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HP’s Stephen DeWitt on the Future of Apps

Posted By Stephen Dewitt, Enterprise Group, HP, Friday, October 19, 2012

Stephen Dewitt is Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Enterprise Group at Hewlett-Packard. DeWitt was also previously CEO and President of Azul Systems and President and CEO of Cobalt Systems. Check out his thoughts on the coming wave of cloud-based apps and the implications for IT operations.

Q: How important will apps be in 2020?

A: We’re going to live in a world defined by applications. There will be 6 billion people online who use 30 billion devices on a 1.3-trillion sensor network. Every automobile, trellis, winery and corn row will have sensors. With these devices and sensors, we will conduct half a trillion e-commerce transactions every day. Enterprises have to deliver an application portfolio for that world, and their apps cannot be tied to devices. They have to become cloud-based and able to be pushed to anything with glass. This reality is going to define every aspect of IT and the human ability to tap into data. By 2020, we will talk about our own "state” rather than our own devices.

Q: What does this mean for IT Operations?

A: In the old world, you buy more infrastructure than you need to. In the new world, a requirement comes in, IT drives it and the infrastructure just dances. Let me explain:

In the app-centric world of 2020, businesses will have sets of characteristics and requirements, such as global, uptime, performance, cost structure, update frequency. IT will bring in that information and go through dev/test cycles. This step will take place outside the company’s core infrastructure on external compute cycles. IT will scale it, secure it, and ensure it meets compliance requirements. Then the resulting application goes to the production team. IT Ops takes it in, applies characteristics, and then the infrastructure will provision automatically.

Q: How will enterprises capture all the info that is in those pipes?

A: Analytics has to become an inline function. I’ll share an example:

Five years ago a soft drink brand approached HP to automate the routes its delivery trucks drive in Mexico. The company delivers to 2 million points of presence every two weeks, dropping off palettes at supermarkets, gas stations and other retail venues. Now, the company wants to go a step further to shape its traffic, build a community, create apps and leverage analytics. Management wants to build relationships with customers. They can only do that by bringing data back to the mothership, computating what’s going on and changing course to drive conversations. You don’t solve that with 50 new servers. The entire world in 2020 is about information optimization.

What do you think? Read Chapter 2: Dev Center 20/20 now and continue the conversation at Enterprise 20/20.

Look for more from Stephen DeWitt when we publish Chapter 4: IT Operations 20/20, in November 2012.

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A View from the Front Lines

Posted By Mark Potts, CTO of HP Software, Wednesday, August 29, 2012
What do you think the IT Department of 2020 will look like?

IT wasn’t always centralized, but it trended that way for budget control purposes. For some time now, central IT has been the norm, and the CIO has been its leader. The cloud brings with it an entirely different business model. Lines of business will begin to source externally; security, risk and compliance will become even more crucial responsibilities for groups of information technologists; and IT will become increasingly linked to sourcing strategies, security and compliance and overall IT financial management.

What do these changes mean for the CIO of 2020?

The CIO of 2020 must adapt to these changes in three critical ways:

1) The CIO of 2020 will need to become well versed in budget and capacity management as well as contract and vendor management. Strong sourcing and service portfolio management skills for brokered hybrid delivery will be essential to success.

2) CIOs will have to understand the growing significance of risk management. Risk assessment, information security, liability management, compliance, availability and performance judgment all will become central to the role of the CIO.

3) Because large enterprises will work in a hybrid model—managing service delivery across in-house employees, managed contractors, service providers—the CIO will have to understand how to integrate these capabilities into a seamless delivery model.

Considering these changes, how do you think CIO performance will be measured in 2020?

CIOs will continue to have many of the same responsibilities as they do now, but the metrics may change. Performance measurement used to be about the outcomes of service-level agreements (SLAs) and availability of services they deliver themselves, but as IT changes, emphasis will shift to SLAs on hybrid composite applications/services. Network and connectivity, user experience on new devices and how effectively the CIO can negotiate affordable services will likely all become factors in assessing performance.

