HPQC 12.20 Community Edition - Project import howto ?Or is import disabled?
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7/25/2015 at 10:14:01 AM GMT
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HPQC 12.20 Community Edition - Project import howto ?Or is import disabled?

Hello, I just installed the free "HPQC 12.20 Community Edition",


see my fanpage



with many tips+tricks+links to external resources about "HPQC 12.20 Community Edition"



How to import the demo project, with  "HPQC 12.20 Community Edition"?



Download for HPQC 12.20:


In opposite to HPQC 11.52 and 12.00, the demo project is not supplied with the ISO image.



With “HPQC Community Edition 12.20”, I failed to import any project with my “HPQC”.


I followed the instructions in the "ALM Administrator Guide" available at "Help / ALM Help" after login at the local HPQC "Site Administrator" site by my Internet browser, and I think that I understand it right.



At "Site Administrator" site, if I do mouse-rightclick, while a “Domain” ( e.g. the Domain “Default” ) is highlighed, the option “Import Project” is just gray and can´t be selected and so can´t be executed.



If anything else is highlighted, there is no option to import at all.


I managed to create a  "Domain" and a project, and to export the project as .qcp file, but of course I was not able to re-import it...


Of course I expect that after I would select the import menu item, I am offered a "file selector" so that I can browse the file system to find the project file.... or am I wong with that, totally, with HPQC?


There was no difference if a project was activated or not, in a Domain.



 So it look as if import is disabled with this edition :-(, which would be THE major drawback for the free edition :-(,

as I can`t save my results safely and recall a saved version,

nor can't I reload the project after a new installation of the operating system....

nor can'I learn from the given official demo project :-(, so learning will be very-very hard...



Any help is appreciated.


( I might install on another computer a trial version of HPQC 12.20 - but I am not shure how that shall help to import a project into the free edition ).

( I might also re-configure and re-distribute the HPQC application several times to several locations, on the same computer, by running the “HP ALM Server Configuration Wizard” again and again )

Might this help in any way, to overcome the assumed import barrier of the free community edition :-)?




7/28/2015 at 2:34:29 PM GMT
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Quality Center Community Edition is a very limited version of the QualityCenter/ALM offering.
It's really intended as a trial version or for very small shops given it's limitation of only 5 named users.

While I cannot reference a specific piece of HP documentation that says this imports and exports are not possible in this version of the software.

If you are looking to trial ALM you may want to look at the 60 day free trial available for on premise ALM or the 30 day free trial that's available for the SaaS version of ALM.

Here's a link to where you can get the software and/or start the trial:



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7/31/2015 at 8:54:21 AM GMT
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How-to import the demo project, with "HPQC 12.20 Community Edition :-)

See my description at

in section
"How to install the Demo Projects "DEMO" and "LAB_PROJECT"'

In a short, my solution for Windows with Microsoft SQL Server:

1.Install the trial version
2. import a project
3. Save the Microsoft SQL database files by file copy
4. Install the community edtion
5. create the "empty" projects
6. Copy the saved database files over the just created "empty database files

on the same computer at the same place. Of course you might also ship by this projects from commercial editions to the community edition.

It works :-),

but does not help much, as of course all "Requirements" handling is disabled in the communtiy edition.
But its great for training, especially automations scripting by VBScript ect.


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