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News from HP Software - January 2012

Posted By Susan Russel, Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Support Blog live now! Come blog with our VP of HP Software Support, Aileen Allkins

HP Software Support has a new mantra; ‘Exceed Expectations'. The person responsible for making sure HP Software Support lives up to that goal is VP of HP Software Support, Aileen Allkins. With a mission to make support service levels a competitive differentiator for HP, she is raising the bar on internal processes, technology upgrades and external communications. Keep up with the progress of her team, the latest innovations that are rolling out and get her views on the state of the art in software support as well as adding your thoughts and comments to her blog Exceeding Expectations. Please get involved and add your thoughts to this brand new initiative. ‘We are listening', like never before.


Backstage at Discover Vienna brings highlights of event to you

What happens when an Aussie, a Belgian and a White Rabbit go to HP Discover Vienna? You get one of thebest ways to stay on top of all the news coming out of HP Discover Vienna 2011, that's what. View the daily wrap-up videos with HP Software bloggers (and industry veterans) Paul Muller, (the Aussie), Christian Verstraete (the Belgian) and Rafal Los(aka The White Rabbit) as they talk about software, the cloud, security and more. Also see more videos showing various exhibits, demos and 1:1 videos direct from the show floor. Hear what customers, partners, and analysts at the show think about what they learned and saw.

If you were not among the lucky 7000 people who attended Discover Vienna, but you would like to learn about the best of the more than 500 content-rich sessions, 45 hands-on labs, and 100 HP Experts in Meet-the-Expert sessions, then Backstage at Discover Vienna is just the ticket for you. It's your chance to peek behind the curtain at HP DISCOVER VIENNA.


HP Service Manager Entitlement Forum is Live!

HP Software has heard your requests to offer support via community forums and are piloting this activity on the Service Manager product. This forum (Service Manager Entitlement Forum Pilot) will only be accessible to those customers who have a valid support contract. This is an additional service for those customers who have a valid support contract on Service Manager.

Our expert team of HP Service Manager Engineers will be actively monitoring these forums to answer your questions. We encourage you to try out this method of support rather than placing a telephone call or logging an online ticket. We do realize that there will be cases where you need to open a support call, where we need to do more research, but we are hoping that you will use this forum to get any information or help on Service Manager topics.

Link to more info


Address the End-to-End Challenges of Mobile Application Delivery with HP Software

January 17, 2012

View Library of webinars and register now.

Are you aware of the challenges and do you have a plan to manage the challenges as your applications move to mobile platforms? Join HP Software experts as we discuss these challenges and how you can effectively manage them.


Automate your Mobile Application Testing and Stay Ahead of the Mobile Wave with Perfecto Mobile

January 17, 2012 (8:00 AM PST)

Register now.

Have you realized why automated functional testing is absolutely needed for mobile applications. Join this session to learn how to leverage existing ALM tools to test mobile applications.


The State of Backup and Recovery: How does your organization compare?

January 17, 2012 (9 AM PST)

View Library of upcoming webinars and register now.

Many organizations struggle with backup and recovery. To better understand these challenges and the steps organizations are taking to address them, HP commissioned Aberdeen Group to survey 180 senior IT executives at major US corporations and government agencies. The challenges organizations are facing, the technologies they implement to protect data and the future plans that are in place for improving this process gives insight to the state and direction of organizations with different needs. During this session, attendees will learn:

· Protection strategies commonly implemented based on cost of downtime

· Advanced data protection strategies that are most commonly used

· When a tiered recovery solution is most commonly implemented

· The top strategic actions organizations are planning to implement to address backup and recovery needs


How to Transform ‘Data' into Business ‘Information' – featuring United Airlines

January 19, 2012 (9 AM PST)

View Library of upcoming webinars and register now.

Join Silvia Prickel, Managing Director Performance Management, United Airlines, as she shares the secrets of creating the world's largest airline by using HP's Executive Scorecard to successfully govern a portfolio of more than 600 IT projects.

  • Focus: A comprehensive integration dashboard
  • Strategy: Bottom-up approach
  • Result: Harmonize cultural diversity, standardize terminology, consolidate data sources and align against one standard set of performance metrics


Can the Modern Enterprise also be More Agile? (ALM 11)

January 24, 2012 (6 AM and 10 AM PST)

View Library of upcoming webinars and register now.

Distributed teams, policy requirements and brittle legacy processes all threaten to make Agile a "name-only” initiative in large enterprises. Join this web event to understand how HP has helped customers identify and break down these challenges, showing that size and speed can coexist:

  • Learn about common pitfalls that development teams encounter as they adopt Agile, and how to avoid and overcome them.
  • Gain insights into what impacts Agile has on the complete application lifecycle
  • Discover how Agile can expand from a developer-led project initiative to a catalyst that transforms companies by fueling business agility.


Take the Guesswork out of Mobile Performance Testing with Shunra

January 24, 2012 (8:00 AM PST)

Register now.

Mobile applications can have enormous variation in performance, which can have astounding impacts on your production systems. Join this session to learn about how to leverage Shunra and HP to fully test the performance of your mobile applications in all network conditions.


The Power of Predictive Analytics – featuring Forrester Research

January 26, 2012 (6 AM and 10 AM PST)

View the Library of upcoming webinars and register now.

