Mobile SDK Trends & Implications: Delivering Quality Mobile Apps with HPE Mobile Center
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The use of Software Development Kits (SDKs) continues to be on the rise in mobile apps. In the last six months, there has been a 12% increase in the number of SDKs used in a single mobile app.  In fact, the latest Mobile SDK survey found that on average, 17.6 SDKs are used in a single mobile app. These off-the-shelf services, from advertising, analytics, social, and more, are helpful in the mobile development process. They offer unique functionality and simplify the coding, while saving time and money. But SDKs are not really YOUR code. You work hard to ensure your users’ experience, safety and privacy in your own code, but can you guarantee the same for the code from these guest SDKs? What about the test implications and impact on user engagement and retention? 

Join us to hear about:

  • Key trends and findings for Mobile SDKs
  • 2 major domains of risk introduced when using SDKs and associated real-life stories
  • How you can achieve a 5 star rating using HPE Mobile Center and SafeDK

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Ronnie Sternberg
Co-Founder & VP Business Development 

  • Prior to founding SafeDK, lead all business development efforts at Landa Corporation
  • Grew business relationships with global partners in technology, IP and marketing
  • Business management consultant at BearingPoint, NY
  • Holds a BSc. Finance and International Business from NYU (Cum Laude) and Global MBA from IDC

Kimm Yeo
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
WW Sr Product Marketing Manager
  • Currently manages HPE Mobile Center and Service Virtualization
  • Prior to HPE, she held various senior product management and marketing roles in the enterprise software space, ranging from ERP suite to Sun Microsystem’s Solaris operating software, desktop apps and Information lifecycle mgmt solutions.
  • During her tenure at Sun, she helped created strategic global developers and system administrator programs, as well as led key corporate initiatives in product quality & process improvements
  • She holds a BSc. Marketing Management with minor in Information Systems, and a MBA from Santa Clara University.
  • Certified Six Sigma Belt

Mobile Trends & Implications: Delivering Quality M

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Webinar Recording Link J. Rutten 2/15/2017
Webinar Slide Deck PDF (4.91 MB) L. Zajac 2/15/2017

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