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The importance of updating your member profile
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Thursday, January 28, 2016 00:00

Mark Herbert

Vivit Vice President
Board of Directors

I have the privilege and honor to serve on the Vivit Board of Directors.I was elected to the Board back in 2013 after serving as a local Chapter leader since 2006.It has been an eye opening and awesome experience so far for a variety of reasons.One of the biggest things that I have learned is how important the accuracy of our profile data is.So much is dependent on having our member profiles be complete, thorough, and current.Having current data in our member profiles allows us to reach you with important Vivit news and information in a timely manner.Keeping your profile data current also allows us to better understand what countries are represented by our membership, as well as which HPE solutions our members are using and what versions.This allows us to better understand our membership and give you more of the content that matters to you.

Updating your Vivit profile is easy, important and is worth the time!You start by logging into the Vivit web site, and then clicking the ‘Manage Profile’ link in the Manage Profile menu on the right side of the Vivit home page.

Once you are on the Manage Profile page, click the ‘Edit Bio’ link.For security purposes, you will be prompted to confirm your password.

Once you reach the ‘Edit My Member Profile’ page, carefully go through each field and make sure that the data entered or selected is accurate, especially as it pertains to the ‘Account Information’ and ‘Professional Information’ sections.If there is any data that needs to be updated, please make those corrections.

After making all of your desired changes, scroll to the bottom of the Edit My Member Profile page, and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.You will be prompted on screen that your changes have been saved.

You will then be returned to your profile page and you should see your updated profile data reflected.

It only takes a few minutes to update your profile, so please make that investment so that we can better serve you and make our user group community the best that it can be.

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