Cloud. Virtualization. Mobile. Each new enterprise initiative brings its own set of complexities and monitoring requirements. It's time to simplify IT operations by converting real-time data into actionable intelligence.

The power of predictive analytics:
Imagine anticipating IT issues and remediating operational problems before the business is impacted. That's the power of predictive analytics.

Join HP Software, featuring Glenn O'Donnell from Forrester Research Inc., for new insight on:

  • Evolution of IT Operations
  • The role of analytics in the future state
  • Achieving real-time advanced analytics in a dynamic world

Learn how to bring predictive control to real-time service delivery with HP Business Service Management to always perform better.


Expert Panel Discussion – Going Mobile featuring executives from HP, Perfecto and Shunra

January 31, 2012 (8:00 AM PST)

View the Library of upcoming webinars and register now.

An expert perspectiveabout mobile application challenges and solutions. Join HP Applications and Security leaders, along with HP Partners Perfecto Mobile and Shunra, who will focus on your questions about going mobile.


Edge-to-Enterprise De-duplication

January 31, 2012 (9 AM PST)

View the Library of upcoming webinars and register now.

Storage needs continue to expand, – but budgets don't. As a result optimizing storage capacity continues to be a top priority for virtually every organization. Deduplication has swept in to save the day, but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. For small and remote offices, deploying deduplication can mean additional complexity as IT staff may be stretched thin in small or remote offices. Choosing the right method for your organization requires analyzing your individual requirements and situation.

Join us for a discussion on how to choose the right deduplication method for your requirements, and how HP StoreOnce deduplication can provide you with cost-effective storage optimization and simplified, centrally managed backup and restore options today.

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News From HP Software - December 2011

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Updated HP Software Customer Support Handbook

An updated version of the HP Software Customer Support Handbook is now available on Software Support Online. Please take advantage of this information today.

The Handbook now includes information about:

- HP Software's new licensing portal

- HP Software Solutions Community

- Exciting features of Software Support Online Live Chat, and

- Response times for non-technical cases.

You can access the HP Software Customer Support Handbook at: www.hp.com/go/hpsoftwaresupport/HP_Software_Support_Handbook


New Support Blog live now! Come blog with our VP of HP Software Support, Aileen Allkins

HP Software Support has a new mantra; ‘Exceed Expectations'. The person responsible for making sure HP Software Support lives up to that goal, is VP of HP Software Support, Aileen Allkins. With a mission to make support service levels a competitive differentiator for HP, she is raising the bar on internal processes, technology upgrades and external communications. Keep up with the progress of her team, the latest innovations that are rolling out and get her views on the state of the art in software support as well as adding your thoughts and comments to her blog Exceeding Expectations. Please get involved and add your thoughts to this brand new initiative. ‘We are listening', like never before.


New Best Practices for HP Service Manager 9.30 Change Management process

 Available now on HP Live Network (www.hp.com/go/livenetwork) under the Service Manager community as a "Process Designer Content Pack”.

HP Service Manager (SM) customers need easier configuration and easier upgrades both of which reduce total cost of ownership and improve time to value. With these requirements in mind, HP SM 9.30 introduced a new capability known as Process Designer.

Arguably the most important process to take advantage of this new capability is Change Management. We have released new change "Best Practices” built on top of the new Process Designer. Other improvements to these best practices include simpler and more standard workflows (for example ITIL standard, normal, and emergency workflows) and improvements in change models that enable easier and more intuitive RFC creation.

During the creation of the new best practices, HP pulled together the expertise of consultants across the company to really make these best practices as opposed to simply pre-built templates as a starting point. Even with this, however, change management is frequently one of the most customized processes for individual customer environments. With these new best practices, we expect that over 80% of customers should be able to use over 80% of the delivered content. And, customization of the remaining 20% or less should be greatly eased by introduction of Process Designer.

To get an overview of these new capabilities, please watch a recording of an October 27 webinar Taking Change Management to the Next Level.


HP steps into the cloud with new capabilities in its industry leading Discovery and Dependency Mapping Advanced Edition (DDMA)

In November, 2011, at the HP Discover Conference in Vienna, HP released the latest set of enhancements and new features to the DDMA product through the introduction of Content Pack 10. As part of this release, DDMA has now stepped into the cloud with discovery capabilities that leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) and vCloud. Cloud and virtualization discovery allow DDMA to reach beyond the physical world and into the world of private and public cloud services, and virtualized environments. In addition, these new capabilities can address and escalate customers cloud transformation and associated planning activities.

The ultimate benefit of cloud computing, and AWS, is the ability to leverage a new business model and turn capital infrastructure expenses into variable costs. Businesses no longer need to plan and procure servers and other IT resources weeks or months in advance. Using AWS, businesses can take advantage of Amazon's expertise and economies of scale to access resources when their business needs them, delivering results faster and at a lower cost.

In addition, with vCloud discovery, Content Pack 10 enables DDMA the discovery of vCloud infrastructure including entities such as organizations, virtual data centers, vApps, vApp templates, catalogs, media, vApp networks, etc.

Check out what's new with the latest HP DDMA content pack at the DDMA web page.


Taking Moneyball to Enterprise IT

The movie Moneyball should be required viewing for the IT department. In the film, Brad Pitt plays Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane who used instrumented computer analysis to take unwanted players, buy them on a shoestring budget and build a winning team. The way the A's used statistical analysis to predict how potential draft players would perform was unique in 2001. It pales in comparison to the statistical analysis used by clubs today.

