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Vivit Value Chain
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Thursday, February 04, 2016 00:00
Tammy Young
by Tammy Young

Vivit Chapter and SIGs Chairperson
Board of Directors

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you what I call the Vivit Value Chain. Vivit membership benefits create that Value Chain and include Advocacy, Education, and Career Development and provide access to discounts to Discover conferences and software education – but our "value chain” doesn’t stop there. Our members make up the Vivit community, and it is that group of individuals who come together to comprise the many Vivit Chapters and the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that complete the Value Chain.

While simply being a member of Vivit provides great opportunities and knowledge sharing, joining a local Chapter or SIG group is where you realize the Vivit difference. Our Chapter and SIG group leaders are adept at bringing relevant conversations, topics and best practice with real life applications to these meetings. It is when our Vivit members, who are the best and brightest users of HPE Software, and our Chapter and SIG leaders come together to attend meetings that the full Vivit Value Chain is realized.

Vivit membership is comprised of the keen professionals in the business, and when that talent comes together in a Vivit Chapter meeting or SIG group webinar, problems are solved, ideas are born, and the HPE software used in your jobs and businesses as well as that critical software investment is fully utilized. 

Take a moment and look for the Chapter or SIG group for your HPE software interests in your community and join one! While you are on the web site, check out some past webinars you may have missed or revisit your favorite. Invite your colleagues to join Vivit.  

If there isn’t currently a Chapter or SIG in your community or one convenient to travel to, consider starting one. We will be glad to show you how. Questions? 

Teri Sarallo, Vivit Americas Chapter and SIG Liaison,
Annemarie Stuiver, Vivit EMEA/APJ Chapter and SIG Liaison,
Tammy Young, Vivit Board of Directors, Chapter’s and SIG Chair,    

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