monday, January 28, 2013
Updated: Monday, January 28, 2013

Just like every other major player in the IT market (eg, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP), HP has its own user community that is run by actual HP users and practitioners. Membership is free and the community is used mainly for shared learning and networking.

So whether you are an HP software practitioner or whether you are at the other end of the spectrum and are only interested in hardware, this community is the place where everything is happening. From face to face meetings, to webinars, forums, tagging other members and forming virtual relationships, we’ve got it all…

Add to the mix an ever growing community and plenty of discounts available for HP events (such as HP Discover), as well as special deep-dive trainings, and you’ve got a crisp snapshot of what Vivit is all about.

So what is Vivit actually about?

Vivit, simply put, has started off as a "bunch” of practitioners coming together and talking shop on HP products from a pragmatic and operational viewpoint, backed up by years of experience using these products, in order to offer assistance to less experienced teams and companies, and enriching the overall quality of the community.

The members are doing the work voluntarily and are getting great positive outcomes out of everything.

As an example, here’s a snapshot of VIVIT’s goals for the last year – 2012.

Vivit fortes are the following (as a member, one would be able to tap into the potential of each and every point mentioned below):

ADVOCACY & COMMUNITY – a Vivit member could engage with the HP teams directly, without having to go through partner channels and the long way around. In Vivit, we have access to product managers, HP fellows, evangelist, etc. Connecting with peers and fellow IT professionals (all non HP employees) has given birth to many successful business relationships.

EDUCATION & DISCOUNTS – self-explanatory, people can attend free live rooms/webinars, and as attendance to HP conferences can sometimes be prohibitive from a monetary perspective for one or more individuals, Vivit is offering free passes and discounts to help the people attend these fabulous HP events.

So how does it work?

The way it works is pretty simple: In EMEA, each country has its own chapter (for instance, I lead the chapter for South Africa where we have around 100 members, and we’re all meeting around 2 times a year). The chapters themselves are linked altogether at a global level, so in essence these local groups are only relating to physical/geographic locations/boundaries.

Each chapter organizes their own events, where practitioners get together face to face, at a function, where they can talk shop or simply network. Since Vivit is supported by HP marketing, these functions are free, but they are only available to Vivit members.

Otherwise, members can just simply attend online events organized by the different special interest groups within Vivit.

What groups do we have?

For HP Practitioners, we’ve got:

Business Service Management

Configuration Management System

Data Center Automation

HP Service Management

Network Automation

Project & Portfolio Management Forum

Testing, Quality, ALM


For decision makers, we’ve got:


Business Intelligence

Cloud Builders



Security & Privacy- New

Big Data - New

So who does actually attend these "things” and what does the member base look like?

Well, see for yourself below. Our presence is mostly in the US and Europe, but rapidly expanding in Africa, Asia and India. We’re now over 14k members worldwide (stats as of end of 2012).

What are the demographics on these 14k members?

We’re looking at ~40% decision makers, ~40% operational end users, while ~20% are unknown.

Also, out of the total number of members, >60% have used HP software for more than 5 years…

So does it actually work out for the members or is it just a lot of talking?

ABSOLUTELY YES! – it works brilliantly…

For example, our few last webinars attracted between 150-200 people per webinar! And it looks like the people want more. The people we’ve connected through our network have engaged in long-term relationships and are now doing business together. We’ve saved others time and money by simply pointing them to the right people in HP at the right time, etc.

See the community calendar.

So, I’m an Accenture employee, is it really worth it joining the HP community?

Absolutely! One gets to meet peers and exchange information, exactly in the same manner we would on our Accenture Community of Practices (CoPs). Only that Vivit is global and only with an interest in HP products. So in other words, if you don’t get an answer from the CoP, or from HP, you would definitely find what you’re looking for in the Vivit community.

As 2012 grew to an end, we realized (as the trend showed us) that people were more inclined to attend online events than anything else, so we will pursue this model for 2013 and offer a great deal of interesting webinars, so join the Vivit community and make the most of our webinars!

Also, during the HP Discover events, we managed to get ~150 people registered to free deep dive training sessions offered by different HP and Vivit partners, as well as our own customer driven round table discussion.

Another record in registrations which simply confirms that in the ever changing world of IT, the hunger for information is out there. Vivit is just a means to quench that thirst, so join us, we’ll be glad to have you around and learn from each other.

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