According to a survey conducted with IDG a few months ago, nearly four-fifths of CIOs say that proving the ROI of IT investments is necessary. However, many CIOs employ a fragmented approach to performance management, usually disparate programs that do not provide an orchestrated, comprehensive view of the entire IT landscape.

What CIOs need is comprehensive statistical, instrumented insight delivered via scorecards that can be easily digested by different levels of the organization. With these dashboards, IT leaders can access a unified view of their IT landscape and then use that information to adjust and respond to issues.The final result is the ability to use IT to its most strategic advantage with less time spent on operations and day-to-day maintenance.

So will your IT team be among the first to adopt a comprehensive performance management program or will your competitors speed ahead of you?

Get your popcorn and enjoy the movie!

Related links:

IDG/HP Research Brief: IT Performance at the Crossroads


Webinar: Vodafone Ireland anticipates and remediates IT issues faster

December 13, 2011

Get the power to anticipate IT issues – through proactive business insights that practically prevent issues, so that your organization can always perform better. During this video discussion, you'll hear the latest HP Business Service Management (BSM9.1) and how Vodafone realized 300% ROI within the first twelve months, transforming to a world class model of operational excellence



Webinar: Introducing Business Service Management 9.1 – upgrade to operational excellence

HP Business Service Management 9.1 opens up a number of exciting options enabling you to extend the capabilities of your operational and application performance management solution to address some of the complex challenges that many organizations are encountering as they move towards mobile, virtualization and cloud based implementations.

During this informative web event we'll discuss:
New features including mobile monitoring and web 2.0 support
Upgrade options and process to get to BSM 9.1
Real customer examples illustrating the benefits of upgrading
New opportunities to turn data into intelligence with predictive analytics

View the December 7, 2011 recording:



HP Operations Manager 9 - Upgrade to functional and financial benefits

HP Operations Manager 9 opens up a number of exciting options enabling you to extend the capabilities of your operational management solution to address some of the complex challenges that many organizations are encountering as they move towards dynamic virtualization and cloud based implementations.

During this informative web event we'll discuss:
•New features including extended virtualization support, web based administration UI and WMI support
•Upgrade options including OM server on Linux and best practices
•Operational efficiency and cost of ownership benefits
•Real customer examples illustrating the benefits of upgrading

View the December 6, 3011 recording:



Automate your compliance tasks and breathe easier

Don't fail another audit-- downtime makes front-page news. According to the Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal, "Automation is the first step to ensuring sustainable IT compliance.". Join this webcast as we share the steps to automate compliance audits and remediation to better enforce regulatory, corporate, and best-practice standards across large-scale infrastructure.
You'll hear customer examples on how you can:
Reduce the risk of failed compliance audits
Lower labor costs associated with compliance management
Protect your business against threats and vulnerabilities

View the December 8, 2011 recording:


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News from HP Software - November 2011

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Take change management to the next level

Enroll now to see the newest capabilities in HP Service Manager 9.30

We'll review foundational concepts that can help you improve your change management processes. We'll show you new change capabilities in HP Service Manager 9.30 that will extend these capabilities and simplify and accelerate the implementation and adoption.

You'll hear how new capabilities enhance HP solutions for change and configuration management and have helped companies achieve:

  • 40% increase in number of changes processed
  • 50% reduction in monthly emergency change rate
  • 85% decrease in time to produce audit evidence


 HP Software Support achieves highest industry support operations standards

September 30, 2011: The HP Software Support organization achieved TSIA Rated Outstanding Assisted Support North America certification, from the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). Rated Outstanding is TSIA's industry certification that recognizes outstanding service operations across a specific mode of support - in our case phone support for North American customers.

We strive to provide the best possible support for all of our customers, whether on the phone or via the web. To complement HP Software's Support online Community, HP Software Solutions Community, we recently launched a new resource center for IT Executives to help you assess how well your IT team is performing. Learn more in our Discover Performance online resource center, or sign up for our newsletter to receive access to strategies for IT executives featuring innovation and cloud computing, IT Performance and KPIs, and executive scorecards.


Inside Services

Read the Latest News From Inside Services! Welcome to the 7th edition of Inside Services- our quarterly customer newsletter!

Subscribe today by visiting the site and clicking "Subscribe”.

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News from HP Software - October 2011

Posted By Susan Russel, Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Updated: Tuesday, October 4, 2011

McKesson: Exceeding KPI metric goals - Learn how you can increase efficiency in your virtualized, dynamic environment

Register for the on-demand replay

Are you looking for a way to generate realistic forecasts and be able to right size your server footprint? Join HP Software featuring Ron Cornwell from McKesson, as he shares their journey in transforming their data center to efficiently manage their business services. You'll hear how McKesson has been able to visualize their key KPIs for services,optimize their server footprint and anticipate potential issue before they impair the business.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011
9am PT/12pm ET

Join HP and SHI who combine forces to discuss how one global service provider changed its business and gained competitive advantage with cloud. SHI recognized the critical importance of automation to provision their full-service company and, as a result, significantly reduced operational errors. This webcast will provide in depth analysis and information, which will be useful during your adventure to the cloud.

These leading authorities will also cover:

  • key triggers that accelerated the development of SHI's cloud strategy.
  • how to reduce the length of time for uncommissioned capacity from weeks to 4 hours.
  • the real value of automation in the cloud.

