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Peek under the hood of the revitalized HP Cloud Service Automation

Posted By Collin Chau:, Friday, January 4, 2013
Updated: Monday, January 14, 2013

HP Cloud Service Automation is the industry's most comprehensive, unified cloud management platform for building, brokering and managing enterprise-grade application and infrastructure cloud services. Its open, extensible architecture enables your customers to improve responsiveness, while reducing costs and speeding time-to-market of application services for public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Services

We recently announced the updated HP Cloud Service Automation at HP Discover 2012 Frankfurt. This update offers customers :

  • Business continuity with a new highly available architecture that continues to operate, even in the event of a failure in any one of the web, application or database layers,
  • Greater flexibility with an open, extensible architecture for heterogeneous IT environments that now includes support for OpenStack and KVM cloud environments(OpenStack and KVM support available through integration with HP Continuous Delivery Automation), in addition to Microsoft® Hyper-V and VMware,
  • Protection against network, application and virtual-machine security threats with HP TippingPoint network and cloud security through HP TippingPoint CloudArmour solutions,
  • Manage multiple cloud environments using a single self-serve portal, delivering true hybrid cloud management.

With HP Cloud Service Automation, you can help IT organizations respond to rapidly changing conditions.

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Our new way to speed your application delivery

Posted By Michelle Pivonka, Friday, January 4, 2013
Updated: Monday, January 14, 2013

Our new way to speed your application delivery

Development and Operations IT departments are under pressure to deliver innovative applications faster, and overcome application release delays. These delays are often caused by the manual hand-off during various stages in the application life cycle.

The newHP Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA)software, announced atHP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt, enables customers to now deliver high-quality applications without further delays. HP Continuous Delivery Automation automates the application release process —from development and quality assurance, to staging and release into production. All of this is made possible through a single tool, available to all teams participating in the process.

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Build optimal skills with ExpertOne

Posted By Rie Tanaka, Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome to 2013 and what better time to take stock of your career and plan your next steps! It is about being on top of your game with the right skill set for today's market place. This industry needs people with skills that match the challenges in an ever changing IT environment.

What critical factors should you consider when determining your training and certification path? Join the HP ExpertOne Community -- start connecting with industry experts and leadership minded peers now. They can help you assess your skills and knowledge base against current demand. Read the full IDG Research report "Note to CIO's: Train and Certify your way out of the IT Skills Gap including insights from HP ExpertOne's director of learning product management, Rebekah Harvey

Whether you're a technical veteran or a newcomer, whether your aim is career advancement, helping your company achieve full ROI on their software purchase or validating your industry knowledge and skill set, HP ExpertOne training and certification is the best path to help you reach your goal. Newly released certifications include:

Career Professional certifications:

HP ATP – Performance Center v11

HP ATP – Vertica Big Data Solutions V1

HP ASE - BSM Operations Manager for Linux/UNIX Implementations v9

Partner Restricted certifications:

HP Technical Certified I - Implementing SaaS Solutions [2013]

HP Sales Certified - Selling SaaS Solutions [2013]

For the complete list of ExpertOne certifications, click here.

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New guide: a detailed look at Operational Analytics in BSM 9.2

Posted By Michelle Pivonka, Friday, January 4, 2013
Updated: Monday, January 14, 2013

Monitoring today’s dynamic IT environments to identify operational problems is becoming an increasingly complex task. With trends like cloud, virtualization, cloud sourcing and Bring Your OwnDevice (BYOD), IT teams often don’t know or can’t control what is in the environment.

To help IT teams better monitor their end-to-end environments, HP Software recently introduced Operational Analytics as part of the new HP BSM 9.2. OpsAnalytics offers IT organizations a new, unified approach that provides the right intelligence to accurately predict and prevent or resolveanytype of problem.

Get a detailed look at how you can use BSM to create comprehensive OpsAnalytics strategy in a new guide posted to our HP Software IT Experts Community, including screen images and explanations of how the tool works, and two links to demo videos so you can see OpsAnalytics in action. Access the full resource here.

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New Customer Case Study Available: Savvis

Posted By Anna Hoang, Friday, January 4, 2013

Savvis speeds up time-to-market for new cloud services

Savvis, a leading cloud services and IT outsourcing provider, wanted to increase efficiency and speed time-to-market. It achieved this with products from the HP Software IT Performance Suite.

Check out the case study!

Savvis customer case study: http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/News/New-Customer-Case-Study-Available-Savvis/td-p/5895259#.UMYgIIMr10w

Tags:  HP Software  IT Performance 

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HP UFT 11.5 New Product Movie - HP's new solution for modern functional testing

Posted By Ronit Soen, Friday, January 4, 2013

We're proud to present you the first product movie for UFT 11.5, HP's new generation solution for modernfunctional testing.

