Micro Focus Software Partners: How to Grow your Business in the Vivit Community
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Vivit prides itself on being the premier and independent Micro Focus software user community, and provides information, content, education and events that help grow professionals focused on Micro Focus product and technical know-how. Through the sponsorship program, Micro Focus software partners and Vendors can present the value of their products and services to deliver revenue generating, cost saving and more efficient processes to the Micro Focus software community.

By sponsoring with Vivit, you will have access to over 39,000 Micro Focus product users and decision makers that have opted in to learn more about your valuable solutions.

We will show you how to grow your business by reaching your target audience within the Micro Focus Software Community. Spend a few minutes with us and see if we can make a difference in your marketing efforts.

Learn how:

  • Vivit’s on-demand generation program delivers qualified leads, measurable results and increased revenue
  • Vivit Engage allows organizations to interact with Micro Focus software users by developing custom programs that demand interaction and build lasting business relationships


Rocky Pisto
Vivit Engage Coordinator

  • Responsible for marketing Vivit Engage Services to Micro Focus and Micro Focus Partners to provide exposure to the Vivit Community locally, Globally, and Virtually
  • Contact Rocky with recent announcements and updates to the Vivit Community

Stephanie Konkoy
Vivit Engagement Director
  • Implements the strategy set by the Vivit Board of Directors and works closely with the Vivit Marketing Director to direct the operations, member programs, Vivit Engage program activities and the staff of Vivit
  • Goal is to ensure all activities of Vivit directly benefit the members and their professional well-being

HPE Software Partners: How to Grow your Business

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Vivit's mission is to serve
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Advocacy, Community,
and Education.