Reg link: http://www.eseminarslive.com/c/a/Cloud-Computing/HP100611/?partnerref=CL100611VIVIT


Perform better: Understand your IT landscape as never before
Thursday, October 13th, 2011
6:00am PT/9:00am ET and 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET

Hear about the new HP IT Performance Suite - the first systematic approach to sensing and measuring your entire IT-controlled landscape into a consolidated view for IT leaders. Join this webcast and you'll hear how you can align IT activities with business strategy & objectives, demonstrate IT value to the business with clear KPIs, and perform better across every IT process.

Reg link: https://h30406.www3.hp.com/campaigns/2011/events/M3-3M25MIT/index.php?rtc=3-3M42BAO&jumpid=ex_R11374_us/en/large/eb/vivit_understand_your_it_landscape


Meet the Experts Web Event: ALM 11
Thursday, October 6, 2011; 08:00 PT / 11:00 ET / 17:00 CET

Learn about SIX's Application Lifecycle Management implementation strategy, ALM 11 usage within strategic projects and setup, including The Requirements Tree, The Test Plan Tree and Implemented Workflow and Processes. Integration of ALM 11 with its order, task, project and software development environment will also be covered, followed by a Q&A session at the end.

Register: http://hpbroadband.com/program.aspx?key=14229MeettheExperts06Oct11


Meet the Experts: BSM(Omi) 9x Installation and Troubleshooting
Wednesday.October 12, 2011; 08:00 PT / 11:00 ET / 17:00 CET

Join us to learn what's new in BSM 9x installation, including:

  • BSM (OMi) (x Installation flow
  • Uninstall flow
  • Known issues
  • Installation DEBUG and Troubleshooting
  • Post-install & Configuration Wizards
  • Troubleshooting Guide

Register: http://hpbroadband.com/program.aspx?key=14229MeetExpert12Oct11


Meet the Experts: BSM 9x (Omi) Alerts & Troubleshooting
Wednesday, October 26, 2011; 08:00 PT / 11:00 ET / 17:00 CET

Attend this web event to learn about:

  • EUM Alerts
  • CI Status Alerts
  • SLM Alerts
  • Alert Permissions
  • EUM, CI and Sla Alerts and actions
  • Alerts and Downtime
  •  EUM, CI and Sla Alerts
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Backward incompatibilities

Register: http://hpbroadband.com/program.aspx?key=14229MeetExpert26Oct11

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News from HP Software - September 2011

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, August 31, 2011

HP Software Solutions Community Events

Register now for these informative webinar sessions:

August 31
Introduction to SiteScope API

September 14
NNMi integration with UCMDB

October 12
BSM Installation & Troubleshooting

October 26
BSM Alerts & Troubleshooting

November 9
BSM 9 SiteScope integration


McKesson: Exceeding KPI metric goals

Date: 9/29; 10amPT/1pmET

Link: https://h30406.www3.hp.com/campaigns/2011/events/M3-3LW37E1/index.php?rtc=3-3LXLM9H&jumpid=ex_R11374_us/en/large/eb/vivit_McKesson_exceeding_kpi_metric_goals_sdr_ptr/rtc_3-3LXLM9H/20110929

Are you looking for a way to generate realistic forecasts and be able to right size your server footprint? Join HP Software featuring Ron Cornwell from McKesson, as he shares their journey in transforming their data center to efficiently manage their business services.

You'll hear how McKesson:

  • Report: visualizes key KPIs for services from apps down and infrastructure up
  • Optimize: server footprint has been optimized based on actionable intelligence
  • Anticipate: potential issues before they impair the business

Learn more about how you can increase your ROI by using service intelligence to anticipate issues and lower costs.


Seagate: Shaping your cloud monitoring strategy

Date: 9/20; 10amPT/1pmET

Link: https://h30406.www3.hp.com/campaigns/2011/events/M3-3LL84EZ/index.php?rtc=3-3LN2ZXR&jumpid=ex_R11374_us/en/large/eb/vivit_seagate_shaping_your_cloud_sdr_ptr/rtc_3-3LN2ZXR/20110920

As the number of services delivered through the cloud steadily increases, strategies for monitoring those services are shifting.

Join us for a live video interview with Seagate Watch and participate in this discussion with Steve Katz from Seagate as he shares how they changed their application performance monitoring paradigms and strategies to keep pace with evolving cloud-service delivery models to ensure best-in-class user experience including:

  • Key strategies for monitoring cloud-delivered services
  • Tips for validating SLA compliance with cloud providers
  • Realizing the benefits of dev-ops

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News from HP Software - August 2011

Posted By Susan Russel, Friday, July 29, 2011

Solutions and Integrations Information is Now Available on HP Software Support Online

HP Customers can now find valuable information on solutions and integrations of HP Software products on Software Support Online's (SSO) Integration and Solution catalog – Software Solutions Now. This site provides HP Software Customers with a single-source reference and details needed to successfully implement, set up and maintain product integrations and ITIL-based solutions.

