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Applitools Eyes is the leading cloud-based Automated Visual Testing solution for web, mobile and desktop apps, helping companies verify that GUI & functionality are properly displayed to the end user, across all devices, browsers, operating systems, and screen resolutions. 


By automating testing of all visual & functional elements - including layout, content and CSS - Applitools Eyes instantly validates that both UI and frontend functionality have not regressed or broke, alerting about any critical inconsistencies with the desired UI, while ignoring insignificant changes that are irrelevant to the end user.


In addition to substantially increasing test coverage & accuracy, enabling smoother CI/CD processes, and contributing to faster releases, Applitools Eyes also dramatically reduces maintenance efforts, due to its unique ability to automatically propagate changes across execution environments, making it the perfect perfect solutions for Agile Dev/Test teams, looking to automate more of their testing processes. 


Applitools Eyes seamlessly integrates with any major test automation framework, and augments any device/browser testing framework, either cloud-based or emulators.  


To date, over 15,000 users have performed over 15,000,000 visual tests on the Applitools cloud, with customers ranging from large enterprises to SMBs and start-ups, including: AOL, HP, Intuit, Navinet, CA, Wix, SAP, NICE, and Conduit, just to name a few.


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