Project and Portfolio Management: What is new 9.50
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As Agile teams are growing exponentially, companies are looking to adapt new process and tools, to integrate, optimize and manage hybrid (Agile, Waterfall) portfolio of applications. There is a need to increase visibility and collaboration while enabling insight into their organization’s process to maintain governance, avoid compliance issues, deliver quality and optimize resource and investments.

View this webinar to learn more about:

  • Integrated Portfolio Management focus on product development, including new what if scenarios
  • New capabilities to support Enterprise Agile frameworks
  • Consolidated time and resource management for Agile and waterfall projects

Additional Information from this webinar:

Learn more about the new PPM 9.50


Ronen Aseo
Sr PPM Product Marketing Manager
Micro Focus

  • A veteran in the industry of enterprise software and mobile application development
  • Over 20 years of experience in software development
  • Development management, and program management
  • Has deep knowledge in Agile and Scaled Agile methodologies and is member and active contributor to several Agile forums
  • Is a Scaled Agile Framework certified practitioner (SPC)

Silvia Davis
Sr PPM Product Marketing Manager
Micro Focus

  • With 20+ years of experience in IT organizations, Silvia uniquely combines Product Marketing, Product Management, Project Management, IT processes, and hands-on diverse technology
  • Is currently working as World-Wide Senior Product Manager for Micro Focus, covering Project & Portfolio Management solutions
  • Has a deep knowledge in different vertical markets such as Financial, Government, Medical Care and Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Retail, and IT Services, including SMB and Enterprise companies
  • Passion is to provide the best ever user experience, with process and solutions delivered at a heart bit with quality

Keith Flournoy
Sr. Solutions Architect 
Micro Focus

  • Ten years at HPE / Micro Focus
  • Experienced in both ITOM and ADM products.
  • Current area of focus is Project and Portfolio Management and ADM products

Project and Portfolio Management: What is new 9.50

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Webinar Recording Link J. Rutten 6/20/2018
Slide Deck PDF (1.55 MB) R. Quaranta 5/30/2018
Handout PDF (1.13 MB) T. Sarallo 5/31/2018

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