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Posted by Unknown
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 21:43
I work as a Service Catalogue Manager in a large Government organisation. We are in the process of implementing HP SM9.33 SD, Chg mgt, Inc Mgt, Pb Mgt, Config Mgt, Asset Mgt, uCMDB and ....SRC. Would really appreciate if you could - or someone else in your organisation clarifies the following conundrum:
Service Catalogue vs Service Request Catalogue.
Short Definitions first:
A service catalogue is a list of all the services that are offered by/available in the organization. These can be Business Services or Technical Services, Internal or External. They can be monitored, measured and have Service Level Agreement (SLA). They are linked to applications and infrastructure that provides support for them. Services are collections of processes and procedures that support the delivery of business outcomes. Knowing they exist (portfolio), their health, how they are performing, what in your environment affects them (and how much), and that they are available are all important to being able to understand the health of your business(Business Service Management).
A Service Request catalogue is a list of anything (services, products,..) you can ask for within the organization. They can be simple requests for information (i.e. self help) or requests for more complex bundling requiring workflows (including authorisations, procurement, etc..) or even declaring an Incident. It can of course has the 'requestable' items of a defined Service. For example if the service is 'email', the request can be: the creation of a group mailbox, an extended allocation of storage, etc
If the HP SM9 SRC covers for the Service Request Catalogue aspect, how does HP SM9 covers for managing/publishing the Service Catalogue?
In other words: how/where are the services published/managed in SM9?
Hope this all makes senses
Many thanks in anticipation

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