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Leader Updates - July 2013
Posted by Annemarie Stuiver
Monday, July 01, 2013 03:00

Quarterly Leader Meetings in September

Join the Vivit Chapter/SIG Leaders for updates, news and best practices.  We hope you can attend this virtual meeting that will be held on September 12, 2013 in the form of a Webinar.


12:00 PM -   1:00 PM ET
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM MT
  9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT
To register, go to:   https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/932206374


  6:00 AM -   7:00 AM ET
12:00 PM - 13:00 PM CET
14:00 PM - 15:00 PM MSK
15:30 PM - 16:30 PM IST
20:00 PM - 21:00 PM EST
To register, go to:   https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/545445150


HP Marketing Engagement Reminder

Just a reminder that HP Marketing worldwide is very engaged in helping the Vivit Chapters and SIGs.  HP Marketing is reaching out to the Vivit Leaders to sponsor and bring content to your Vivit events. We have been in discussions with HP worldwide and will continue our discussions with them.  In the Americas, we are aligning the HP Marketing and Sales teams with each chapter and will get these contacts to you as soon as the mapping is done.  Stay tuned for this in EMEA and APJ.

Elite Leader Award Winners

During the Leader Dinner at HP Discover in Las Vegas on Monday, June 10, the Vivit Leaders who did an outstanding job for Vivit were rewarded with the Elite Leader Award. Below are the names of the Elite Leader Award winners who have received a certificate. Thank you all for your great contributions to our community! 

Mark Herbert                          Arizona Chapter Leader

Paul Peissner                         Silicon Valley/NorCal Chapter Leader and DevOps SIG Leader

Paul Shovlin                           Florida Chapter Leader

David White                           Business Intelligence SIG Leader

Bob Crews                             Florida Chapter Leader

Todd Decapua                       Delaware & Philadelphia Chapter Leader and Agile, DevOps, & Mobile
                                               SIG Leader

Sandy Schubert                     Pittsburgh & Seattle Chapter Leader and Business Service Management
                                               SIG Leader

Jim Copio                               Carolinas, Business Service Management SIG Leader

Audra Kutz                             Chicago, & Minnesota Chapter Leader, HP Service Management
                                               SIG Leader

Rock Pisto                              Chicago, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan & Ohio Chapter Leader

Mark Ford                               Carolinas Chapter Leader

David Broerman                     Florida Chapter Leader

Christian Gerdes                    Sweden Chapter Leader

Steven Kiss                            Toronto Chapter Leader

Wendy Wheeler                      Network Management SIG Champion

Laura Walker                          Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago, Ohio, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles &
                                                Kansas City Chapter Leader and HP Service Management SIG Leader

Pam Eifel                                Ohio Chapter Leader

Jason Kennedy                       Security and Privacy SIG Leader

Martijn Stuiver                         Netherlands Chapter Leader and HP Service Management &
                                                Business Intelligence SIG Leader

Chris Scharer                          Iowa & Nebraska Chapter Leader and Testing, Quality and ALM 
                                                SIG Leader

Colin Fries                               St Louis Chapter Leader

Jim Murphy                             Cloud Builders SIG Leader

FAQ (frequently asked question by Leaders)

There remains what appears to be apathy, but only because the Chapter/SIG member compares the value of participation with the value of another couple of hours on their own problems. How do we dispel the apathy that comes from prioritization of how the Chapter/SIG member spends their time as a Vivit Leader?

Joining Vivit is about:

  • Advancing your career
  • Avoiding reinventing the wheel yourself
  • A way to acquire knowledge from your peers which you could use tomorrow
  • Building your network for events or future career opportunities
  • Overall, a sound investment to save time in the short as well as long term

One-hour Virtual meetings save time and are good options in periods when it's difficult to schedule local meetings. Additionally, having sessions in which one of the Chapter/SIG members discusses their challenges and problems (start with the one which has some apathy) is another option to plan an event around.

Please find more tips and tricks explained at: http://vivitworldwide.site-ym.com/members/group_content_view.asp?group=79944&id=141107.

BrightTALK Summits

Vivit is using the webinar platform, BrightTALK, www.brighttalk.com, in addition to the Go To Meeting platform. The BrightTALK platform holds specific topic Summits. The Summits would have you organize a one hour webinar w/ presenter(s) (40-45 minute presentation and 15-20 minutes for questions), just the same as a Vivit webinar. If you are interested, please contact Stephanie Konkoy(stephanie_konkoy@vivit-worldwide.org) or Annemarie Stuiver (annemarie_stuiver@vivit-worldwide.org) and tell us which Summit you would like to participate in and/or if you have any questions.
This is the list of the Q3/Q4 BrightTALK Summit series, schedule and topics:

Q3/Q4 BrightTALK™ Summits by community

IT service management
7/18/2013      IT Asset Management
7/23/2013      ITSM Tools – Demo Day
8/15/2013      Service Desk Management
9/12/2013      Monitoring and Metrics in ITSM (Big Data Week)
9/26/2013      IBM Custom
10/10/2013    Emerging Trends and Technologies in ITSM (Cloud Week)
10/30/2013    IBM Custom
11/14/2013    Service Catalog
11/20/2013    IBM Custom
12/12/2013    Problem and Incident Management

Network Infrastructure
7/17/2013      Network and Wireless Infrastructure(Mobile Business Week)
8/13/2013      Impact of Virtualization on Networks (ROUNDTABLE)
9/10/2013      Area Network Optimization (ROUNDTABLE)
10/9/2013      Networking in the Cloud (Roundtable?)
11/12/2013    Software-Defined Networking (Software-Defined Data Center Week)
12/10/13        Network Performance Management (Roundtable?)

7/10/2013      Desktop Virtualization
8/7/2013        Virtualization and Cloud Management
9/11/2013      Application Virtualization
10/8/2013      Cloud Infrastructure (Cloud Week)
11/13/2013    Virtual Data Center (Software-Defined Data Center Week) (Roundtable?)
12/11/2013    Desktop and Workspace Virtualization (Roundtable?)

Data center management
7/24/2013      Critical Facilities Management
8/15/2013      Efficient Data Center
9/182013       Private and Hybrid Cloud
10/16/2013    Data Center Design (ROUNDTABLE or SUMMIT) (Cloud Week)
11/14/2013    Data Center Transformation (Software-Defined Data Center Week)
12/4/2013      Data Center Automation

Business Intelligence and Analytics
7/25/2013      Predictive Analytics
8/21/13          Big Data Infrastructure (ROUNDTABLE OR SUMMIT)
9/12/2013      Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics (Big Data Week)
10/17/2013    Business Intelligence in the Cloud (Cloud Week)
11/14/2013    The Future of the Data Warehouse
12/12/2013    Data Visualization 

No events scheduled

February 26, 16:15 PM

February 09, 23:21 PM

February 09, 21:59 PM

February 09, 21:39 PM