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Trending on TechBeacon: How JP Morgan, Jaguar Land Rover and Accenture scaled DevOps, built their teams and more

Posted By Rob Mitchell, Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Updated: Friday, November 16, 2018

DevOps is trending this month on TechBeacon, Micro Focus’ information hub for IT practitioners. Want to know how JP Morgan and Jaguar Land Rover made DevOps a success? Or the secrets behind how Accenture scaled its DevOps team? Read on…

Jaguar Land Rover hits the accelerator with DevOps: A DevOps transformation within an enterprise takes hard work, says Software Engineering Director Chris Hill. Here’s how they did it.

How J.P. Morgan Asset Management went from quarterly to daily releases: How do you go from quarterly software-release cycle to daily releases in a highly regulated business? Break down the walls, get your toolchain in order, and pay down technical debut that’s bogging down processes, says Danny Myers, Head of Equities Production Management.

Practice what you preach: How Accenture scaled its DevOps team: The Global management consulting and professional services firm took the lead with its own DevOps team. Four years ago Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis, Nordics DevOps Lead, had 25 people on his DevOps team; now he has 120. He quickly learned that the processes that worked with 25 didn’t work with 50. Here’s how he adapted.

DevSecCon: Container, serverless growth haunts DevOps security: Of 240 proposed presentations for DevSecCon, more than 30% focused on securing serverless computing and microservices. Lots of people are interested in both topics. Especially, How do you use them, and how do you use them securely? Rob Lemos reports.

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8 DevOps trends to watch in 2018

Posted By Ron Franklin, Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Experts have been pulling out their crystal balls and ruminating on the trends that will drive DevOps in 2018, and TechBeacon is here to highlight the most prevalent lines of thinking.

As befits the continuous improvement ethos of the DevOps world, don't expect these predictions to bowl you over with surprise. For the most part, the experts predict a continuation and amplification of what we saw in the second half of last year.

Tags:  #DevOps  Agile  Agile Operations  Automation  Change Management  Continuous Delivery  Continuous Deployment  Continuous Improvement  DevOps 

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Why DevTestOps Might Be the Next Big Buzzword

Posted By Ron Franklin, Friday, January 19, 2018
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Upcoming Micro Focus Web Event - DevOps Live: Automation in Action

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Upcoming Micro Focus Web Event:

DevOps Live: Automation in Action

Wed, Jan 10, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Register here.

Application Release Automation has matured over the past few years, allowing customers to implement Enterprise wide automation strategies whilst also managing team centric requirements. To support enterprise rollouts, multiple deployment pipelines and application interactions are required, allowing each application team to churn rapidly in lower environments and deliver applications in a managed manner to higher level environments.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate the ability of Deployment Automation to drive multiple pipeline based releases, delivering different applications to multiple application environments rapidly, whilst maintaining audit, compliance and control to higher level UAT, pre-production and production environments. An extensive Q&A session will be available, giving practitioners the opportunity to ask questions about their specific implementations and use cases.

Presented by:
Julian Fish, Director of Product Management

Previous webinars can be found at this page:  DevOps Live Webinar Series Page


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Upcoming Micro Focus DevOps Webinars > 12/11-15/2017

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Tuesday, December 12, 2017

In this week of webinars, learn how Micro Focus helps companies with all things DevOps

Join Micro Focus the week of December 11 to see how they help enterprises overcome some of the biggest issues around DevOps. Topics such as DevSecOps, Application Automation, Continuous Testing, Agile Requirements and even DevOps with ITIL.

Micro Focus understands that Enterprise IT organizations must deliver software innovation faster if the business is to survive. This pressure to deliver has uncovered cultural and technical barriers in the way IT organizations plan, build, test, release, and monitor software. These barriers and constraints have given rise to a new agile model for modern IT called DevOps.

Enterprises must scale DevOps practices on what already works, reducing time to value, risk, and cost by bridging core business applications and new technologies.

