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Digital Transformation is taking the world by storm and Cloud Architects need to start thinking differently in order to support the next-generation of business initiatives.


The way we approach and think about IT has fundamentally changed and us IT professionals now influence the business strategy as well as the IT strategy. Whether you’re a major datacentre provider, a traditional SI or reseller, or an end-user organisation, this is the place to be.


The Automation and Cloud Builders SIG is a community of practitioners of Micro Focus Tools and add-ons from the Micro Focus IT Operations Management suite of products.


Join us to discuss industry trends and methodologies as well as gain insights, updates, awareness and education around features, functions and products within the Micro Focus Solutions.


Solutions to be discussed in this SIG are the following...


Data Centre Automation Suite (DCA), Hybrid Cloud Management, Cloud Service Automation, Network Automation, Operations Orchestration, and Operations Bridge.


Vivit Automation & Cloud Builders SIG Leadership team:

- SIG Leader: Darren Blumenthal, darren.blumenthal@accenture.com
- SIG Champion: Megan Glick, megan.glick@microfocus.com

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Darren Blumenthal


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