The movie consists of a few cool short product demos.


Check out the movie!

Tags:  HP  UFT  unified functional testing 

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Automate Your Way to the Pragmatic Cloud

Posted By Monica Lhotak, HP Software, Friday, January 4, 2013

ABCs of Hybrid Delivery - Automate All IT Tasks, Automate Business Services, and Automate Cloud Computing Delivery  


Thursday, January 31, 6am PT / 9am ET / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET  

Thursday, January 31, 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT / 7pm CET  


Many enterprise IT organizations are changing their mission from being a provider of IT services to being a broker of IT services. As part of this change, enterprises are deploying private cloud solutions to become more responsive to the business and drive down cost. Automation is a key pre-requisite to cloud, and automating operations today can lead to a smooth transition. Where to begin? Listen to this 3-step approach, starting with automating tasks, then IT processes, and eventually service delivery. Automate today for a smooth transition to cloud tomorrow.


Glenn O'Donnell 
Forester Research
Principal Analyst - Infrastructure & Operations

Tags:  automation  cloud 

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Transform your career and organization with new opportunities that reach beyond tech silos

Posted By Tanaka Rie , Friday, November 23, 2012
Cloud, consolidation, self-service, they are top of mind for all. To help HP customers & partners lead the way in cloud strategy development and implementation, HP released 3 new certifications around cloud including a HP Master ASE for Cloud Management v1 allowing you to confidently engage in the architecture, design, and implementation of cloud service systems. Grow your expertise and validate your skill set in some of the hottest topic areas with HP ExpertOne .

Whether you're a technical veteran or a newcomer, whether your aim is career advancement, helping your company achieve full ROI on their software purchase or validating your industry knowledge and skill set, HP ExpertOne training and certification is the best path to help you reach your goal.

Career Professional certifications:

HP ATP - Cloud Service Automation v3

HP ATP - Client Automation v8 

HP ASE - Operations Orchestration v9 

HP ASE - Server Automation v9

HP ASE - Software for Cloud Management V1

HP Master ASE - Software for Cloud Management V1 

Partner Restricted certifications:

HP Sales Certified - Converged Cloud. Converged Management and Security [2012]

HP Advanced Sales Certified - ITPS Cloud Builder Solutions [2012]

HP Technical Certified I - Vertica Solutions [2012]

Upgrade path:

HP ASE - Project & Portfolio Management v9 - upgrade from ASE - HP Project and Portfolio Management Center v8

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ASE Exam Schedule (North America)

Posted By Alex Alwin, Friday, November 23, 2012

11/30/12 Downers Grove, IL

12/07/12 Columbia, MD

12/17/12 Tampa, FL

01/11/13 Atlanta, GA

01/21/13 Phoenix, AZ

02/01/13 San Diego, CA

02/11/13 Tampa, FL

02/22/13 Toronto, ON

Choose from one of the following exam offerings:

  • Advanced PPM 9.x (HP0-M201P)
  • Advanced Server Automation 9.x (HP0-M230P)
  • Advanced Load runner + Performance Center 11.x (HP0-M99)
  • Advanced Functional Testing 11.x Quick Test Professional (HP0-M98)
  • Advanced Application Life cycle Management 11.x (HP0-M97)
  • Advanced Business Service Management 9.x (HP0-M200P)
  • Advanced UCMDB 9.x (HP0-M95)
  • Advanced Operations Orchestration 9.x (HP0-M202P)
  • Advanced Operations Orchestration 7.x (HP0-M93)
  • Advanced Server Automation 7.8 (HP0-M88)
  • Advanced Asset Manager 9.x (HP0-M96)
  • Advanced Service Manager 9.2 (HP0-M92)

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Talk DevOps at the HP Discover Performance Tour

Posted By Kelly Sutter, Friday, November 23, 2012

We’ve had great discussions in the other cities so if you’re in the Denver or Santa Clara area, here is your chance to join in. You'll here real world experience from top customers, get in discussion about how to achieve continuous delivery, and see demos on solutions that can build your best practices around DevOps, Mobility and Cloud to deliver business expectations. Take time to come out and join us!

· December 11 at the Santa Clara Marriott - learn firsthand about the DevOps journey from our panel of experts. As part of this event, enjoy a tour of the new 49er Santa Clara Stadium and experience the new generation stadium design. View the agenda.

· December 13 at the Denver Ritz Carlton - hear guest speakers from Delta Airlines and Sentara Healthcare View the Agenda

Register now to join us

Tags:  DevOps 

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