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Learn How to ‘Disaster Proof Your Backup’ with Micro Focus Data Protector & HPE Storage
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Thursday, November 12, 2020 00:00

by Sheryl Wharff
Americas Alliance Partner Marketing Leader, Micro Focus

Today’s dynamic IT environment presents many challenges. You’re charged with keeping applications running smoothly - if operations are interrupted - data must be protected and quickly restored.

Did you know that Micro Focus has aligned its Data Protector capabilities in partnership with HPE Storage to provide a comprehensive, back-up disaster proof solutions for IT operations? Data Protector has extensive interoperability across many storage platforms, but especially with HPE storage like HPE StoreOnce and HPE Cloud Volumes.

By combining Data Protector with HPE Cloud Volumes you can:

  • Speed up the transition to cloud and hybrid storage backup through a simple and seamless process.
  • Leveraging HPE StoreOnce, you can more efficiently automate operations while implementing secure data backup and recovery.

Our integration allows you to reap the benefits of your hybrid cloud infrastructure directly within the backup and recovery process. We help protect an explosive growth of diverse data, while reducing the data loss impact of breaches. Through a more efficient storage infrastructure, you can reduce the total cost of storage, while decreasing backup administration time. By enabling a greater level of business resilience, you’ll benefit from a faster and more secure data recovery if an outage should occur.

Understanding the need for flexibility, Data Protector can be run on any company’s platform, whether Windows or Linux, permitting a full or partial restore from HPE Cloud Volumes. In addition, we support a wide variety of mission critical applications running on virtual or physical environments. (Examples: SAP-HANA, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, PostgreSQL and more!)

Our advanced functionality includes granular recovery, tagging, encryption and federated deduplication. While Data Protector and HPE is a fabulous solution, Data Protection can also work across multiple cloud platforms. Together, Micro Focus & HPE’s cost-effective, fully integrated consumption-based model provides a lower total cost of ownership by automating deployment and upgrades, along with a multi-tenant architecture and a modern user experience.

To learn more, watch a short video here on Micro Focus Data Protector and HPE Storage.

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