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Vivit Offers Opportunities for Leadership
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Tuesday, September 01, 2015 18:25
Tammy Young
Tammy Young

Vivit Chapter and SIGs Chairperson
Board of Directors

As Vivit was just getting started, Tammy Young was the director of a startup with very little budget for training, so when a Vivit representative approached her at an HP conference in Las Vegas, she was immediately interested in the group’s potential for her team.

"In the beginning, it was a way to reach out and connect with others using the same tools I was at the time,” Tammy said. "I was trying to leverage some of the expertise by going out to the website and saying ‘hey, has anyone tried to do this?’” And she was finding answers.

Now, Tammy is the Chapter and Special Interest Group Chair on the Vivit Board of Directors, and she said it’s never been a better time to take a leadership role in the organization. "There’ are more leaders in leadership roles in Vivit than ever,” she said. "It’s not just putting you in touch with people using the same software, it’s also putting you in touch with your peers.”

Tammy is Director of IT Quality Assurance at Aflac Worldwide, where she leads projects mainly using HP ALM and HP UFT, along with HP Fortify. She said her management at Aflac has supported her involvement in Vivit "absolutely 100 percent.” My management understands how being involved in Vivit to the extent I am helps me get the optimal use of our HP Software,” Tammy said. She also credits Vivit with leading to more fulfilling work, being recognized in a new role and an expert in the ALM tool Aflac has in place. She is considered a thought leader and can affect change more rapidly.”

And personally, as a board member, she gets to work with other people who are passionate about their work and who find Vivit an important part of their lives. "I can’t tell you what a talented group of people that serve on that Board,” Tammy said.  "Vivit members are always happy to help each other out, and the time they take is certainly worth it." She feels she gains even more than she gives.

"In actuality, it’s a more interesting way to get information and get access to your peer group than most channels nowadays,” Tammy said.

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