To access Software Solutions Now, simply visit HP Software Support Online and select the Software Solutions Now link from the shortcuts section on the right. You can also link directly to the Software Solutions Now page at: http://support.openview.hp.com/sc/solutions/index.jsp

The site is conveniently arranged around ITIL-based solutions, product integrations and ITIL processes for easy navigation. You can use all three perspectives to start navigating. If you know which products you are trying to integrate, you can use the integrations tab, look for the products you are trying to integrate and find all relevant information. If you know what ITIL process you are trying to implement, you can start from there. Or if you know which solution you are trying to implement, just look it up on the solutions tab. All information is cross-linked and is at your fingertips.

On the site you can find information like:

  • Comprehensive description of the solutions and integrations
  • Solutions and integrations compatibility matrix
  • Solution and integrations documentation that include system requirements, set up and configure guides, concept guides and more
  • Mapping of ITIL process to HPSW products, solutions and integrations

As with other support content, you must have a current Support Agreement ID (SAID) associated with your HP Passport account to access this information. So make sure you have a valid HP Passport account before using the site. If you don't have an HP Passport account, you can create one online with using your company's Support Agreement ID (SAID).

Start learning more about HP Software integrations and solutions now!

Visit: http://support.openview.hp.com/sc/solutions/index.jsp

If you have questions or feedback please direct them to Itai Maoz, Product Manager, itai@hp.com.


Where is my transaction? - Watch the 10 minute demo of HP TransactionVision

Transactions are the lifeblood of business operations. Managing the quality and performance of those transactions is absolutely critical. You need a solution that tracks more than just the infrastructure and processes. You need to be able to proactively monitor the actual transaction, and its payload, as it moves across the enterprise. HP TransactionVision allows you to track each transaction as it traverses your environments.

Watch this short demo to see how you can use TransactionVision to: Provide end-to-end visibility of individual business transactions Find a missing customer payment and see a detailed flow of the transaction Drill down into transaction issues and assess their financial impact

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News from HP Software - July 2011

Posted By Susan Russel, Thursday, June 30, 2011

Practitioner Forums for Applications Performance Management,Operations Management, Network Management, Service Manager, Asset Management, & Operations Orchestration

Hewlett Packard Software Enterprise Technical Marketing would like to invite you, the active Vivit community, to join newly established live forums that meet virtually twice a month to share knowledge, challenges, and expertise. These bi-weekly meetings, held as conference calls, are by invite only. An opportunity to sit at a virtual table with other like minded individuals (both HP customers and HP experts [Technical Marketing, Product Managers, R&D, etc]) and share your knowledge and experiences, questions and concerns, and in so doing have the opportunity to learn from the other practitioners doing the same at the table.

Please note that although the forum runs bi-weekly, I do not expect your commitment to be at ALL meetings, although my hope is that you will get so much value from the sessions that you will not want to miss any of them.

HP Software would be honored if you would agree to participate in this WIN-WIN opportunity, to sit at the one, two, or all five of the forums for which you consider yourself a practitioner.

For information on the practitioner's forums, please visit http://h30501.www3.hp.com/hpsws/?category.id=PractForum2 and review the Forum Overview pdf linked to that page.

These forums are not designed as a marketing activity or a replacement for the standard support or consulting services, instead they are an opportunity to build a community whereby through knowledge sharing the community builds strength.

The forums are designed for active practitioners, as such access is restricted. To gain access to the forum details you will need to register:

1) Got to www.hp.com/go/swcommunity

2) Click on upper right corner – in the black area – click on Sign In

3) Complete your HP Passport credentials

4) Next you will be asked to choose your Community Screen name. Please keep this screen name as close to your real name as possible.

5) You are now registered into the community!

6) VERY IMPORTANT – send an email to Heather Caldwell heather.caldwell@hp.com with your Community Screen name choice. This will allow her to provide you access to the private Practitioners Forum.

For tips on how to get started with the forums, visit the Get Started Guide.

If you have further questions, please contact Lindsay.parker@hp


Lindsay Parker

Technical Marketing Manager (BSM)

HP Software

+1 519 217 8941


HP Cloudcast Series: Five Key Steps To Get Smarter On The Cloud

Learn from experts about specific steps that you can take to manage and secure physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Join the upcoming webcast series that will take you through the entire process on how you can govern, deliver, assure, automate, and secure your hybrid world.

>> Register now for one or more in the series

Part 1: Govern Thursday, June 23, 2011

Build vs. Buy vs. Both – Decision making in the Cloud


Part 2: Deliver Thursday, July 14, 2011

Application Modernization: Business Drivers & Best Practices


Part3: Assure Thursday, July 21

Taming the chaos: why cloud assurance matters


Part 4: Automate Thursday, July 28

Three steps to preparing for the cloud with automation


Part 5: Secure Thursday, August 4

Securing your cloud-enabled business


Webinar: Integrated, Automated & Cloud-Powered Service Desk

See how HP Service Manager 9.30 consolidates service desk processes and helps IT perform better

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

Are you struggling to get more out of your existing help desk to support a growing end user population? Would you like to get a 50% decrease in emergency change rate, 25% service desk savings per month and 60% downtime reduction? Join HP in a live webcast, including demonstration, and you'll see the values and benefits of the new release including how you can improve time-to-value, accelerate change & incident management, increase end user satisfaction and take control of your IT environment.

Register now


Measure Your Cloud Maturity In 5 Minutes.

Take the NEW HP Cloud online assessment now and instantly receive a customized report that shows you how you stack up against your peers and recommends areas for improvement.

By taking the assessment, you'll get answers to questions like: Is the cloud saving or costing me? Are my cloud SLAs in line with my peers?

