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HP Introduces HP Universal Discovery and other CMS improvements.

Posted By Bryan Topham, Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HP Configuration Management System introduces a new product, HP Universal Discovery, combining the best of two products; HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Advanced Edition (DDMA) and HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory (DDMI). HP Universal Discovery allows clients to accomplish both dependency discovery and inventory discovery with a single product. Version 10.00 of HP Universal Discovery delivers key technology that offers clients flexibility and choice to attain end to end IT visibility through Agent, Agentless and Passive discovery. The new discovery engine allows customers to easily gather detailed configuration item (CI) information for specific servers and the applications running on them, as well as inventory and software utilization information.

Version 10.00 of HP Universal CMDB enables large enterprises and service providers to manage IT proactively, IT and Business Service Management, as part of the CMS system. Key to UCMDB 10 is a new release of the UCMDB Web Browser that helps IT teams consume configuration intelligence in an easy fashion.

HP Universal CMDB Configuration Manager, also version 10.00, delivers key functionality to improve your business continuity planning and help you gain value faster from your configuration management system.

Version 10.00 of the Configuration Management System product family delivers:

  • End to end IT visibility through a completely Agent, Agentless and Passive deployment of Universal Discovery.
  • The ability for large enterprises and service providers to manage multiple tenants within a single UCMDB.
  • Faster time to value and business continuity insight with out-of-the-box cluster resiliency and data quality policies provided by UCMDB-CM Advanced Configuration Manager.
  • Easy access to information for non-administrative IT users via the UCMDB Browser, which provides a simplified, mobile-enabled user interface allowing comprehensive view of any service or configuration item. The Browser is now bundled with UCMDB and Configuration Manager.

For additional information please visit:





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News From HP Software - December 2011

Posted By Susan Russel, Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Updated HP Software Customer Support Handbook

An updated version of the HP Software Customer Support Handbook is now available on Software Support Online. Please take advantage of this information today.

The Handbook now includes information about:

- HP Software's new licensing portal

- HP Software Solutions Community

- Exciting features of Software Support Online Live Chat, and

- Response times for non-technical cases.

You can access the HP Software Customer Support Handbook at: www.hp.com/go/hpsoftwaresupport/HP_Software_Support_Handbook


New Support Blog live now! Come blog with our VP of HP Software Support, Aileen Allkins

HP Software Support has a new mantra; ‘Exceed Expectations'. The person responsible for making sure HP Software Support lives up to that goal, is VP of HP Software Support, Aileen Allkins. With a mission to make support service levels a competitive differentiator for HP, she is raising the bar on internal processes, technology upgrades and external communications. Keep up with the progress of her team, the latest innovations that are rolling out and get her views on the state of the art in software support as well as adding your thoughts and comments to her blog Exceeding Expectations. Please get involved and add your thoughts to this brand new initiative. ‘We are listening', like never before.


New Best Practices for HP Service Manager 9.30 Change Management process

 Available now on HP Live Network (www.hp.com/go/livenetwork) under the Service Manager community as a "Process Designer Content Pack”.

HP Service Manager (SM) customers need easier configuration and easier upgrades both of which reduce total cost of ownership and improve time to value. With these requirements in mind, HP SM 9.30 introduced a new capability known as Process Designer.

Arguably the most important process to take advantage of this new capability is Change Management. We have released new change "Best Practices” built on top of the new Process Designer. Other improvements to these best practices include simpler and more standard workflows (for example ITIL standard, normal, and emergency workflows) and improvements in change models that enable easier and more intuitive RFC creation.

During the creation of the new best practices, HP pulled together the expertise of consultants across the company to really make these best practices as opposed to simply pre-built templates as a starting point. Even with this, however, change management is frequently one of the most customized processes for individual customer environments. With these new best practices, we expect that over 80% of customers should be able to use over 80% of the delivered content. And, customization of the remaining 20% or less should be greatly eased by introduction of Process Designer.

To get an overview of these new capabilities, please watch a recording of an October 27 webinar Taking Change Management to the Next Level.


