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What’s New in Micro Focus Universal Discovery and CMDB 2021.02?
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Friday, March 12, 2021 00:00

Each release of Micro Focus Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB means progress! As you probably know, multi-cloud discovery is becoming more and more valuable to organizations of all sizes and cloud transformation projects continue to expand.

When it comes to cloud discovery, the recent 2021.02 release features things like cloud migration reports, letting you know the ratios of on-premises vs cloud-based compute and database resources. Additionally, discovery of Private IPs is now available for all major public cloud vendors: Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. And discovery of even more PaaS services from Azure and Google Cloud is also included.

End-of-Support dates (if known by the Center for Internet Security) can now be displayed for installed software. This means configuration managers will be able to inform the proper IT teams about unsupported software versions running in their environments for a better, overall security stance.

Find out more about what’s new in the latest release of Micro Focus Universal Discovery and UCMDB by reading the product brief today!

Read the Product Brief

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