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2019 ADM Roundtable Summaries
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Tuesday, June 18, 2019 00:00

The Vivit team conducted two unique, spirited meetings while at the ADM Summit held in Rosemont (Chicago suburb) April 9th – 11th, 2019 utilizing high-participation roundtables and addressing exciting topics on DevOps and Agile!

The first roundtable meeting, held on April 10th, focused on “Timely Performance Testing in a DevOps World” and was moderated by Bob Crews, Vivit Community Director, and Florida Vivit Co-leader. Very quickly the meeting went from a group taking one table to two tables with 15 attendees joining the discussion! The group exchanged questions and tips & techniques on easing the challenges and improving the planning, execution, and analysis of performance testing in the extremely fast-paced worlds of DevOps and Agile! Performance testing professionals from numerous organizations participated. Challenges addressing test data creation and management, performance test environment ramp up, and Performance Center and LoadRunner integration with 3rd party DevOps solutions, to name just a few, were discussed. The discussion became so enthusiastic that Bob had to get out of his seat to go from person to person, pointing out who “had the floor” as they excitedly discussed the challenge “on the table”!

The second roundtable, conducted April 11th, was titled “Effective Test Planning and Automation in a DevOps World” and was focused on participants sharing proven methods to increase the speed and maximize the effectiveness of test planning and automation in DevOps and Agile environments! John Ferraiolo, long-time Vivit member and Director of Strategic Accounts for Checkpoint Technologies, moderated a very lively group! Two of the more popular, common challenges discussed were best candidates for test automation for those tests in the DevOps pipeline and strategies to implement DevOps within high-regulatory industries and organizations!

Roundtables are only successful when participants come together who are willing to ask questions and share their experiences and expertise – the attendees at both roundtables did so with passion! No doubt, all departed with ideas to consider and implement back at their perspective organizations. A sincere “Thank you” to all participants! As Bob Crews stated after the performance testing roundtable - you are now dubbed “Knights of the Vivit Roundtable” – a prestigious but totally made-up title!


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