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Vivit Engage is Excellent Vehicle for Reaching Potential New Customers
Posted by Julanne Rutten
Wednesday, August 05, 2015 00:00
Rocky Pisto
Rocky Pisto
Vivit Engage Coordinator

HP Partners, are you looking for new ways to reach your HP Software Users?

Well, the Vivit Engage Program for partners is just the vehicle to reach potential new customers.

For more than 22 years, Vivit has been the organization supporting HP Software customers’ consistent interaction with HP Software. Over those 22 years, Vivit has run the annual conference in the Americas, now known as HP Discover.

Vivit has more than 100 groups around the world, bringing together HP customers, partners and HP Field Marketing folks to local and virtual events. Many parts of the world, including the U.S. and Canada, still need you to represent your specialty area of HP Software in the community. What better way to find out about your potential market by bringing customers together?

We are always looking for Vivit members to step up and lead a Local User Group (LUG) in their region. We help leaders with tools to keep track of members and events, and our Vivit Leader liaisons will connect you with HP regional marketing teams to help build out events. Our goal is to have every HP Software Pillar supported in each of our LUGs. Learn more about what current LUGs are doing

Once you’re a member, the Vivit Engage Program offers services that include sponsored webinars, email distributions, or physical events. You can have Vivit hosted webinars targeted to your audience, e-blast your events both locally or globally, provide an article for the global newsletter, or use banner ads on the Vivit website. All these options can help others learn about services your organization provides. Learn more here.

How do you pay for Vivit Engage Services? An HP Authorized Partner can use HP MDF to support the marketing of HP Software and partner services with Vivit. Talk to your HP Partner Manager for more information. Webinars are one of our most popular services to reach our members. The limited available webinar slots fill very quickly, so reach out as soon as possible for October 2015.

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