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Vivit has always taken great care of your identifiable member data by keeping it secure and only using it to send you email correspondence. We never share your contact information with anyone, not even Micro Focus or HP/HPE before that. We value you as a Vivit member and we treat your data with the utmost care and respect. Review Vivit's Privacy Policy here.

European legislation known as GDPR clarifies how identifiable information can be stored and utilized for citizens of the EU. By completing the survey below, you will help us comply with the two following GDPR requirements:

  • Individuals need to provide consent for using their data (opt-in vs. opt-out)

  • Individuals must be able to easily update their data and have an easy way to have their identifiable data removed (right to be forgotten)


If you selected Opt-in above, you may sign-in to your Vivit profile and select which types of email communication you wish to receive by clicking here.

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