Micro Focus Idea Exchanges
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Help make Micro Focus products fit YOUR needs!

The Idea Exchange strives to put you in the driver seat of building the next generation of Micro Focus solutions. Make every enhancement more meaningful and keep the product relevant to your needs. You can submit ideas, vote on submissions, and collaborate with colleagues, partners and Micro Focus Product Teams. Please share your ideas, vote for your favorite ones, and enhance existing ideas with your feedback and comments. The popularity of an Idea is measured through votes and comments.

ChangeMan ZMF
Deployment Automation
Desktop Containers
Dimension CM
Dimensions RM
File Reporter
GroupWise Disaster Recovery
GroupWise Messenger

GroupWise Mobility Service
Identity Manager
Open Enterprise Server
PVCS Professional Suite
Release Control
Secure Messaging Gateway
Service Desk
Storage Manager

Solutions Business Manager
ZENworks Asset Management
ZENworks Configuration Management
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption
ZENworks Mobile Workspace
ZENworks Patch Management
ZENworks Reporting

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