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10 11/16/2018
DevOps & Traditional IT Pulling Closer Together?
Modern IT environments need to address 2 areas... 1) recent innovations around "new project types" (Dev Invent) and 2) legacy on-premise Ops defined by decades of ITIL Ops Optimization Here is my logic... Business "adapt or die" is fueling Agile-adoption - Agile enterprise Dev's never see customers (no service feedback loops) - Dev's quick code decisions are mostly repeat behaviors w/o feedback Agile forces a DevOps discussion to enable new Services - DevOps aligns with new Agile innovation-cadences & the micro-apps - DevOps aligns with cloud (elasticity) & automation (scale) DevOps is a new IT model that needs ITSM - ITSM collects "Service" feedback data & knows why/where IT established processes - ITSM rarely influences Dev's or projects Modern IT should connect practices - Agile can trace App-functions to code & re-used code back to other Apps - Ops feedback should influence Dev & projects - Creating a 2-way system of Cont. Improvement Feedback welcome..
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DevOps ...Doing IT for the Business
After the first 100 surveys in the 90-Second DevOps Survey - www.surveymonkey.com/s/DevOps-survey I think the most surprising response was that the "top compelling reason" to consider adopting this new IT - Faster Innovation Cycles... Even the IT professionals taking the survey realize that IT organizations (Dev & Ops) need to be more responsive to business and market changes. I am looking forward to covering this topic at the up coming Vivit DevOps Webinar on Oct. 30. Don't forget to register for this event under the News & Event - Community Calendar section.
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