HP Software's Comprehensive ALM Solution and CollabNet
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By Jonathan Rende
VP/GM HP Software – BTO Apps Business Unit

Dear Vivit Members,

As VP/GM of the HP Software Applications Business Unit and a long-time supporter of Vivit, I want to thank you for all of your support over the years. In particular, I'd like to thank all of those who have attended (or plan to attend) one of the HP ALM Roadshows, participants in local Vivit chapters and/or the organizational leaders, and those who have been a part of the extended Vivit online communities.

In December, our HP Software Applications group had its most significant launch in many years. We introduced our new HP ALM v11 software product along the new versions of many other products (i.e. HP Quality Center, Performance Center, LoadRunner, Functional Testing (previously QuickTest Professional, etc.)). I hope you take the time to familiarize yourself with these innovative new features. Our goal with this release is to provide more traceability and collaboration for all of the ALM stakeholders (i.e. business analysts, DBAs, QA/testers, developers, compliance/security professionals, project managers and release managers).

As a key part of providing the most comprehensive ALM solution in the industry, we are very pleased to introduce you to our strategic ALM partner–CollabNet – the leader in ALM Software Development, SCCM (Source Code Change Management) and Agile training. As a seamlessly integrated part of HP's ALM Solution, CollabNet's TeamForge platform brings value to customers using HP ALM and Quality Center solutions and the Vivit community overall. This combined platform creates an end-to-end ALM solution spanning from requirements to release. The bi-directional synchronization of requirements, development, test and defect artifacts enable teams to improve their visibility, communication and collaboration – ultimately improving the quality and business success of their software projects, all while allowing them to work in their environment of choice. HP chose CollabNet as its strategic ALM partner because CollabNet is:

  • Well known and used by ALM developers: 50%+ SCCM market share (founders of Subversion), 350K subscribers, 5M global end-users, and > 7000 customers
  • An "Agile ALM in the Cloud” pioneer: Has offered its platform in both public cloud and on-premise deployments for 11 years
  • Like HP, a very scalable platform: CollabNet's open platform is process and technology agnostic, and scales from the workgroup to the enterprise

CollabNet is recognized globally for its:

  • Market Leadership – The upper ALM SCCM quadrant leader (i.e. Forrester, Gartner, Ovum, Saugatuck, etc.)
  • Distributed Capabilities – Developers access centralized resources in an "Instant-On Developer Cloud”
  • Openness – Provides teams with a platform that leverages legacy tools and future integrations
  • Traceability – Enables complete artifact traceability from requirements through release
  • Value – Proven Time-To-Market reduction from 20-70% through agile approaches and team collaboration
  • Governance – Centralized management and visibility to key corporate IP, SW assets and staff
  • DevOps Integration –Bi-directional collaboration and data flow between IT Development and IT Operations

Together, HP and CollabNet's deeply integrated platforms will help your ALM team improve its:

  • Quality – More predictable and reliable application development
  • Speed – More delivery agility, with reduced TTM and development costs
  • Collaboration – Complete lifecycle visibility among all business and practitioner stakeholders
  • Automation – Leveraging innovative integrations
  • Traceability – Including requirements, tasks, code, builds, tests, and releases, lab automation, and more
  • Modern ALM Practices – Including global software code coordination (Subversion), build enabled auto-unit testing (Hudson/plugins), integrated performance and functional testing (HP ALM and CollabNet TeamForge), auto-provisioning of dev/build/test servers, and release management (Lab Management).

In summary, the HP / CollabNet integration offers efficiency improvements that translate to higher-quality software delivered at a faster velocity – from the workgroup to the enterprise. All stakeholders can stay in their specialized environments and still take advantage of greatly improved lifecycle processes.

An Invitation to Vivit

As HP ALM expands its value proposition to developers, we also want to assist Vivit in inviting developers into the User Communities and local chapter meetings around the world. We especially want to highlight CollabNet's Agile Scrum thought leadership, training, corporate coaching and hybrid development expertise. And with this partnership, you have a unique opportunity to attain your Agile Scrum Master Certification in conjunction with CollabNet, HP and your local Vivit chapter. Watch for more details in 2011. Finally, HP and CollabNet invite you to:

  • Visit the dedicated websites set-up by HP and CollabNet. Understand the partnership and the benefits to your company, team members, Vivit chapter and your career.
  • Join us at an up-coming HP ALM Roadshow at a city near you
  • Work with your Vivit Chapter to set-up an HP ALM-CollabNet presentation
  • Contact your HP Sales Representative for a corporate DevOps, ALM or Agile presentation to discuss your current team, tools and processes, and to explore the value of the CollabNet partnership to your application lifecycle management.

Thanks again for all of your support. I will continue to ensure HP Software works closely with Vivit to support your goals, HP's ALM solution, and our partnership with CollabNet. I look forward to your feedback.


Jonathan Rende
VP/GM HP Software – BTO Apps Business Unit


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