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Virtual Event: How AI is Revolutionizing Functional Testing

Virtual Event

Contact: Teri Sarallo
2021-02-18 - 2021-02-18
12:00:00 - 13:00:00

The largest, independent software user group, Vivit Worldwide, is here for you through Advocacy, Community, and Education. We want to help our members, both customers and partners, obtain the maximum benefits from their investments in their software. Whether you are a current member of Vivit or looking to become a member, our membership is free and our local user group events are open for ALL to attend.

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This event is brought to you by Vivit US Southeast Local User Groups and Micro Focus. 

Analysts Forbes tip Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to drive quality assurance, while 88% of World Quality Report testers cite AI as their strongest growth area.

An hour with tech guru Don Jackson and you will be ready to join them.

Join Vivit and Micro Focus for an interactive virtual discussion exploring AI’s role in the future of application test automation and discussing the hot topics including:

  • Unifying the speed of change across multiple devices and platforms
  • Reducing the cost of building and maintaining automation assets
  • How AI has revolutionized functional testing for Micro Focus
  • A customer’s approach to working with UFT One and AI (Haworth Inc.)

We look forward to seeing you.

Can’t make the ‘live’ date"? Register, and we will send you the link to download when you’re ready.


Don Jackson
ADM Solution Architect
Micro Focus

  • Has over 20 Years' experience with ALM/Test Director/Quality Center
  • Has over 10 Years' experience with WinRunner
  • Has over 8 Years' experience with LoadRunner


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