Currently, Vivit has over 75 local user groups spanning 26 countries. Review a complete list of all local user groups.

What is a Vivit Regional or Local User Group?

A Local User Group (LUG) is a group HP Users and Vivit members that come together to leverage their experience and expertise by forming a local group. This local group can be either Regional Local User Group based on location or a Special Interest Group (SIG), a virtual community organized around a specific technology or application. Through these LUGs, Vivit members share their vast practical knowledge and invaluable experience, leveraging the benefits of HP Software expertise at a local level. To find our more information about Vivit LUGs, please contact us at:

What is a Special Interest Group (SIG)?

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are organizations of members around a special topic of interest. The "virtual interest" communities within Vivit help facilitate Vivit’s core values of Advocacy, Community and Education for a specific area or technology. SIG members do not generally reside in a common physical territory but rather form a virtual community of interest.

Current Special Interest Groups Include:

Agile SIG

Business Intelligence SIG

Business Service Management SIG

Cloud SIG

Configuration Management System SIG

DevOps SIG

Data Center Automation SIG

HP Service Management SIG

Mobile SIG

Network Automation SIG

Performance Engineering SIG

Project & Portfolio Management Forum SIG

Testing, Quality, Application Lifecycle Mgmt SIG


US Government Solutions SIG

If you are interested in forming a new Special Interest Group, please contact

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