In terms of spending, the CIO used to be responsible for managing capital expenditure on servers, storage and the network, software licenses etc. Going forward, however, the CIO will be spending less capital and managing more operational budget. Finally, as mobility, consumerization of IT and social media continue to penetrate the enterprise, the CIO of 2020 must accept and leverage these disruptions to the advantage of the enterprise and delivery of IT services..

What do think will become the most essential skill a 2020 CIO will need to have?

When we talk about IT, we often talk about IT as an organizational structure—central IT—but rigid organizational construct and the governance that goes with it. IT will become more distributed across lines of business, driven by the need for greater agility, and as such IT delivery across the organization will become brokered and hybrid in nature. However the responsibilities for managing brokered, hybrid delivery and the associated quality, risk and cost management won’t be abdicated, and the CIO is likely to have to manage this across the enterprise.

For more on the future of the CIO, read Chapter 1 of HP’s social e-book, Enterprise 20/20, available online here.

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News from HP Software - August 2012

Posted By Susan Russel, Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Join the Enterprise 20/20 Discussion for a Compelling Look at the Future

Enterprise 20/20, a socially-driven, cloud-enabled eBook presented by HP and driven by the industry, seeks to put forth a point of view and provoke discussion around the forces transforming our world and the technological innovations shaping the future.

Enterprise 20/20 will include six chapters launching consecutively between HP Discover Las Vegas in June and HP Discover Frankfurt, December 4-6, 2012:

  • Outlook 20/20, the eBook’s introduction, exclusively previewed at HP Discover Las Vegas
  • CIO 20/20, a vision for the next-generation CIO
  • Apps 20/20, a vision for the next-generation applications team
  • Marketing 20/20, a vision for the next-generation marketing department
  • IT Operations 20/20, a vision for the next-generation hybrid IT operations team
  • Boardroom 20/20, a vision for the next-generation executive

The chapters will be viewable in a browser as an eBook and downloadable in both PDF and iBook formats, and will be linked to a Discussion Hub, where IT and business executives, HP partners and customers, academics and others from the enterprise community will be able to wrestle with different visions for the Enterprise of 2020.

Join the Enterprise 20/20 conversation today as a Vivit member. You can identify your Vivit affiliation by using the Vivit avatar in your profile.

Join: hp.com/go/enterprise2020

Use: #enterprise2020

Follow: @enterprise20_20

Like: Enterprise 20/20

New whitepaper on ITSM in the Cloud from OVUM

OVUM just released a new whitepaper, Cloud Service Management, moving ITSM beyond the corporate data center. It can be downloaded from any of the HP IT Service Management web pages (www.hp.com/go/itsm).

The paper covers a number of ITSM (both service management and asset management) topics and capabilities that are coming into play as cloud, hybrid, and multi-sourced environments become more pervasive. The paper has a number of observations and recommendations based on OVUM’s work in the industry. The paper also has a discussion of HP’s ITSM related capabilities that support effective process controls as IT organizations increasingly move towards being service brokers.

We encourage you to download and read this new whitepaper.

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Attendees gain:

  • Insight into HP Enterprise Security, ArcSight, TippingPoint, Fortify, and Atalla offerings
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Support Customer Forums available now!

Support Customer Forums are live for 14 products! Please click here to access a data sheet with information on the forum offering; what can be expected, how to participate, and navigation tips.

Customers who have a valid support contract have been granted access to the new forums located in the HP Software Solutions Community. The following products are now offering Support Customer Forums as a method of support:

· Application Performance Management / BAC

· Functional Testing / QTP

· LoadRunner

· Network Automation

· Network Node Manager

· Operations Manager for Windows

· Operations Manager for Unix

· Performance Center

· Project and Portfolio Management

· Quality Center

· Server Automation

· Service Manager

· SiteScope


Click here to watch Aileen Allkins discuss the new forums at HP Discover!

Customers are encouraged to try this method of getting help with product technical issues rather than placing a telephone call or logging an online support ticket.

For issues or questions regarding these forums please send an email to swcommunity@hp.com. Users must log into the community, as well as have an SAID containing a valid support contract tied to their HP Passport account for these new forums to be visible.

We look forward to growing this new forum community!

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