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Posted by Julanne Rutten
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 17:47

What’s the right way to deploy with containers? Could Blockchain help IT operations teams? These subjects were among the most popular with readers this month on TechBeacon, Micro Focus’ information hub for IT practitioners.

Why encryption backdoors are no worries for the enterprise. Governments may soon require technology vendors to put backdoors in their products to support governments' requirements for eavesdropping. So how will that affect your organization? It won’t—if you have the proper key management in place. Micro Focus distinguished technologist and encryption expert Luther Martin explains.

Best practices and anti-patterns for containerized deployments. What are the six best practices to consider—and the six things you absolutely must avoid—when you’re modernizing applications and investing in container-based development and infrastructure?

Blockchain for data security: A resource guide for IT Ops teams. Blockchain canstore any information securely in the cloud—or in your data center. IT pros who understand potential of blockchain on IT operations can lead the way. What will you say when the CIO asks you about blockchain? Get up to speed quickly with these resources.

Predictive analytics: How to bring fortune telling to CloudOps. What operational decisions would you make if you had near-perfect information? Your IT operations monitoring tools may already include tactical analytics capabilities, but can you compare overall system performance data to benchmarks and historical performance data? Can you compare it against outside influences, such as projected data growth, security attacks, or even the weather? CloudOps expert David Linthicum tells you how to leverage those capabilities and more.

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