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Become a Leader

Being a Vivit local user group leader provides me an opportunity to socialize with like-minded technology professionals in the software testing space and to understand areas where they have differentiation to drive better scale and results. It has been a great platform to deliberate and collaborate on the ways to implement Micro Focus’ stack of tools across industries and further understand how enterprises thrive in the new style of IT.

Neil Suryanarayana – Nebraska LUG Leader
Member since 2013
I got involved with Vivit back in 2006 while living in Pittsburgh and helped get a local user group started. When I relocated to Arizona, I became a Vivit leader at the LUG because I wanted to help the chapters in my area remain active and grow. In 2013, I decided to accept a nomination to run for the Vivit Board of Directors because I wanted to make a difference at the Vivit global level and help the overall organization continue to move in a positive direction. My experience being a Vivit Board Director in one word has been "awesome”. I have the opportunity to work with some incredibly bright and talented people as we make key decisions that shape the future of the Vivit organization. I also get to work with some of the top Micro Focus executives which has been a very rewarding experience and has allowed Vivit to bring more detailed knowledge of the Micro Focus software universe to our members.

Mark Herbert – Arizona LUG Leader
Member since 2006

Lead a Local User Group (LUG)

Organize local meetings for members in your area. These meetings typically take place twice-yearly either in person or online. Chapter Leaders spend the majority of their time forming meeting agendas, finding speakers and venues, and announcing events.

If you believe in Vivit and you can spend a few hours per month, you should start a LUG. To be a LUG Leader is not just about having many tasks, there are many benefits. You can expand your professional contacts. With a little effort, you will be at the heart of things; you will get so much valuable input from people from other companies who use the same Micro Focus software tools as you. Last but not least, this is a great opportunity to influence enhancements of the tools you use in your daily work.

Mostafa Moussavi - Sweden LUG Leader
Member since 2007
A shared passion for community and a lack of a regional group lead myself and Mike McDonnell down the path to forming the Western New York LUG. Joining efforts with an Micro Focus Partner made sense as they are aware of all the local companies who are interested in or use Micro Focus software products. We had our inaugural event recently delivering post Discover event content to those who did not have the opportunity to attend Discover 2015. It was an excellent event with the opportunity to connect with individuals from the area who utilize Micro Focus software products. We now have intent of more frequent focused meetings to serve the needs of our local community.

Chris Timper- Western New York Co-Leader
Member since 2012

Lead a Special Interest Group (SIG)

Organize an online group for members worldwide to share and develop knowledge and expertise on a specific technology or application. Hold at least two events each year in the form of a webinar or local meeting. Special Interest Group Leaders spend the majority of their time finding webinar presenters, announcing events, and posting blogs and other relevant content.

Vivit is a place to share and grow professional experience. In testing and software development, you often encounter questions whose answers you won’t find in books. Discussions with colleagues are invaluable. This is why we have founded and support Vivit TQA, the special interest group on testing, quality, and application lifecycle management. We meet in local or regional groups, organize webinars, and run discussion forums on the web. As a member of this thriving network you will always find inspiration and support.

Andreas Birk - TQA SIG Leader
Member since 2007
Being a Vivit Special Interest Group Leader provides the ability to network and disseminate knowledge with peers that share similar product interests. Vivit Special Interest Groups provide users with the latest information on product releases and enhancements, as well as demonstrate real-world examples of the tools in use. Being able to facilitate those communications globally as a SIG Leader is very rewarding on both a professional and personal level.

Sandy Schubert - BSM SIG Leader
Member since 2007

We are passionate about Network Management, and the Vivit special interest groups provided us a platform to share ideas and connect people with solutions.

Our experiences have included:

  • Live sessions are a valuable tool for sharing complex information
  • Enables us to reach a global audience
  • Enjoy meeting new people through the forum, it’s very fulfilling to be able to help others maximize their deployments.
  • Excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and practices and learn from others what works/doesn’t work.
  • Q&A during live sessions:
  • Provide us the opportunity to clarify information and solve critical problems for users
  • Forum members provide valuable enhancement recommendations

Wendy Wheeler - Network Management SIG Leader
Member since 2012

Chris Powers - Network Management SIG Leader
Member since 2012


The experience gained from serving as a Leader will provide many lasting benefits:
  • Connect with industry experts and thought leaders
  • Expand your professional network locally and globally
  • Gain additional exposure for you and your company within Vivit and Micro Focus
  • Develop leadership and management skills
  • Advance your career
As an independent consultant and international speaker, I can honestly say that being a Vivit Leader really makes one think even more outside the usual and mundane thinking box. Being a part of this group of leaders gives one the opportunity to shape both Micro Focus product roadmaps through direct access to Micro Focus resources, product managers and other channels, as well as the "fortune” of fellow international Micro Focus users and/or peers. This is done by making valuable resources (otherwise unavailable) accessible on the Vivit website and professional network or by simply supporting through sharing of practical experience and know-how.

Mihai Grigorescu, TQA SIG Leader
Member since 2012


Vivit makes leading a Local Chapter or Special Interest Group easy by providing:
  • A pre-built group within the Vivit website to communicate with members and add content, blogs, forums, resources and events
  • An invitation to members to join your group
  • Micro Focus contacts in your local area or your area of interest
  • Speaker list
  • Sample agendas, templates, and marketing materials
  • A dedicated liaison who will provide one-on-one training, assist with webinars, and answer questions
  • Online and in-person meetings with other leaders to share experiences, hear updates from the Vivit board, and provide feedback
  • Leadership training materials
As a Vivit Chapter Leader and busy consultant, it’s comforting to know if I have any questions or need any supporting documentation, I can find what I need readily available on the Vivit website. I especially like downloading the updated Chapter Meeting slide deck, sign-in sheet, and using the Event Survey for valuable member feedback. It makes things much easier, especially since most of us are on the go.

Paul Shovlin, Florida Chapter Leader
Member since 2007

Become a Leader Today

Organize local meetings for members in your area. These meetings typically take place twice-yearly either in person or online. LUG Leaders spend the majority of their time forming meeting agendas, finding speakers and venues, and announcing events.

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Teri Sarallo
Americas Local User Group and Special Interest Group Liaison

Annemarie Stuiver
EMEA/APJ Local User Group and Special Interest Group Liaison

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