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News from HP Software - March 2012

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Managing the end-user experience with HP Application Performance Management on SaaS

Last month, we introduced you to the ‘basics' of HP Software-as-a-Service. This month we'll present HP Application Performance Management on SaaS, the core of Business Service Management. It offers application owners, lines of business, and other stakeholders an ability to manage application performance and availability – identifying problems early within and beyond the firewall before they impact the end-user experience. Further, as an as-a-Service deployment, this improvement in the management of key business services is made even more cost-effective and faster to implement.

With APM on SaaS, users can:

  • Monitor applications, and application infrastructure from one console
  • Manage dynamic changes with the HP Run-time Service Model
  • Optimize the performance and availability of cloud, virtual and mobile services

And delivered via SaaS, users also benefit from:

  • Over a decade of proven Software-as-a-Service experience
  • A worldwide network of points-of-presence monitoring locations
  • Flexibility in deployment options to help manage growth utilizing OpEx, not CapEx
  • Rapid time to value, no long integration periods

APM on SaaS makes it easy to add critical insight to your systems and improve customer experience. Leverage the benefits of the Cloud and the proven expertise of HP SaaS, with the proven performance of HP Application Performance Management software, to drive increased customer satisfaction and greater business value to your organization.

For more information, read more about APM on SaaS or contact your HP representative today!


Discover Performance for IT Experts Discussion Board Consolidation

We have completed the consolidation of categories and forums in the Discover Performance Community for IT Experts (HP Software Solutions Community). We believe this will help members find forums quicker, with fewer "clicks”.

Consolidation summary :

- Combined IT Trends and Solutions Community category into one category called IT Trends and Solutions. All relevant forums/ blogs were copied into this category.

- Combined the Fun Zone, Software News and Events into one category called News, Events & Fun Zone. All relevant forums/ blogs were copied into this category.

- The Products category now contains all product related sub-categories, forums and blogs. We merged a number of forums together. In some cases we merged specific product Information & News forums into the support forums, which we now call the Support and News forums. In some cases there were several support forums for one product, so we merged these in order to minimize any confusion and provide you with just one forum to post questions and comments..

- We modified the name of some product forums, and here is a summary of the changes made:

Old category / forum name

New name

SOA Center

HP Systinet ( SOA Goverance)

SOA Center Support forum

HP Systinet ( SOA Governance) Support and News Forum

Business Availability

Application Performance Mgmt ( BAC / BSM)

Business Availability Center Support and News Forum

Application Performance Mgmt (BAC / BSM) Support and News Forum

Network Management

Network Management (Openview - NNM)

Network Management Support and News Forum

Network Mgmt / ( OpenView-NNM) Support and News Forum

Operations Management

Systems Management (OpenView-OP Mgmt)

Operations Management Support and News Forum

Systems Management (OpenView-OP Mgmt) Support and News Forum

Quality Center Community

Quality Center / ALM


For more information visit, www.hp.com/go/swcommunity


Check out the latest article on the New HP Software Support Blog!

HP Software Support has a new mantra; ‘Exceed Expectations'. The person responsible for making sure HP Software Support lives up to that goal, is VP of HP Software Support, Aileen Allkins. With a mission to make support service levels a competitive differentiator for HP, she is raising the bar on internal processes, technology upgrades and external communications. Keep up with the progress of her team, the latest innovations that are rolling out and get her views on the state of the art in software support as well as adding your thoughts and comments to her blog Exceeding Expectations. Please get involved and add your thoughts to this brand new initiative. ‘We are listening', like never before. Check out the latest blog post, Learning the customer environment.

Important Update about HP Software Web Events

In an effort to improve the overall quality of your experience, we will be enhancing our Web Events program over the next few months by:

· Publishing a rolling six-month calendar, to make it easier to plan your participation in our Live, Interactive Web Events

· Integrating with and utilizing the Community to provide the ability for Community members to proactively ask questions that will be answered during our Live, Interactive Web Events, and for those questions and answers to be published after the Events.

· Introducing two Web Event tracks, IT Leadership and IT Professionals, for our more business- and technically-focused participants

· Delivering theme-based, multi-part Series of Web Events (register only once, gain access to all of the Live, Interactive events in the Series)



Funding Innovation Through Application Portfolio Management (14 March)

A Live, Interactive Web Event for reallocating IT budgets and retiring applications

Is 40% of our IT budget invested in Innovation? Or are we spending 80% just keeping the lights on?

