StormRunner Functional, the Ultimate Key to Unlocking UFT for Parallel Cross-Browser Testing
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Today’s world of testing is a marathon! Testing teams are required to test more environments and mobile devices, without damaging the quality of their applications. They are required to test much earlier in the cycle, and to provide constant visibility, enabling development teams to have a short feedback loop in order to run faster and meet the business demand. This creates a big challenge for testing teams to keep up with the rapid pace of change without compromising on quality.

In this webinar, Eran will introduce you to StormRunner Functional, the very first and only hybrid test execution service to support the Micro Focus testing tools with Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and UFT Pro (LeanFT), as well as the popular and open source Selenium. Learn how it can help you improve your testing and achieve faster execution times.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leverage your existing testing assets in a variety of ways: run them remotely to utilize SRF’s on-demand virtual lab or upload them for faster parallel execution and runtime scalability
  • Create new testing assets from scratch using SRF’s online recording service for both web and mobile. This allows you to go “full-SaaS”, from test design to test execution and lab
  • Design and execute your exploratory sessions on all your apps: native, hybrid, and web apps
  • Identify and investigate the changes in your apps with SRF’s advanced root-cause analysis, and submit defects to your defect management tools

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Robert Gutierrez
Solution Architect
Micro Focus

  • Twelve years of experience in public and private sector IT ranging from development to strategy and governance, he has wide-ranging first-hand experience to draw from
  • He makes his home in Vancouver, Canada where he enjoys the outdoors, downhill skiing, and cycling

Eran Bachar
Senior Product Manager
Micro Focus

  • Is a Senior Product Manager for Micro Focus responsible for the cloud functional testing software solutions
  • Has over 15+ years of experience in managing complex product operations for worldwide International enterprise companies
  • Focuses on product excellence, challenging timelines and cutting-edge technologies while keeping the business core and customer needs a priority
  • Previously, Eran established the DevTest to ensure quality as part of development, using top-end QA and dev practices combined with DevOps techniques
  • Twitter: @eranbcr


StormRunner Functional, Unlocking UFT

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Webinar Recording Link J. Rutten 1/5/2018
Slide Deck PDF (2.33 MB) R. Quaranta 11/28/2017

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