Simply answer 10 questions against three key performance categories:

  • IT value: how you demonstrate the value IT creates for the business
  • Customer satisfaction: how you meet or surpass service-level agreements
  • Operational excellence: your level of process excellence across the entire IT landscape

We suspect you will want to take advantage of this tool. Why? In May, HP emailed the VIVIT community inviting members to test out the assessment survey--while the tool was in development. We received an impressive 280 responses and nearly 100 completed surveys!

Don't wait. Get your own customized report by taking the assessment here and see how you compare.

Cloud online assessment: www.hp.com/go/CloudAssess

More about cloud: www.hp.com/go/CloudConfidence


Case Study: Modernize Your Requirements Management Practice

Building requirements is an essential business function, yet most organizations resort to building them within Word and Excel – providing little in the way of visibility to other groups or traceability to ensure requirements are met and tested.

In this webinar, hear Carrie Page share how the Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics IT ERP team used HP Requirements Management in their SAP environment to:

- Specify and link requirements making it easy to establish and identify relationships between requirements.

- Tie requirements to test cases and code, establishing a traceable link to the corresponding requirement definition.

- Link defects to test runs, to see which requirements are impacted by drilling down to the test run, test case, and to the linked requirements.

- Transition to a paperless requirements documentation environment

Register now.


Four Agile Tips to Eliminate Rework in Application Development

Your applications need to meet business needs, overcome complex processes, and provide instant results to customers. And, ideally, they'll require minimal rework on your part. The first step to success is requirements definition. In this article, Filip Szymanski of HP Software offers some tips from agile methods that will improve your requirements—even if you haven't otherwise adopted agile.

Read the article now.


voke Solution Snapshot Report, HP – Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11

Read the new voke Solution Snapshot Report, "HP – Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11.” voke outlines HP's approach to application lifecycle management, and how HP ALM 11 will challenge enterprise IT organizations to deliver value to the line of business, and how executives of organizations of all sizes will benefit from adopting an ALM solution to some degree and fostering its maturity over time. Learn more about why voke indicates that HP ALM 11 "is a category-defining product for its simplicity in design, yet a full-powered and heterogeneous application lifecycle solution that enables organizations to deliver on a brand promise through software.”


Join the Discover Performance Community for IT executives

Developed specifically for IT leaders, this dynamic community will focus on turning IT performance into business success. Subscribe today to receive Inflexion, a bi-monthly online publication that delivers actionable insights from peers, thought leaders, and analysts as well invitations to exclusive webinars and local events.

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Webinar: Application Modernization - Business Drivers & Best Practices

The world of applications is transforming and increasingly complex. The demands for new technologies like cloud & mobile, distributed global teams and lean methodologies have made it even more difficult to maintain competitive advantage and contain IT development costs.

Join HP's Matt Morgan and independent analyst Theresa Lanowitz from voke Inc on July 14th as they share the results of a recent study on application modernization.

In this discussion you will hear how other global enterprises are addressing application modernization challenges:

· What is the driving force behind modernization efforts

· What is the business case for modernization

· How other organizations are transforming their business through innovation and technology

· How much is being invested in innovation vs. maintenance (time, % of development effort, budget, etc.)

· How better quality, better performance and better security are addressed in modernization projects

· How companies are determining which applications to keep, change or retire

All registrants who say Yes to HP email via the registration form and attend one of the events in the 5-part series will be entered for a chance to win an HP Touchpad

To Register:



Case Study: Business Benefits

British Sky Broadcasting (Sky) Performance Testing Solution Delivers A 5.3 Month Payback

With 16,000 employees and annual revenues of more than £5 billion, UK entertainment and communications provider British Sky Broadcasting (Sky) delivers a wide range of services – including high definition television, home telephony and broadband. To succeed in its highly competitive and fast moving market, Sky constantly strives to deliver excellence to its 10 million plus customers. To ensure this, the company must guarantee that its mission critical systems are working at peak performance.

Using HP Performance Center, HP Diagnostics, HP TransactionVision and HP SiteScope as a centralized test environment, Sky was able to realize a payback in just 5.3 months after implementation, as well as an annual six figure ‘cost avoidance' savings. IT benefits included:

  • Internet used to enable 24x7 performance testing.
  • New root cause analysis and identification.
  • Test scenario coverage increased six fold.
  • Test throughput increased four fold.
  • Projects double with staff increases of 20 per cent.
  • Accelerated application roll-out to the business.

Learn more about Sky's performance testing transformation in the new HP case study.


2011 HP Software Awards of Excellence Winners

HP is pleased to announce the winners of its 6th annual HP Software Awards of Excellence. The awards recognize organizations using HP software to deliver business value through high-performing IT. Award winners were selected by an independent panel of judges.

The 2011 winners are:

  • T-Mobile: People's Choice Winner
  • Bankwest
  • Capital One
  • Kellogg
  • Sprint Nextel

HP applauds the leadership and success of the award recipients, who are transforming business by optimizing investments in people, networks, IT infrastructure, applications, and information.

Winning companies were recognized during HP Discover 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The HP Software Awards of Excellence are offered semiannually at HP Discover events. Read more about this year's winners

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Get more with an integrated, automated & cloud-enabled HP Service Manager 9.30

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Attend this live web event to find out how to get more benefits by moving from your current HP service desk platform to HP Service Manager 9.30.