Most companies spend 80% on their current application portfolio, and only 20% or less on innovation. While we are constantly being asked to, "Do more with less”, rarely are there staff, budget and time available to identify applications that can – and should – be retired.

One of the principle challenges we face is identifying application dependencies: How does one application affect others? What happens if we pull the plug? Another is understanding the applications in our portfolio – what do they really do (and don't), how much do they really cost, and how satisfied are users?

In this Live, Interactive Web Event you'll learn about two powerful tools from HP Software to help resolve the "application bloat” problem: Application Portfolio Management (APM) and, Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDMA).

HP Application Portfolio Management enables IT to assess and prioritize the portfolio for rationalization and modernization opportunities based on both business goals and IT technology decisions, and then provides ongoing support through business events such as mergers and acquisitions, divestiture, and IT sourcing strategy changes.

HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping automatically and continuously discovers your applications and maps interdependencies from layer application layer to the networking layer and stores this information, minimizing the finger pointing within IT by creating a common view of the services that IT delivers and how the applications & IT infrastructure supports these services.

Featured HP Software Speakers:

Jimmy Augustine, Manager, Product Marketing

Bruce Randall, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Project & Portfolio Management Center, Application Portfolio Management



Accelerate Innovation Through Data Center Automation (15 March)

A Live, Interactive Web Event for running IT Operations at Internet Speed

Many IT organizations may feel that they already have "automation”. In a hybrid cloud world (datacenters + private cloud + public cloud), homegrown scripts and older-generation tools aren't enough – and they won't scale as new applications and services are developed and deployed.

Regain Control & Accelerate Delivery

In this "Live, Interactive Web Event”, you'll learn how HP's Cloud Services and Datacenter Automation solutions establish a flexible operating model for enterprise-wide systems, enabling companies to increase their speed to market, scale instantly, modernize systems, and adopt technologies in a secure, compliant, cost-effective environment.

Featured HP Software Speaker:
Aireen dePeralta, Product Marketing Manager, Data Center Automation



ICD-10 Compliance (20 March)

The Clock is Ticking: Achieve ICD-10 Compliance -- Now!

A Live, Interactive ICD-10 Web Event from HP Software & ResultsPositive

It's a fact: Payers, Providers, Pharmaceutical companies and Retailers must comply with ICD-10 regulations.

Who can help us do this quickly and correctly?
HP Software & ResultsPositive!

What do I need for ICD-10 compliance?
In addition to software tools that drive significant business value– ensuring that critical compliance dates are met – while controlling costs, you'll need impact and readiness assessment scorecards that deliver real-time visibility into the "ICD-10 compliance readiness” of your business processes, people, vendors, and applications.

Featured Speakers:
Barry Severns, HP Software's CTO - Business Strategy & Consulting, Health and Life Sciences
Russ King, ResultsPositive's Director, Product Development



Transforming Application Development: Bringing Dev and Test Closer Together (5 April)

Collaboration is the recurring theme in the application lifecycle. In preproduction, Agile methodologies are facilitating collaboration among

development teams, QA, and business analysts. And in production, IT operations (IT ops) teams are collaborating more closely to optimize application monitoring and management practices. So here's the question. Why do so many development teams and IT ops teams still have so little interaction with each other? After all, each has insights that could directly benefit the other. Yet all too often, they don't know how the other team works and they don't communicate well—or at all.

For most companies, there's a two-word answer: "It's complicated.” Developers are still struggling with their own set of challenges (some of which, ironically, have to do with the complexities inherent in Agile development), and IT ops employees are so often overwhelmed with "keep the lights on” tasks they cannot contemplate yet another layer of complexity in their work. However, the opportunities and advantages of increased collaboration between these two groups should far outweigh any short-term inertia—and cloud computing initiatives can serve as the catalyst for bringing development and IT ops together.

This Web Event outlines how companies can begin to integrate traditional development functions with traditional IT operations functions, and thereby create something completely non-traditional: the ability to respond to change quickly and efficiently. Closer cooperation can lead to a smooth flow of information and insights between these teams that results in higher performance, easier-to-manage, easier-to-fix, more cost-efficient, anytime/anywhere IT services.

Featured HP Software Speaker

Ronit Soen, Product Marketing Manager, Application Lifecycle Management

Registration will open soon at www.hp.com/go/hpsoftwarewebevents

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