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Welcome New Leader - Mikhail Vorotyagin
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Thursday, May 14, 2020 00:00

Mikhail Vorotyagin
PJSC Sberbank
Russia LUG Leader

Vivit Worldwide is pleased to welcome Mikhail Vorotyagin as a new Russia LUG Leader. Mikhail will now lead the local user group together with Vadim Gordadze, who has been the local leader here for many years, and will be the contact person for members. Thanks to his technical expertise, he will focus on quality management, testing methodology, testing automation and test management.

Mikhail Vorotyagin has got an outstanding professional expertise with more than 14 years of IT expertise. As head of SAP testing Service, in the QA Department of SberTech - the IT service department of Sberbank- for more than 6 years, he is managing software implementation teams, which develop, set up and conduct testing, implement quality processes and DevOps. With more than 10,000 employees and more than 184 automated systems in testing and 400 systems in development, SberTech has the biggest installation of Performance Center in EMEA.

His competences and professional emphases are in the areas such as development and implementation of IT Strategies, creation of software development, procurement testing services team as well as the development of test automation tools, the calculation of the cost of ownership of tools for automation of functional testing, load and test management, calculation of ROI indicators. He is also experienced in the implementation of the SAP application delivery pipeline and DevOps practices in SAP. His private preferences include skiing and cycling.

As a new Vivit Leader for the LUG Russia, he wants to strengthen and enhance the exchange of experiences within the ADM area between different experts in one platform (forums, chats). One of his main concerns as a new leader is to develop and establish new connections to resolve technical tasks in QA area and to build a forum for the promotion of new ideas. He is convinced that the most significant added value the Vivit Worldwide user community offers to its members is that Vivit members break the board between experts from different countries, and provide new concepts and technology from first hand.

We wish you, Mikhail, a good start as new leader and look forward to many activities in LUG Russia in the coming months.

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