Increase productivity with mobile extensions and enhanced knowledge management

· Improve ease-of-use with GUI-based process designer and simplified reporting

· Enhance end-user satisfaction with support self-services and new survey capabilities

· Easier updates with streamlined utility-driven processes and new data migration assessment

Date:Thursday, June 30, 2011
Length: 60 minutes
Time: 09:00 PT / 12:00 ET / 18:00 CET
Click here to convert timezones.

Register now.

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News from HP Software

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Upcoming HP ITRC Forums Migration to the HP Software Solutions Community

HP's long-standing business support discussion forums on the IT Resource Center will soon be getting a new home! The ITRC forums will be migrated to the HP Software Solutions Community in June 2011.

HP has created a FAQ's document which will answer any questions you might have regarding the migration.

You can get started using the new community now by signing in with your HP Passport account and creating your screen name. Lively discussion is already occurring in which you can participate. Check out the Getting Started guide for instructions on how to engage.

HP encourages you as well to opt-in to the HP Software Solutions Community monthly email updates to keep you informed about the latest events and news within the community.


HP Service Manager 9.30 – Coming July 2011!

HP Service Manager (SM) 9.30 marks another milestone in the evolution of integrated, automated and cloud-powered self-service IT service management for the Instant-on Enterprise. SM 9.30 will be presented at HP Discover in Las Vegas.

Values and benefits of the 9.30 release include productivity, ease-of-use, end-user satisfaction, and easier updates:


  • Mobility client: The new mobility client meets the growing demand of many users to enable today’s active working styles. By supporting multiple Smartphone device types, it allows the field support engineer dealing with incidents and change approvers to access SM anytime from anywhere.
  • Customizable mySM dashboard: The mySM dashboard can now be tailored to include additional SM data or data from other external sources, without the need of an administrator.
  • Enhanced knowledge management: A new and improved KM offering yields fast, effective searches using cutting-edge search engine technology and new search forms that have been designed from the ground up.

Ease of use

  • Graphical process designer: A GUI-based workflow designer and rules editor simplifies the configuration and customization of the knowledge management process. Other processes will be supported after the 9.30 release and will be released through HP Live Network.
  • Easier (and better) reporting: Service Manager’s new reporting solution, Westbury’s Service Management Intelligence (SMI) Suite, removes the complexity out of reporting and at the same time provides better operational data. Even a non-technical user can create meaningful, accurate reports that can be used to objectively analyze IT service delivery performance. IT can distill and demonstrate its value to the business and also identify areas for service improvement.
  • User interface modernization: The user interface modernization and simplificationhas been continued across additional processes since SM 9.20. Request management, configuration management and knowledge management now also come with a fresh look-and-feel and improved ease-of-use.

End-user satisfaction

  • Support self-services: The new service catalog portal extensions provide access to support self-services using an integrated, simple, easy and interactive mechanism to request support. It helps IT automate the resolution of many of the most common problems, resulting in higher end-user satisfaction (and reduced support cost).
  • Portal to cloud-based applications: The service catalog portal also provides an interface to cloud environments, providing a myriad of options, sources, and methods for provisioning requests.
  • New survey capability: A new survey instrument from MarketTools captures end-user feedback so IT can tune its services to better serve its customers.

Easier updates

  • New migration utilities: A new migration tool and an assessment tool for better HP ServiceCenter migration planning result in faster migrations and reduced risk.
  • Upgrade enhancements: A new streamlined, utility-driven upgrade is now possible, reducing the number of manual steps, thereby minimizing errors while speeding up the upgrade process.

A "What’s New” webinar, demonstrating the new features of HP Service Manager 9.30, is being scheduled for July (exact dates are pending). Watch for an invitation soon.

New "Floating User” Service Manager Enterprise Suite Available June 1!

As of June 1, 2011, a new "floating user” (i.e., concurrent user) version of HP Service Manager (SM) Enterprise Suite (TE025AA) is available on the HP corporate price list (CPL). This product complements the existing "named user” version (TB721AA). Simple to order, this bundled software product reflects a significant discount over its individual components. One "floating user” LTU consists of:

  • 1 SM Server
  • 1 "floating user” LTU of
    • SM Foundation Module
    • SM Help Desk Module
    • SM Service Level Management Module
    • SM Request Management Module
    • Universal CMDB
    • IT Change Management Suite (SM Change and Release Control)
  • 2000 End-user Self Service (ESS) licenses for SM Service Catalog
  • 1 user LTU of:
    • Connect-It LDAP
    • Connect-It E-mail
    • Connect-It Database

It can be purchased along with the "named user” SM Enterprise Suite to round out your named and floating user requirements. However, this product cannot be used to migrate your existing HP Service Desk, HP ServiceCenter, or HP Service Manager licenses to this model – the SM Enterprise Suite offering is for adding new users or if you are a new SM customer.

The SM Starter Suite (T9496AA) is still available on the HP CPL and is ideal for smaller environments with simpler functionality requirements.

For more information contact your HP sales representative or authorized HP reseller.

