6.10.2020 Vivit New England Area User Group & Micro Focus: Smarter Testing. Superior Outcomes.
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 Scaling Continuous Delivery across the enterprise is critical for a successful DevOps transformation. As organizations accelerate the delivery of new software releases, the testing to verify the quality of those releases is in danger of falling behind. New styles of development and delivery have arrived, and so too must a new style of functional testing and validation be created to align with the efforts of our developer colleagues.

Join Micro Focus, in Partnership with Vivit Worldwide, for a virtual discussion to learn about:

  • The latest innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning as they relate to quality assurance and functional testing
  • How Micro Focus addresses and solves continuous delivery issues facing the software industry today


Mason Henry
ADM Solution Architect
Micro Focus

  • Mason has spent the past 8 years with Micro Focus in the Application Delivery space
  • He has interacted with hundreds of clients over the years across the US giving him a unique understanding of the challenges that organizations face in application delivery today
  • Mason has a focus on the core components of the Micro Focus ADM solution sets—Lifecycle Management, Performance Engineering and Functional Testing, which include practices like AI, Mobile and DevOps

New England Area Virtual Meeting 6.10.20

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