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What’s new in OpsBridge 2019.08 Licensing

Thursday, September 12, 2019   (0 Comments)
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We have just released a new product structure / licensing model for Operations Bridge (OpsBridge) and Application Performance Management (APM) products that simplify and give you vastly greater flexibility in how you can use licenses.

Why have we changed the licensing?
We did this for two reasons, first to simplify–previously, there were over 1000 SKUs, now there are 3. Second, and more importantly, is to provide you even more value. For example, Micro Focus developed Management Packs are now included—you can find them on the ITOM Marketplace.

Topology-Based Event Correlation (TBEC) was previously an extra-cost option with OpsBridge Premium; it is also now included along with unlimited Business Value Dashboards (BVD).

One of the best features, IMHO, is that you can change how the units are used. For example, let’s say you did a facilities consolidation which reduces the number synthetic transaction points you need. You can now use those points for additional server monitoring or any other capability in OpsBridge.

Another way you might use those freed-up points is if you want to test a capability before deciding if you want to put it in widespread use. Maybe you are not using BPM today but would like to see how it works. If you have enough extra points you are all set—no new licenses to purchase.

To find out more about this new licensing see the blog What’s new in OpsBridge 2019.08 Licensing or webinar.

We also have a technical blog post.

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