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Planning inaugural Operations Bridge SIG Event
Posted by Rocky Pisto
Monday, June 05, 2017 14:46

Hello members of the Ops Bridge SIG,


Save the date for our kickoff event, October 4, 2017  Agenda to follow in a few weeks.   Product updates and end user case studies.


We are planning our inaugural Ops Bridge SIG event in the next few months.  Our goal for this SIG is to keep our members up to date will all things Ops Bridge.  To that end we would like to ask you as a member of this SIG for your input. What kind of information would help you in your career with the use of this tool set?  What information would you find most valuable that this SIG could bring to you.

Feel free to add your comments in the group feed, so we all can learn from each other.

Rocky Pisto

Vivit LUG and SIG Leader



No events scheduled

February 26, 16:15 PM

February 09, 23:21 PM

February 09, 21:59 PM

February 09, 21:39 PM