DevOps Live Webinar Schedule:

Monday, December 11:

Tuesday, December 12:

Wednesday, December 13:

Thursday, December 14:

Friday, December 15:



Tags:  #DevOps 

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Upcoming Web Event: Micro Focus All Day DevOps 2017

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Micro Focus - All Day DevOps 2017
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Register at:

24 hours of non-stop, worldwide DevOps thought leaders

Micro Focus is a proud sponsor of All Day DevOps 2017 virtual conference on October 24, 2017. All Day DevOps is a free online community that will offer over 100, 30-minute sessions across six tracks in all time zones, simultaneously. Sessions are delivered over YouTube Live Stream, allowing us to have an unlimited number of attendees on each of the five channels. Don’t miss out!


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Forrester Report—The Need for Speed: Drive Velocity and Quality with DevOps

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Thursday, September 7, 2017

Does your Enterprise need a little more zip in its software delivery?

Having a great product is no longer enough these days. Today’s modern customers demand speed and quality. This need for speed requires changes across the entire organization and delivery toolchain. But how can you achieve it?

Forrester Report—The Need for Speed: Drive Velocity and Quality with DevOps.

The 17-page report by Forrester provides a detailed discussion and a six-step checklist to help your business achieve and sustain the speed of Devops.

Click here to download the report!

Tags:  #DevOps  #Forrester  #Micro Focus 

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DevOps - QA & Automation

Posted By Paul Peissner, Tuesday, October 30, 2012
I have taken a number of questions recently on fitting "Automation" into Agile Sprints... 1) Are there any benefits to Manual QA, 2) Can Automation be estimated at requirements, 3) Is maintaining Automation flows or scripts sustainable? Before I answer those directly....I wanted to revisit a core belief that culturally Agile and DevOps are about braking down the Silos of the Waterfall-only era and exploring new ways to be more efficient and collaborative, to lower-risks, and enable the business to "make money" with new Apps quickly...which keeps us all employed and happy at profitable companies. To that end, Automation (especially when provided by HP Operations Orchestration) is a great enabler for an Agile methodology if the App and "team"... 1) Have a short list of requirements that are low risk, 2) If QA expertise is represented in the Dev effort flagging "test needs" and advising the team away from past failures, 3) And if "Automation as Code" is in place to benefit the whole organization & process (QA-Automation, Delpoy-Automation, Monitoring-Automation, Feedback-loop Automation...) with controls and tracking of re-use, and limiting the editing access. The role of QA in an Agile Organization has more flexibility to work with (Pre-release) Dev teams (leveraging the needed amount of Manual QA), or across the Process-flow (at Deploy and early Ops) using what ever QA tools are needed to enable a business-ready App at the earliest possible time...and/or Roll-it-back functions with all the failure/QA data captured, using "Canary Testing" best practices. No one has all the answers but if 1) your organization is adopting Agile (and/or DevOps) as a standard, 2) the IT culture (your peers) sees value in collaborating and breaking down the "silo expert hand-off" approach, and 3) you can create an environment of Contiuous-Learning where QA can capture the needed data to improve...than Automation (with Code Controls for re-use) can benefit QA experts who are willing to use all the tools to help the business. Are there proof-points? Enterprise companies with the highest QA standards - innovating 70% faster, with 300+ simultaneous small agile teams globally (1,800 Dev & QA), saving $20M+ in their IT budgets....yes. But its not for businesses types, nor is it for IT organizations that are comfortable established legacy practices.

Tags:  Agile  Apps  Business Agility  Collaberation  Continuous Deployment  Continuous Improvement  DevOps  TQA 

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Knight Capital $440M 'Glitch' on August 1, 2012...Could DevOps Have Helped?

Posted By Paul Peissner, Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I have been intrigued by the recent Knight Capital stories, articles and commentaries especially by members of the DevOps community (see links below).

