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What is DevOps?
Posted by Unknown
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 15:27

DevOps looks like an interesting discussion...

- DevOPs is built on the principles of Agile....(see more about Agile at the bottom of the page)


- Phase 1 DevOps conversations normally focus on tighter collaberation with Developers and QA (testers), called Contiuous Integration or Test Automation depending on the initiative driver.

   - What is continuous integration and test automation? Watch the Vivit webinar - "Planning Test Automation Webinar" Sep-2011

   - Want to talk to a Test Automation expert? Search for Avner Uzan, Teswt Automation Lead @ American Honda Motor


Phase 2 DevOps conversations normally focus on tighter integration with IT Operations configuration management and Cloud application deployment specialists, called Continuous Deployment or release management depending on the initiative driver.

   - What is continuous deployment?  There are many players in this new market...HP has plans to provide a product and support other partners in this space.

   - An expert in this market will be identified shortly for the Vivit community...


Phase 3 DevOps conversations normally are focused on Development and Operations that assist in tighter coordination of IT to lower costs and improve alignment with business agility needs, called Continuous Improvement.

  - This is an emerging market segment that leverage the whole community of Vivit.  Deutsche Post / DHL is HP's first documented DevOps customer...presentations (at various HP event) and the DHL DevOps success story is availible upon request.  (Additionally, Forrester has a case study for purchase).

Let me know if you have questions or would like to talk...

Paul Peissner +1 925.271.0303


About Agile:

- Want to talk to an Agile subject matter expert? Search forDavid Parker, the Agile SIG Leader for Vivit
- What is Agile? - Here is a quick online education link  
- Looking for Agile Scrum Certification training?  
- Request an Agile Transformation white paper at  

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