HP steps into the cloud with new capabilities in its industry leading Discovery and Dependency Mapping Advanced Edition (DDMA)

In November, 2011, at the HP Discover Conference in Vienna, HP released the latest set of enhancements and new features to the DDMA product through the introduction of Content Pack 10. As part of this release, DDMA has now stepped into the cloud with discovery capabilities that leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) and vCloud. Cloud and virtualization discovery allow DDMA to reach beyond the physical world and into the world of private and public cloud services, and virtualized environments. In addition, these new capabilities can address and escalate customers cloud transformation and associated planning activities.

The ultimate benefit of cloud computing, and AWS, is the ability to leverage a new business model and turn capital infrastructure expenses into variable costs. Businesses no longer need to plan and procure servers and other IT resources weeks or months in advance. Using AWS, businesses can take advantage of Amazon's expertise and economies of scale to access resources when their business needs them, delivering results faster and at a lower cost.

In addition, with vCloud discovery, Content Pack 10 enables DDMA the discovery of vCloud infrastructure including entities such as organizations, virtual data centers, vApps, vApp templates, catalogs, media, vApp networks, etc.

Check out what's new with the latest HP DDMA content pack at the DDMA web page.


Taking Moneyball to Enterprise IT

The movie Moneyball should be required viewing for the IT department. In the film, Brad Pitt plays Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane who used instrumented computer analysis to take unwanted players, buy them on a shoestring budget and build a winning team. The way the A's used statistical analysis to predict how potential draft players would perform was unique in 2001. It pales in comparison to the statistical analysis used by clubs today.

According to a survey conducted with IDG a few months ago, nearly four-fifths of CIOs say that proving the ROI of IT investments is necessary. However, many CIOs employ a fragmented approach to performance management, usually disparate programs that do not provide an orchestrated, comprehensive view of the entire IT landscape.

What CIOs need is comprehensive statistical, instrumented insight delivered via scorecards that can be easily digested by different levels of the organization. With these dashboards, IT leaders can access a unified view of their IT landscape and then use that information to adjust and respond to issues.The final result is the ability to use IT to its most strategic advantage with less time spent on operations and day-to-day maintenance.

So will your IT team be among the first to adopt a comprehensive performance management program or will your competitors speed ahead of you?

Get your popcorn and enjoy the movie!

Related links:

IDG/HP Research Brief: IT Performance at the Crossroads


Webinar: Vodafone Ireland anticipates and remediates IT issues faster

December 13, 2011

Get the power to anticipate IT issues – through proactive business insights that practically prevent issues, so that your organization can always perform better. During this video discussion, you'll hear the latest HP Business Service Management (BSM9.1) and how Vodafone realized 300% ROI within the first twelve months, transforming to a world class model of operational excellence



Webinar: Introducing Business Service Management 9.1 – upgrade to operational excellence

HP Business Service Management 9.1 opens up a number of exciting options enabling you to extend the capabilities of your operational and application performance management solution to address some of the complex challenges that many organizations are encountering as they move towards mobile, virtualization and cloud based implementations.

During this informative web event we'll discuss:
New features including mobile monitoring and web 2.0 support
Upgrade options and process to get to BSM 9.1
Real customer examples illustrating the benefits of upgrading
New opportunities to turn data into intelligence with predictive analytics

View the December 7, 2011 recording:



HP Operations Manager 9 - Upgrade to functional and financial benefits

HP Operations Manager 9 opens up a number of exciting options enabling you to extend the capabilities of your operational management solution to address some of the complex challenges that many organizations are encountering as they move towards dynamic virtualization and cloud based implementations.

During this informative web event we'll discuss:
•New features including extended virtualization support, web based administration UI and WMI support
•Upgrade options including OM server on Linux and best practices
•Operational efficiency and cost of ownership benefits
•Real customer examples illustrating the benefits of upgrading

View the December 6, 3011 recording:



Automate your compliance tasks and breathe easier

Don't fail another audit-- downtime makes front-page news. According to the Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal, "Automation is the first step to ensuring sustainable IT compliance.". Join this webcast as we share the steps to automate compliance audits and remediation to better enforce regulatory, corporate, and best-practice standards across large-scale infrastructure.
You'll hear customer examples on how you can:
Reduce the risk of failed compliance audits
Lower labor costs associated with compliance management
Protect your business against threats and vulnerabilities

View the December 8, 2011 recording:


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