Here is my quick summary on the Knight Capital story…

The company, Knight Capital, is in the fast pace and highly competitive trading market.
- They run complex automated trading systems, trading services (for options, currencies and bonds), and manage order execution for 19,000 equities.

The event…on August 1, 2012, was a chain reaction to an upgrade incident that…
- resulted in documented losses for the company
- created undesirable "automated” trades with their systems, costing $440M
- exposed a "system / process” flaw created a series of bad trades
- high-lighted a need for improved best-practices and organization-wide collaboration and
- initiated a series of investigations (internal and external) on how and why My take…

Today in many industries the intimate relationship between software and business success in competitive markets is inseparable. For many of us software innovations from previous generations, legacy processes, historic change cadences, outdated best-practices and old-school collaboration standards are at the end of their life-cycle. The lack of Software and IT adaptability is driving up IT costs, polarizing teams, creating technical debt, slowing down business agility, hurting reputations (internal and external), decreasing innovation and eventually creating situations where quality is compromised and services disrupted. So where do we go from here? How do we evolve, transform, transition, modernize, change and support the revolutions that will help our business organizations pursue the highest standards of competitive agility?

I would invite you to bring your knowledge, experience, concerns and insights to explore the industry-changing DevOps journey and discussion. Otherwise, you might be driven directly, or indirectly, to this conversation by an inevitable chaotic event, born from the ongoing clash between loyalty to legacy innovations and investments and the continuous evolution of modern innovations. Do I believe the Knight Capital event could have been avoid with an internal DevOps IT initiative? Absolutely, but it would have taken a courageous and visionary team, not simply interested in maintaining a "status-quo” legacy IT practice.

For my complete blog on this topic see...

Tags:  Agiity  Agile  Agile Operations  Application Development  Automation  Business Agility  Change Management  Cobit  Collaberation  Continuous Delivery  Continuous Deployment  Continuous Improvement  DevOps  ITIL  Ops 

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What is DevOps?

Posted By Paul Peissner, Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DevOps looks like an interesting discussion...

- DevOPs is built on the principles of Agile....(see more about Agile at the bottom of the page)


- Phase 1 DevOps conversations normally focus on tighter collaberation with Developers and QA (testers), called Contiuous Integration or Test Automation depending on the initiative driver.

   - What is continuous integration and test automation? Watch the Vivit webinar - "Planning Test Automation Webinar" Sep-2011

   - Want to talk to a Test Automation expert? Search for Avner Uzan, Teswt Automation Lead @ American Honda Motor


Phase 2 DevOps conversations normally focus on tighter integration with IT Operations configuration management and Cloud application deployment specialists, called Continuous Deployment or release management depending on the initiative driver.

   - What is continuous deployment?  There are many players in this new market...HP has plans to provide a product and support other partners in this space.

   - An expert in this market will be identified shortly for the Vivit community...


Phase 3 DevOps conversations normally are focused on Development and Operations that assist in tighter coordination of IT to lower costs and improve alignment with business agility needs, called Continuous Improvement.

  - This is an emerging market segment that leverage the whole community of Vivit.  Deutsche Post / DHL is HP's first documented DevOps customer...presentations (at various HP event) and the DHL DevOps success story is availible upon request.  (Additionally, Forrester has a case study for purchase).

Let me know if you have questions or would like to talk...

Paul Peissner +1 925.271.0303


About Agile:

- Want to talk to an Agile subject matter expert? Search forDavid Parker, the Agile SIG Leader for Vivit
- What is Agile? - Here is a quick online education link  
- Looking for Agile Scrum Certification training?  
- Request an Agile Transformation white paper at  

Tags:  Agile  Agile Operations  Agility  Application Development  Apps  Automation  BI  Business Agility  Cloud  CMDB  Collaberation  Continuous Delivery  Continuous Deployment  Continuous Improvement  Cost reduction  dashboards  Efficiency  Executive scorecard  Ops  Phase  TQA  uCMDB  workflow 

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