Vivit Worldwide Users Group Policies

Vivit's Policies are being adapted from the following original policies as developed for the users group in 1994, when it was called Openview Forum. (We will update the Vivit Policies language shortly, but in the meantime, the policies as listed below are the original governing policies of this users group. )

OpenView Forum International
November 4, 1994

A. OpenView Forum Members
OpenView Forum member organizations may send any number of their employees to OpenView Forum conferences, by properly registering for the conference for each individual attending. and abiding by the OpenView Forum Canons of Conduct.
B. Vendor Field Personnel

Attendance of Vendor field (sales and support) personnel at OpenView Forum conferences is encouraged. For these Vendor attendees, accompanying a customer is desirable but not mandatory. All Vendor attendees must be approved by the Vendor manager authorized to sign the attendee's expenses. Also, each Vendor attendee must pay the appropriate registration fees for conference attendance.

The Vendor Field Personnel should use the name of their employer, not the name of their customer (the OpenView Forum member organization), when registering at the conference.

C. Media Representatives

The attendance of representatives of the news media for the purpose of reporting on the activities of OpenView Forum or OpenView Forum projects may inhibit the free flow of ideas or lead to misinterpretations and misquotes and is therefore not in accord with the objectives of OpenView Forum except for such items as the presentation of OpenView Forum awards. Exceptions to this policy may be made upon the recommendation of any officer and approval by at least a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the Board of Directors . However, under no circumstances, may a media representative be permitted to attend any requirements session.

D. Consultants and Other Visitors

Individuals who are not members of OpenView Forum, including those representing Vendors or consultants, may request permission from the OpenView Forum Board of Directors to attend conferences. The Board of Directors may do so if they determine that attendance by that individual will be beneficial to OpenView Forum and its members. If permission is granted, the Board of Directors expects visitors to restrict their comments and business to OpenView Forum matters and refrain from soliciting for their private interests and adhere to all other relevant policies regarding conduct at conferences by members.

E. Complimentary Conference Registrations

The Board of Directors may grant complimentary conference registrations to conference speakers, members of the press, and other individuals. who are not employees of member organizations. Complimentary conference registrations will be provided for members of the Board of Directors and the Members of the Conference Program Committee.

Speakers employed by member organizations, who wish to attend the conference, are expected to pay the normal conference registration fees.


It is OpenView Forum's policy to emphasize presentations regarding users experiences, new applications of existing products, development of new technologies and significant enhancements to existing products

However, OpenView Forum policy toward presentations by vendors shall be as follows:

A. Limitations

Vendors selected to make presentations at regular OpenView Forum conferences shall be limited to:

    1. The interchange of technical information and the discussion of relative technical merits of a given product or service. Presentations of this type may not be treated as a marketing solicitation of new business from OpenView Forum attendees. Because this distinction, while clear in concept, may have gray areas at the detail level, the Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the general spirit of OpenView Forum activities is maintained.

    2. Participation in user panel discussions as a bona fide user or supplier of the relevant product or service. Participation of such vendors is to be limited to technical evaluations and findings.

    3. Demonstrations in the Technology Showcase. It is recognized that these demonstrations may require the use of Vendor products or services. However, participants are reminded that the purpose of the Showcase is to demonstrate particular technologies, not to serve as a forum for selling a Vendor's products or services.
B. Use of Handouts

The use of handouts by a vendor at a presentation in which they participate shall be limited to technical documents, general descriptions, and other product information..

C. Compliance

The OpenView Forum Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring all speakers comply with this policy. When appropriate the Vice President, Operations, or designee, shall require submission of a written paper for advance review and approval.

D. Non-Endorsement

Presentations by vendors are in no way to be construed as any endorsement of their products or services by OpenView Forum or any OpenView Forum member or agency. Also, OpenView Forum recognizes no obligation to give equal time to other vendors.


Only the Board of Directors may authorize the payment of travel expenses to any speaker at an OpenView Forum conference or any OpenView Forum function.

Honoraria may be paid to keynote speakers when it has been approved in advance by the Board of Directors.


It is OpenView Forum's policy that no one shall hold any position of responsibility within OpenView Forum if there is an actual or potential conflict of interest which would be material between such individual and OpenView Forum.


Committee chairpersons are expected to communicate with Vendors through Vendor liaisons. The Vendor liaisons are employees of Vendor organizations. They are responsible for disseminating information from the committees to their respective organizations, ensuring that committee requests are satisfied by their organization, obtaining official responses from their respective organizations to committee requirements and securing speakers from their respective organizations for sessions when invited to do so by OpenView Forum


OpenView Forum meetings at other than regular conferences or membership meetings may be scheduled.

A. Approval Required

No meeting shall be scheduled without specific approval of the President, or Designee. Approval will be based on a written proposal containing such information as proposed time and place, registration fee (if any), objective, tentative agenda or statement of program content, estimated attendance (or target), publication plan, proposed chairperson and any additional staffing.

B. Financial Commitments

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