New Gartner Videos On IT Service Management

HP Software ITSM Product Marketing would like to share with you three new videos from David Coyle at Gartner, covering the topics of IT Service Management in the cloud, service desk consolidation, and self-service. These run approximately six to eight minutes each. HP picked the topics and HP and Gartner jointly discussed the questions; but the responses are straight from David – topical in nature with respect to what is going on in the industry. Please check these out:

  • ITSM in the cloud: Gartner analyst David Coyle discusses the challenges cloud computing brings to the service desk and best practices toward successful service management in the cloud.
  • Service desk consolidation: Gartner analyst David Coyle discusses what is driving service desk consolidation today, approaches organizations are taking, and key considerations for success.
  • Building self service: Gartner analyst David Coyle discusses why service request management is relevant today, its common components, and considerations for implementing a service catalog.

Introducing HP Network Management Center 9.1

Release 9.1 of HP Network Management Center includes new features and functionality across several products, including:

To see the HP Automated Network Management (ANM) solution in action, please watch the ANM 9.10 video demo.This demo will walk you through a compelling use case to demonstrate the power, efficiency, and automated capabilities of HP Automated Network Management 9.1.

Major release features include:

  • Multi-tenancy and Security Group support
  • Increased data retention and reporting up to 400 days
  • Increased scalability
  • An efficient new user interface
  • Time-based intelligent thresholding
  • Expanded performance metrics

HP Network Automation now has a single point of configuration and bidirectional topology synchronization with HP Network Node Manager i. Also introduced with the new release is HP Unified Communications and Collaboration Management, a complete solution for monitoring complex unified communications and collaboration environments.

Visit the HP Network Management Center blog often to find the latest release information, including product videos, use-case demos, and partner and customer testimonials.

To learn more about the HP Network Management Center, go to www.hp.com/go/nmc.

voke Solution Snapshot Report, HP – Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11

Read the new voke Solution Snapshot Report, "HP – Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11.” voke outlines HP’s approach to application lifecycle management, how HP ALM 11 will challenge enterprise IT organizations to deliver value to the line of business, and how executives of organizations of all sizes will benefit from adopting an ALM solution to some degree and fostering its maturity over time. Learn more about why voke indicates that HP ALM 11 "is a category-defining product for its simplicity in design, yet a full-powered and heterogeneous application lifecycle solution that enables organizations to deliver on a brand promise through software.”

Best Practices for Migrating from HP Quality Center to HP Application Lifecycle Management: White paper

The benefits of moving from legacy HP Quality Center to HP ALM are great and outweigh the costs and risks of staying with older platforms. Read this white paper to get an understanding of the benefits of and processes involved in the migration. You’ll learn about upgrade options and considerations as well as benefit from the experience of HP Professional Services in planning your upgrade.


Delta Takes Off With HP Quality Software: Case Study

Read how Delta implemented HP software to enable automated testing and more timely, useful insights into defect, security and performance issues. Results included: test times reduced by 52%, full regression of the web site reduced from 5 days to 1.5 hours, and testers who can now devote 90% of their time looking at new code, versus rechecking old code.

Read the full story here.


HP Quality Center Online Business Value Calculator

Register now to help quantify the potential value of deploying HP Quality Center software using HP’s business value calculator. This calculator's analysis uses a combination of default industry metrics as well as research from leading IT consultants like IDC and Alinean, Inc. in addition to data from HP research and customer experiences.

This assessment gives you an idea of how HP solutions for manual testing, test management and requirements management can benefit your organization.


HP ALM 11.0 Migration Customer Perspectives: Webinar Replay

With the recent announcement of HP ALM 11.0, many customers are wondering how to tackle this next upgrade. You may have already heard HP product experts provide their insights into the benefits of the upgrade, but now is your chance to hear what some customers are actually experiencing during the upgrade process.

In this roundtable discussion, you will hear NetApp, Nationwide and TD Ameritrade talk about:

  • Why they upgraded from HP Quality Center to the new HP ALM 11 solution
  • How they planned for the migration and what issues they ran across
  • What results and benefits they hope to see

View now.


Seagate’s Migration from HP LoadRunner to Performance Center: Webcast Replay

Catch the replay of the video webcast featuring Steve Katz, Sr. Mgr, Performance Test and Monitoring for Seagate, and Priya Kothari, Sr. HP Product Marketing Manager. They discussed Seagate’s migration from HP LoadRunner to Performance Center, and how it helped Seagate offer better services to their customers, improve testing processes, and provide superior integration with other COE tools. The discussion included:

  • What motivated them to move from HP LoadRunner to Performance Center
  • How they improved capabilities such as more resources for testing, process visibility, managed projects and test assets
  • How Performance Center has provided a return on their investment
  • How they integrated Performance Center with BAC through sharing of service-level agreement response times and scripts
  • Seagate’s plans for upgrading to Performance Center 11.0

Seagate and HP Assure Cloud Services: Video

The best way to prepare for cloud service adoption is to learn from those who’ve done it. Hear about the unexpected surprises and experience of cloud services adoption in this short video of Seagate IT Manager Steve Katz and Paul Muller, HP Software VP.

Five Steps to Successful Integrated Cloud Management

We invite you to read this new IDC white paper sponsored by HP, Five Steps to Successful Integrated Cloud Management. Based on the experiences of early cloud adopters, IDC Research Vice President Mary Johnston Turner identifies five steps for successful integrated cloud management. These strategies help IT organizations dramatically improve application provisioning time and costs, accelerate development, and improve business agility. This practical guide will direct you on the opportunities for rapid payback—typically 12-24 months. Read now

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