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Adobe Flash EOL Impacts OpsBridge, OMi, Cloud Optimizer, and APM

Wednesday, August 5, 2020   (0 Comments)
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If you are not running the current versions, OpsBridge 2020.05 or APM 9.51, you may be impacted. Several of the User Interface components in OpsBridge, Cloud Optimizer, and APM us Flash.

Our new fast-track upgrades provide a streamlined path to the latest versions from as far back as OpsBridge 10.12 and APM 9.3 both from 2016. By upgrading to OpsBridge 2020.05 and APM 9.51, you’ll avoid compatibility issues with planned browser updates that will remove Adobe Flash.

Plus, you’ll gain:

  • Multi-vendor public and private cloud monitoring of AWS, Azure, OpenShift, and more
  • A low-footprint streaming agent designed for cloud but usable anywhere
  • Cloud resource optimization with a what-if analysis capability
  • Additional integrations with popular tools and technology

Learn more about what the latest versions of OpsBridge and APM have to offer. And see why a large global air freight company calls fast-track upgrades “smoother” and more “hands-off.”

We’ve created a one-stop place to view all the information you need in this OpsBridge and APM Evolution Lookbook.

For more details on 2020.05, which supports planned industry browser updates that remove Adobe Flash, check out our technical blog post.

For more about Operations Bridge, see the OpsBridge product page or the OpsBridge resources page.

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